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The Immense Tonga Volcanic Explosion WasSOTN: Not Only Manmade, It Was ‘TALK’ Between The Nuclear Powers


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Local Eyewitness Account……Tonga Volcano definitely man-made explosion:


++  Sent: Friday, February 25, 2022 1:21 PM To:  Tonga Updates–Jonathan here.

Man I have been trying to get in contact with you but had not net connection until now, and just barely connected…

I believe I just sent you my kings letter which sums up a lot of what is going on here… I wrote you a whole email but it got lost when trying to save it offline. Let me go over some highlights.

  1. First the Volcano was blown up it was not a natural event, AT ALL!
  2. Weeks before the blast there was weather warfare with strange lightening only around the Volcano coming straight down, like they were tying to light the thing on fire …This was during full sunny days but lightening all around Volcano, I saw this with my own eyes.
  3. Day before blast the sea was doing! this weird toilet bowl flush thing, where water was swirling around, again I had seen this with my own eyes, so they issued a Tsunami warning but never came.
  4. The king left Nukualofa that day, not sure if he was in country or out to another island. Also I got reports that the kings “nobles” ( I can verify they are NOT very noble) left to New Zealand the week before)
  5. The sunset before the blast day, colors were all yellow, like things that should be green were seen as yellow, and red seems as yellow, very strange.
  6. Blast day, 60km from blast zone , 5:15pm there was a rapid succession of mega mega ground shaking explosions all within a minute.
  7. The blasts were extremely loud but the real pain was these shock waves after each blast, all i could do was cover my daughter & hold her ears. Very discombobulating.
  8. Ground shaking from each blast, windows shattering, sorry this was NO DAM VOLCANO.
  9. Huge mushroom cloud of w! hite smoke, just like you see in the nuclear bomb explosions. ! All normal clouds getting sucked into the mushroom cloud. Then from the column of the mushroom you see black rising up high into the sky.

Then the whole sky turns black within 5 minutes. I mean literally it went from day to night within 10 minutes of blast.  Then raining down nickel-sized pumice and ash for hours on end.

  1. TSUNAMI comes 20 minutes after blast
  2. The same Volcano erupted 5 years ago and formed a whole island, you barely noticed this event, only the ashes on your car windshield and minor ash covered sky for a few hours.
  3. Volcano is gone, cant see any part of island, nothing, nada, zilch, because it was blown up!
  4. Geological web sites showing epicenter was @ 0.0km, not the normal 35km below sea level. That’s because it was some type of super sonic missile/s.
  5. Satellite image right before the blast show a large incoming object going through the clouds, hitting the water then KABOOM! & all hell breaks loose. I knew it was a bomb from the get go, the satelite image just confirmed what I intuitively knew already….
I will send you the satellite image when my net is up properly.
Just to give you an idea of the ash cover, I went to clean up my main shop first, we packed full 24,  25kg bags full of ashes, that was an area of 60ft by 80ft, were talking a huge dump of ashes!