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I AM LIGHT OF GOD CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29.

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I Am The Light Of God


CONTACT, February 28, 1995, p. 29.

[ Thursday, February 16, 1989. Quoting: ]

Ah, you keep looking for separation and differences---who? what ray color? personal? I AM---and I AM Light of God; is that not sufficient? Do I speak Cherokee? Sioux? English?---do I dance on a drum or on the head of a pin?

Can you not receive of me unlabeled, unmarked? Can you not accept of my "one"-ness; my same-ness, that which brings whole-ness to self?

Yes, I see---you like the energy form of the spirit of the great white feathered Eagle of the mountain---but little one, perhaps today I come as the Humming Bird of brilliant colors or the new leaf of life coming to the Oak tree. Perhaps today I am the warm ray of the sun---or the ship that now sits twixt thee and the sun---perhaps today I am the chill breeze that reminds you to tend thy duties---Dorma, I simply Am---there is no more child of the earth-bounded tribes; fragment of the Father/Mother Creator---if I come of God in the brilliance of the Totality of lightness, 'tis more important---who are thee??? For when you can answer in truth and knowing---ye will know ME!

Ye ones write of thy books. How many pages have you penned now, Little Golden Eaglet, Little Fledgling? One thousand, two thousand---three thousand and? You say, "bunches" ---ah so---how many of those words have ye seen, really read---re-read, pondered, researched and more---understand?? Yes, ye ask for more and more, "Can't get enough," like Little Crow's flock who gathers on thy days called Sunday---"somehow more and more words bring some miracle" ---oh, blind little ones, ye cannot turn of it off, and on Sunday---words can simply drown the fear and terror for a brief moment. 'Tis only the knowing in the heart and within the spirit that will dance MY dream awake---furthermore, it may be on a Monday or a Thursday and interfere with thy appointment schedule?? Will you only come home to me on Sunday morning? Oh well, Little Crow's brood cannot come home to me on Sunday morning for they are too busy letting Little Crow do "for them" at that hour. I would be most inconsiderate to call them all away on Sunday morning! Well, relax---I could call all of mine home to me on Sunday morning and the numbers remaining within the church building would hardly change---in most instances even thy preacher would not leave his lesson to "his" gathering. " 'Tis sad," you say--ah, perhaps---Dorma, it is just the way it "IS".

See how it is for the lessons are great---man searches and clings to whatever seems better and more truthful to self. Ever searching, never really finding---"a great lesson today, Carl" ---So Be It the way it is---"Carl" gives no good lessons at all except in his humanness! But through Little Crow, (my magnificent great Red Eagle), the voice is given unto Wakan Tanka, Standing Bear, The Great Light Spirit---The feathered Spirit of the Universe---the little ant that labors upon the land! And most miss of it. But will they tend of the human Carl? Nay, not really---for after all, "The Great Wakan Tanka will surely tend of Carl." Well, yes, my child---Wakan Tanka will! Know he will! It will not, however, be much longer in Garden Grove, California, United States of America! So Be It!

Look most carefully at what I say. This is the way of man. This is of the way it comes to be in truth. Man fears his weakness and clings to that which appears safe and strong---(good or bad), and when the strength moves, the ones who seek in truth, follow---for whatever reason within. Give them a purpose, a way, a job to their own benefit and they will beat you to your destination.

Man is most entertaining; most interesting. Man feels he must show me---how he washes himself on Sunday and dresses well in my presence---how about a little smoke ritual of cleansing to commune with me! I hardly recognize some of you on your "devout" days for I spend of my time wherever ye are; sometimes dragging of the drunken to safety or in the market place, or cursing thy brother with my name---So Be It---I like your Sundays for I often see you as your "real" selves---grasping, facade-bearers, false faces---lying to self but at least somehow "efforting" at something meaning different things to each. Ah, yes, my children---give man a better way and he will most surely follow---make of thy guidlines clear and in my truth and the sorting will happen. Those who will remain in darkness will be released and you will move on, leaving them their choices and perceived bindings to helplessness ---convinced "I Can't" ---Ah, dear ones, this is the way, and the pain, of the journey home.

Ye bring of the word and show the way; ye cannot reach out and drag all and each along---only I can fragment to such extent for ye are bounded by thy earthly body prison. That too, is a gift of thy brother for he can see and touch thee and somehow "that" is "proof" (but he is truly eagerly awaiting thy failure), then he can relax and say, "Well, even Carl couldn't do it!" Back to sleep in the same old failure---ye creep ahead tiny, creeping half-steps but the back-slide is a hundred-fifty-miles-an-hour---running. So Be It!

Oh, my beloved ones who are given the curse of "seeing" of it all---ye hear of my doubted burden but I will tend of thee. Ye are of me, come of me for my purpose---and I will tend of thee---ye shall prevail for I shall prevail---ye will guide of the visions and re-write the play---those of mine will watch and finally follow---it is under way; the new play---man just does not perceive the change of stage or settings. He is still mesmerized by the old---the contradictions; the confusion---the searching for a foothold and hand to keep from being trampled in the darkness while the theater is about the set-changes. Man wishes to simply await the changes, blame another if he does not like of the story line and wait for someone else to fix of it. Well, dear ones, all you can do is offer your dream and those who will, can share of dancing it to life---but each will dance---no wallflowers---each will at least ask and reach out his heart and petition for his role in the play. Those who choose of another theater; another play---release them in love and truth and let them lie!

Yes, Dorma, you "know, and I see you scream out to share of it---dump of it and others will nag of you---"tell us", "when" and your heart is a mixture of agony and rejoicement---So Be It---Ye shall not be given more than ye can carry and, no, dear, it makes no difference---'tis that ye are the scribe and ye must be given of the scenes of the transition---enjoy of thy experiences---ye and Oberli have a burdensome way, and there are others---there are others and you can maintain thy strength and give to them strength, for ye are mine beloved ones.

Ye cannot label of me little for ye cannot copy of all my songs---YET! I AM---I AM ALL and ye can give to me no label, no limits for I AM thy Source and Creator and I am in love of that which is of my creation and I now choose to change of my story line and ye ones of my energy are allowed to participate. Most energies experience the magnificence of the story-change from astral limbo---thee will change the state in consciousness for I decree it to be this way!

Rest thy hand as the writings will become more abundant---others will need relieve of thee and Oberli---'tis coming; 'tis coming---I withdraw---Ah Ho! Go forth with my protection and my love unlimited for thee.

[ End quoting. ]