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I AM CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p.30.

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CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p.30.

[ Monday, February 27, 1989. Quoting, in part: ]

(Opens with symbols) What the eyes see, the consciousness thinks it knows. What the heart sees the soul knows. Walk therefore, with thy heart and let thy eyes see through love and thee will walk with God---ye can not have of one without the other. Ye must be still to hear God, for 'tis in the silence ye touch with the Universe. I AM.

So shall it come to pass, these things written of the Creator; these things spoken word to ear for the generations upon thy place. So shall it be and he who cannot find communion and silence with the Creator shall reap of the terror.

So shall it be that the winds will blow and so they shall. Prepare ye ones who are of mine own. Dwell not on the unsheltered pinnacles of thy mounts but in the shaded hollow of the slopes.

[ End quoting. ]