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HATONN CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

[ On October 2, 1988, Doris received the following message from Hatonn. ]

'Tis, me, Hatonn, beloved scribe. Good morning. Thank you for responding so early. You must remove yourself as detached as is possible---and take some breaks as the arm wearies for our times together will get increasingly lengthy. [ During this period Doris was receiving via handwriting---computers came later.]

Now that you know (as do all your circle who have done their studies) we are what the ancients were and the lovely description of the Bird Tribes---for we are the ancients of the winged energies---you manifest there in physical, we here "still with our wings" (sic, sic). All life will again be a brotherhood birthed upon our source of creation---you do not distract, Dorma, for you will eventually get to the readings also but, dear one, I Am the horse and you can absorb of it from the "Horse's mouth"?? (A "winged" horse?)! Yes, precious brothers, we are the same who came in the form of many, many teachers and you are back as the bringer of the Brotherhood of God, i.e., "Ranos"' Dorma/Golden Eagle-bearer of Universal Life Truth; Oberli, Divine Brilliance sent of God; Great Red Eagle/Spotted Eagle (Wambli Galeshka)/Little Crow, Carl of the directness of Wakan Tanka---White Buffalo Calf Woman---to bring light from the Universe to adorn our mother in the glory of her joyous transition. "We" are the energies manifest in energy form to give the directions (if you will) via use of your "egos" for the Father, Wakan Tanka, has laid the design and we, as one, will bring it forth! As there are brothers who do not choose to work in the way of Mother/Father God, they will go elsewhere!!! All relations upon this place will again live in harmony and balance! So Be It! We come from the starburst of the Universe to see this to its glory---and the scribe would write none else if I name you all---but one day we will do naught other so that all who get of the page can see your own reflection; Sister, David, Tuieta, Jean, Zita, Rick, George, Harold, Kurt, Debbie (and the blessed children), Geri, Jerry, Jan, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jan, John, John, John, Wally, Wally, Larry, Danene, Jay, Donnette, Dalene, Debbie, Charles, Gene, Rusty, Pete---do you get my point? Know---You are no lesser and ANY other regardless of from which dimension you source! There is only THE ONE SOURCE, dear brothers, only ONE! No job is lessor or greater than any other, ONLY DIFFERENT. EACH has a place and a name within the Universe that reflects your role. Pay no attention now as it will all come soon into your knowledge. We are the ones who will bring Wakan Tanka's children home! The time is at hand for the journey and it has already begun. Honor those brothers before you (Sister, etc., etc.) who have laid the foundation upon which you can step. Mostly it was yourself in another form of Creation, but that is another story. One day, we, through the scribes, will be able to tell it all but my job here at this moment is of a very "timely" earthly physical nature!

We endeavor to "start" you gently into your thought processes and then "push" you into greater circles of "seeing".

[End quoting.]