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SANANDA CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

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CONTACT, February 21, 1995, p. 47.

[ On October 7, 1988, Doris received the following message from Sananda. Quoting: ]

I Am! That Light of the Father Source. I Am Sananda.

As ye ones gather in the name of that which I Am, always hold true to the ONE who sent you forth to do his work even in the blindness of the fall into darkness of His beloved two-legged creations brought forth by his oneness with the Creation---that which is manifested in the form of physical matter and density of the human flesh.

We will show unto our brothers of the Truth that man CAN and WILL flourish in Truth, Light, giving integrity and total Radiance. Ye have a difficult way even thus---as our unlighted brethren will plot against ye. Greed, desire to control through the force of power and above all else, the Force of FEAR will never cease the attack after attack upon ye children. Know it and draw ever closer unto me lest ye fail to see the attacker and fall prey to the temptations of the fleshly desire of the humanness of your place and caution ye selves to not bring pressures to bear upon my chosen vessels who work among ye---Ye must protect one another and hold true and strong one with another for I come in many forms in the outer facade of a variety of all "ages", all colors! For I AM that which IS ALL---the winged, the two legged, the four legged, that which lives within the waters and all that is of the Creator and the Creation! So Be It!

Rejoice, however, in the joy and pleasure of the partaking of the abundance of that which manifests unto ye for it is our glorious joy to share of experience for this is why man was created---for the Creator to have form in which to experience more fully of His, that creations SEE OF IT, and make His experience a joyful and glorious one within that which is His total radiance.

Hold your flame high to light the example for your brethren. But, do not put on your countenance false piety nor self-proclaimed pious projections---man was created to act as human but, in that IMAGE of the Perfection of the Creator, so that in the finality He again is one with Himself---lest ye forget of thy purpose.

As ye hold strong to myself the transmutation and physical upheavals of this beloved of all the Creators that will be but the blink of an eye---and then the negative of the inputs shall be erased from thy consciousness so that all of the Radiance shall be experienced with naught other than perfections and glory for thus is given to be by our Father.

As I have written so I lay down the pen for my speaking never to be erased from the hearts of ye mine brethren.

Blessings unto each and unto my scribes for yours shall be the Kingdom and the Glory of the Father---for I Am Solen aum Solen---The Totality of the Light. I AM of the Father.

[ End quoting. ]