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RAPHAEL CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 30.

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CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 30.

[ Tuesday, February 28, 1989, Quoting. ]

(Opens with symbols.) I Am Raphael to speak in the Light of the One Source. I am to tell you of many things as we come to these final times that you ones will not feel alone. I come this day of the balanced ray of life itself, let us think in tones of green that ones might better "see" of my presence.

As your life Source comes into your view, rejoice for there is a gathering of Angels to glorify thy Mother Creation---to dwell with you of our beloved ones that ye bear no fear for the events ahead. Ye have "forever." Infinity!

Let me speak to you directly, Dorma, and to all who receive. There is no blast of Gabriel's horn, for instance, with our coming into your vibration. My vibration was meshed with yours before you returned to your conscious state this day. If we cause you to shake and tremble, we have not done our work properly---or, 'tis a "show" for the benefit of "another". We would not cause you to have discomfort, throw "fits" or upset thy patterns of energy flow. We come always in matched balance and harmony. This is not to say that our communication will not sometimes startle and excite thee. Our intent is to come, especially to the scribes and appointed speakers, in quiet and peaceful merging that ye do not "interpret" of our messages. We are quite capable of getting our messages across to all who receive. Keep thy eyes toward the goal land ye shall see and hear that which is sent unto each of you--- impersonalized. Bring all within self; do not turn and upon self. As ye write ye must place upon thy mind---the blinders. These messages are from outside thyself---ye must take of thy individual time to ponder of the message, Dorma. Each tends to personalize each thing brought forth, but ye must learn to quickly sort and release that which does not "speak" to self. We will make each receiver of the word, take note of all for all is intended for each---for different receiving intent. So be it always in light of truth and knowledge.

As the days quicken and dwindle in numbers, ye must reach without self to see better that which is intended for general welfare, i.e., architecture, for instance, (thank you, Rick, for finding the books). If you think of building from olden ways of sticks, ye are not thinking in clarity. There are abundant incorrect housing around thee to utilize temporarily---why would thee build of more? Finish what thee might have under way but do not build of more except to "plan", that conventional financial ones can co-operate in that which appears conventional on thy paper. Build in domes, in earth--in pyramids---prepare---for 'tis too late---you are in the changes, dear ones. Pick of thy building projections in beauty and the masses will eagerly change of attitudes in favor of comfort, lowered cost and individual beauty---a beautiful garden of flowers around the living room or work room sky-light is wondrous for thy soul. Thy terra-brick will not sweat and bring discomfort---thee will begin to dwell in temperate comfort in natural beauty. There are ones come upon they place bearing of the specific talents ye need and are being drawn unto you. You will know them by their works. They will recognize of the call; they will already have been working upon their studies in generosity of awaiting the "sharing". Do not agonize over these things nor "push" the bait to any one---put forth the idea in general and let us see in truth that which a man will do. You believe that you answer of a call---not exactly, it is more that "we" respond to thy petitions and, if it be in service of intent, the ones drawn forth will ask enough to live nicely, self-supporting, but, without greed for self. However, to act in greed of spouse or family is truly greed of self, hidden (but not well hidden) behind "needs" and "demands" of others---double negative and will not be acceptable.

If a husband and/or wife---demands of the spouse---it is greed for self. Love does not demand for self---love "gives" to another. So be it and if the marriage fits, wear it! Ye must choose thy way and thy partner must choose his way---sometimes compromise is not suitable for it allows neither the ability to grow. That does not mean that ones cannot work out circumstances acceptable to both. Ye must find thy balance and stand strong, prepared to release---unto self thee must endure---for 'tis only thee that will stand before God when the sum of life is totaled. Act in strength and total "love" (ah, such a misdefined word) and ye shall prevail in respect and honor---especially in the eyes of that "other" who has demanded of thee. Weakness of decision and directions only begets disrespect and further "pushing"---a relationship must have of balance and harmony to bring peace to the soul.

As the days draw workers unto each other ye must learn to function well as a unit. If each "gives"---no one will be of unbalanced "taking" for the two will of natural sequence find its balance. But ye must be discerning; if one who gardens tells the builder how to build and insists on "his way"---'tis incorrect and the builder must stand strong and not relinquish his "talent".

If thee are the book-keeper and have an idea for the brick mason---share the idea---don't demand the mason change his wall---go tend thy books. Ye ones of the beginning have the most confusion for ye bear the burden of the myriad of tasks but that too will balance for ye will get to later, "visit" and enjoy the fruits as all and each blossoms. God is most "just" in the rewards for service. If thee is tender of the storehouse then ye must tend in like manner of strength and greatest of care and attention; always for the Father's greatest cause and ye shall not err!

Look across the mountains and valleys and see that which must come into the Father's granaries and all will come to pass as ordained by the Father---so be it for it is come to be.

Thank you for thy pen and of thy service that I might share. The Light and mighty force is with ye ones---use the tool wisely---always in respect and honor of the whole.

Adonai, I take my leave---


[ End quoting. ]