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Health Crime Hate Crimes

Look who's behind today’s epidemic of hate-crime hoaxes

Chicago Sues Jussie Smollett for Alleged Hate Hoax

Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti indicted by Feds on multiple counts of fraud, could serve 300-plus years in prison

Ukrainian Prosecutor Reopens Corruption Case Involving Biden

Was Arizona Family that had Police Break Down Their Door at 1 A.M. Targeted by Medical Community Because They Don’t Vaccinate Their Children?

Michigan government to create “thought criminal” database to flag those who contradict all official lies

Suspect in Kavanaugh Doxxing Linked to Top Dem

Southern Poverty Law Center Fires Founder Morris Dees, Suggests Misconduct

Georgia Deputies Seize $500,000 in Cash from Motorist Cited for Traffic Violations

SURPRISE SURPRISE: Oil refineries in Venezuela are now exploding

It's Still Florida, Florida, Florida!


8 journalists fired after Menendez comes to Soros' defense

This Top Trump Rival Is About To Resign Over A Jaw Dropping Sex Scandal

Trump Official Claims This is Why Cohen Flipped

James Comey Just Got Thrown Under The Bus By The Last Person He Expected

White House Dismisses Cohen's Claims of Trump Crime

IT BEGINS: CNN blames Trump for Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime hoax (just as we predicted)

RAW VIDEO: Man tased 11 times by Glendale police officers during traffic stop for alledged no turn signal

Have you committed a “HATcrime?” It’s the new crime of wearing a hat that “triggers” deranged Leftists

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