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DUTCHSINSE: 7/21/2017 -- (Part 1) Large Earthquake + Tsunami hit South Europe / Turkey ---- 7/21/2017 -- (Part 2) Europe Earthquake Forecast -- Major unrest + Tsunami strikes Turkey / Greece

Desperate tourists crowd outside Greek and Turkish airports after cutting short their holiday following quake that killed two as travel firms 'tell people to sleep on sun loungers for rest of their vacation'

DUTCHSINSE: 7/19/2017 -- Global Earthquake Update -- Pressure transferring around Pacific + planet = HAVE A PLAN

DUTCHSINSE: 7/18/2017 -- Major Earthquake Unrest worldwide -- M7.7 Alaska, M6.5 Peru + Yellowstone Swarm

Dutchsinse: 7/18/2017 -- Very Large M7.7 earthquake strikes Pacific + M6.5 strikes Peru = MAJOR UNREST

Dutchsinse: 7/17/2017 -- Rare earthquake strikes US NUKE TEST SITE (M4.1) on West Coast / Pahrump, NV

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits between Alaska and Russia

M 7.7 - 198km ESE of Nikol'skoye, Russia

DUTCHSINSE; 7/17/2017 -- Rare earthquake strikes US NUKE TEST SITE (M4.1) on West Coast / Pahrump, NV

DUTCHSINSE: 7/14/2017 -- Largest in months -- Midwest USA / Oklahoma M4.2 (M4.9) -- Forecast area direct hit

WARNING: California Volcano Is READY TO BLOW! Lond Valley Volcano – Scientists Warning.


California’s Restless Giant—the Long Valley Caldera

Dutchsinse --7/12/2017 -- Earthquakes strike West Coast USA / Oregon , Japan, and Macedonia as expected

Dutchsinse; 7/12/2017 -- Direct Earthquake Forecast hit while on live stream -- Large M6.7 strikes W. Pacific

Mount Vesuvius on fire: Evacuations as smoke engulfs volcano, seen from Pompeii (Including information on Yellowstone)

Dutchsince: 7/11/2017 -- Earthquakes strike New York State , Japan, New Zealand, and Ecuador as expected

Dutchsinse: 7/11/2017 -- Large M6.8 earthquake strikes Southwest Pacific / New Zealand -- Keep watch in Pacific

Former NASA Scientist Reveals 2017 Pole Shift Dates

Dutchsinse: 7/10/2017 -- Deep earthquakes picking up in pace -- Larger earthquakes coming this week