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GRANDFATHER CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

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CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

[ On October 30, 1988, Doris received the following from Grandfather. ]

I Am old Grandfather who comes briefly today to bring blessings of the Light of that which is the Creator Source. I wish you to "see" my words with your eyes, that you have given me joy as I walk with you ones of my tribe. As you ones draw to your source and your strength; as you stand in my sacred places and "feel" of my presence, I rejoice to be one with you dear and precious "Nagikan" (never mind your scribbles, Dorma, it means to me "little ones of the 'old' wise spirit") it is only that you are just awakening to your wisdom, yet I see it in your steps.

Your brother greets you, dear---he has not forgotten how to "become" and fly---you will get there, children. As I share with you little ones as you open to share your secret and most private, precious tales with your brothers in trust and love, I watch you become a unit which will be forever unbroken by the arrows of man.

You are dancing your dreams awake now just as your ancient brethren danced their sacred dances. The steps of the dance are different; you use your head and find words with pens but the drum-beat and vision are the same as beyond forever.

You have now become "the creator" and I shall guide the path for you that you are not set-upon or damaged by those spirit children who travel the black road.

You will be given the strength and the tools required to bring forth the visions. Just keep ever in my shield, little ones, as it does not please me to gather, and gather and re-gather. You must be patient for vision to manifest into your reality. You are yet sleepy children awaiting the clearing for the day. Upon all your relations I bring blessings to ease their journey. Most of your relations cannot choose their way, so it is you who do choose, which must care for them. You are the caretakers, lest ye forget your purpose.

Go in joy and beauty about this abundant day given most lovingly unto you as a gift from the universe.

Use of it well!

Aho! I Am

Grandfather of the Tanka

[ End quoting. ]