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URIEL CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29-30.

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CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29-30.

[ Saturday, February 25, 1989, Quoting: ]

All ye need of this moment ye have. Good morning in the Radiance of the Radiance. I Am Uriel that you might recognize of mine energy. I am as the winds of the four corners of thy place. I, too, experience in many ways, in many forms. I only pass quickly this day as my purpose is to allow your frequency to accept of mine within thy consciousness. You must become accepting of each and all of us who have gathered to make this passage. Do not, little one, effort at the sorting. This is only to allow of me the flow of pen to thy paper in thy manner of scripting and language. I see that we will do well with few problems of flow. We near the beginning of the time of Radiance and thus great changes and revelations are in the offing. Ye are prepared and only need of the reminding---the remembering into thy consciousness. Ye are most eager and, as the horses of the race, straining at the gate. The line of horses must be allowed in the line-up also lest there be no race but rather chaos. Hold close to truth for all else is the fantasy of destruction.

Aton, the ONE LIGHT, WAKAN TANKA, FATHER/MOTHER SOURCE, Universal Source, Creator/Creation, Tonkashila ---oh thee ones have as many names as ye have energies ---I speak of thy Highest Cause---God! That one is thy focus of intent, dear chelas. All we other energies who came to teach and bring forth the Universal Law of Truth/LORD(S) coming at this sequence of unfoldment are come in humble service to that Source and unto thee. Ye are of the blessed of these latter days. Think ye the ones who came before thee, i.e. Jesus, you call him, (Esu Sananda of God), the ones John, Paul, Peter--- Joseph; oh, how many teachers there have been through the "time" within thy grasp of thought and brief holding of "history"---for ye were destined to lose of thy touch with what ye call history. Creation? Evolution? 'Tis naught---'tis all. "Time" only exists in thy density as you have created of it; it has no meaning in these realms as neither does space---I sit with this same pen---Dorma can "feel" me, she cannot see of me. Father, man IS his vision, his illusion. Therefore, we create a new vision and we create new human kind. So shall it come to pass in these days of transition---so shall it be.

Do ye think the ones who came before you felt differently in their humanness? Nay, they were thy brothers doing of their committed mission just as thee ones. So Be It and I place my seal upon these words of this portion and leave mine blessings upon thy way that ye shall not stumble for ye blessed ones are in the command of The Son and within the wings of the Father. Aton comes forth as the Commander, Hatonn of the cosmos, directs this segment and so shall things come to pass as written in the Book of Life. We shall not be dwelling in the attention of destructions and upheavals for ye have been placed with care and perfection---we will focus on perfection in the "building" and "creating" of the glorious ways. Ye are not alone and, as we become stable in direction, thy brothers and assistants will come forward. Spend time in the sanctuary of thy garden with the Master Teachers and ye shall find the balance and truth and our way will be traveled in harmony and peace.

I am Uriel who touches and now I withdraw in Love, Light and Truth for as I Am---Ye Are.


[ End quoting. ]