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ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29.

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Arch-Angel Zadkiel


CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29.

[ Saturday, February 4, 1989 ]

The star of Bethlehem---a comet indeed! Zadkiel with you in that one Glorious Light of Creator Source. Thy world people ponder and figure, analyze and puzzle---yet, if the Creator can send what ye accept as an immortal Christos, can he not park of a light in thy Heavens? Feathered wings ye ask of Angels---why would we need of feathered wings? Again 'tis ye ones who decide what is needed to "fly' and place it there---mortal things need wings to fly. We of the Angelic Realms of the Angels need but "be"---we need not even "act" for it IS! We are! We are where ye are for our "children" are kept and tended in constant surroundment by we of the Holy Realms---for "we" are our "experience" --- ye are "the circuits" of our selves manifest. Man makes it mystery and magic that he may babble and confound himself---that he must speak in certain ways and place "above" himself greater images more perfect than himself. He decides he must have "words" from another, an ordained speaker, a guide who proclaims great powers. Man has so little faith or esteem of self. He measures himself against other men. Will he never measure himself against God? The all accepting, all loving---the total measurement. Ah, little flash lights, ye are slow to see, to perceive, the truth and ye treat of thy flesh temple so sorely---it is as the crystal of ice, the snow flake---born in purity and perfection and falling through and into pollution. It has gained, lost, changed, etc.---but the essence---the original existence elements are there---unchanged and no matter what the circumstance, the elements remain into infinity.

Will the cold freeze of thy elements, the sun bake of thy elements, the winds blow dust on thee? Not ye---only that which houses thee!

What possible difference could it make "who" I be---I Am! I Am Light---I Am the beauty of the snow; the perfection of the Light. I Am the colors of the spectrum passed through the crystal of the Universe. My dear one, I Am---no more, no less, a label makes no difference. What ye really ponder is where does an outrageous Archangel with a label like Zadkiel fit into the "pecking order" of great angels---So Be It---I fit---there is not more, nor can there be lesser! I Am---and I Am perfection in the proper, perfect place, doing of my perfect task---to assist as I "may" (for I "can") to bring back into perfection the creation polluted with imperfection of "man" God! Human has wrought imperfection, very perfect, in effect. Now we must revolve of it until the Creation regains of her once perfect state of being. Just as with man---as the old body is deathed by dis-ease---so be it, the Earth is near bodily death of the impact of dis-ease and non balance---but, the essence perfection of the "Source" renews and moves ever onward forever.

Ye ones are here for the "deathing" to replenish the perfection with "friendly bacteria" for the healed body and get rid of the dis-ease parasites. We are the teachers---ye are the bringers of the teachings and through it all perfection can evolve; a machine working in the harmony of perfectly meshed gears and parts. You ones ask---Do we have to change a judicial system? A banking system? A prison system---Yes! For as it now IS, it will all fall into chaos and newness must evolve, not anarchy!

So Be It, chela, let me pass as I have come but to make myself better known to thee. I await in service for that which I can contribute. I take of my leave as I came, in Light and in humble honor of the perfection of that which ye truly ARE!

One with Source


[ End quoting. ]