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LORD MICHAEL CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 46.

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Lord Michael


CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 46.

[ On September 23, 1988, Doris received the following message from "Lord" Michael, which has never been published. ]

I come in the Light of Radiance of our most revered Source of All that I Am Presence. Thank you dear one for receiving of me.

I am that energy of the Blue Ray, referred to you ones as Michael, Lord Michael ("Lord" only defined as

"Law"), never some term of worship for my humble self! Always remember, dear ones, "worship" as used on your dimension is not to be used---"respect" and/or "reverence", please. I come from the Archangelic plane of density and at this time function within your "terminology" as Guide of this most wonderous "Cycle" of your planet's transition.

I come in radiance and "instead" of the Mother/Father God referred to in so many various labels---Tunkashila, the Silver Ray of Sanat Kumara, the Golden Ray of Sananda, of the Christness (Esu/Jesus/Sananda---Leader of this entire project) and that most revered ONE LIGHT, ATON, coming forth at this moment of your evolution as Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of fourth dimensional substance, for leadership of this project of evolution. All, of course, is simply one--- THE TOTALITY ---the Universal Source, so let us not get confused as to who sends the summons.

All of you precious participants in this magnificent "play" of transition/evolution of human and planet Earth---come lastly from the realms of etherical angelic frequencies having manifested for the purpose of planning, from mostly Pleiades. Some of the cosmic scribes from areas of the other galaxies as the "Thul" or more relative to higher energy forms---Pleiades being of the sixth for definition.

[ Later, in the same writing, quoting: ]

Now for final confirmation for your comfort---The crystal of Lemuria/Atlantis which is THE energy focus of your planet and the vortex of communications/navigation of this time of transition on into radiance is located in Tehachapi---and these ones have been located, basically, atop it. It is approximately two-plus miles in diameter in its perfect perfection of the crystalline "flower" of indigo blue, shot throughout with "sunbursts" of gold. Go within and recognize of the truth of it.

Also, the ancient of the ancient brothers will be brought here---our Red Eagle Little Crow who returns as a manifestation of what you will call a Lakota---to bring forth to pen and voice the ORAL teachings of your Source, Tunkashila (Grandfather, Wakan Tanka) and in this area resides the most sacred of artifacts which will be brought forth in proper sequence. For in this place is the sacred alter, Awanka Wakan, to be in place of unity and strength for you precious ones who will see this journey into fruition.

Blessings be upon you committed children of our Father for yours shall be the reward beyond price, but for now, the time is at hand!

Au dai pai da Cum for it is done, so be it!

[ End quoting. ]