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DUTCHSINSE: 1/16/2021 -- Earthquake activity picks up -- West Coast USA California + Oregon seismic activity due

DUTCHSINSE: 1/11/2021 -- Large M6.8 earthquake strikes China / Mongolia - Seismic unrest spreading - BE PREPARED

‘Stable’ Antarctica feels 50,000 quakes in 3 months

Strong Earthquake Smashes Europe - 6.4 in Croatia

DUTCHSINSE: 12/29/2020 -- Large M6.4 earthquake strikes Central Europe / Croatia and West Coast USA Oregon M5.7

East Coast Alert: 602 Earthquakes on La Palma - Could Cause TSUNAMI Wipe-out of Entire US East Coast

12/21/202 - DUTCHSINSE-- Massive 30,000 ft. volcanic blast at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

DUTCHSINSE: 12/09/2020 -- Swarms of earthquakes break out across whole West Coast of the USA into YELLOWSTONE

DUTCHSINSE:12/08/2020 -- Earthquake activity swings into overdrive -- Aurora could be visible in OR, IA, to PA

Thousands forced to flee after volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia

Indonesia Bali Mount Agung Live Volcano Eruption Update 2020 । Bali Volcano Eruption


DUTCHSINSE: 11/17/2020 -- West Coast USA California seismic unrest and NEW FIRES - East coast USA EQ watch

11/10/2020 -- California Earthquakes at OIL PUMPING OPERATIONS and Volcanoes -- Seismic spread

11/07/2020 -- M6.0 earthquake activity spreads across Planet -- West Coast USA major shift underway.......11/08/2020 -- Rare EAST COAST USA EARTHQUAKE -- Massachusetts M4.0

DUTCHSINSE: 10/31/2020 -- Large Earthquake activity spreads from Alaska to Europe -- M7.0+ unrest obvious

DUTCHSINSE: 10/12/2020 -- EARTHQUAKE WATCH -- USA -- Plate goes into motion -- Pacific NW 'slow slip' begins

A Swarm Of Nearly 600 Earthquakes Rattles Southern California As Speculation About "The Big One" Starts To Rise Again

9/01/2020 -- Large M7.0 + M6.8 Earthquakes strike Pacific in Chile -- Major movement strikes day 10

CO2 SAVES THE PLANET: Research confirms that high levels of carbon dioxide result in “global greening” as forests and food crops flourish