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NOTE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER:  I have been asked by Sister Thedra to contact her and pen a message to all. Who is Sister Thedra?  She was and still is the scribe for Esu Immanuel Jesus Sananda both in the physical format during the 1960’s, as well as he scribe in the etheric at this present time. I am posting today a great article she wrote for Sananda.  Sananda appeared in Yucatan on the date her message was written in 1961. He appeared as the bearded one with a long robe, as that is how he is still perceived.  She is now waiting to give a message to all at this time


SISTER THEDRA:  Good morning to all souled ones.  I have been waiting a long time to speak to all of you, and I am delighted that Anne contacted me to do so at this time.  Yes, I was the scribe for Esu whom you call “Jesus” but his real and given name is Esu Immanuel.  He earned the great Lighted Realms name as Sananda, which means One with God.

I did not write any of the messages in the Phoenix Journals, as they were penned after I passed to the Lighted Realms.  I wrote in the 1960’s, and at that time things were getting worse on your planet, but not so bad as when the Phoenix Journals were written in the 1990’s.

I know you may think that some of the Journals are out-of-date, but they are a compilation of what was happening at that time interspersed with great messages from the Masters, Sananda, Hatonn, Soltec, etc.  I was mentioned only at the beginning of Journal 7.

I want to reiterate how important the Journals are even at this time, for the messages given by Hatonn and others are priceless and timeless. Do you think the events of today are any different? The same evil that prevailed back in the 1990’s has gotten much, much worse.

I appreciate Anne’s work, as she has kept the messages going from the Masters making the Journals so viable to read at this time.  That means a lot, for many souled ones have picked up the Journals again to find them so helpful, as a guide for living.  The Lighted Realms rejoice at that fact. I must ad another note of great happiness from the Lighted Realms!  Never in all the time of Mother Earth has there been any souled ones to really recognize their great power of Creation within to clean up Mother Earth and help her to graduate……until now!   Yes, ones of Sananda’s Flock have stepped forward to help in this great time of need.  With his help they have accomplished what was needed before Earth Shan could graduate. 

You must understand, just as Hatonn has said over and over in the Journals, that we of the Lighted Realms cannot do it for you. That is why all you souled ones came back his civilization!  We can help only if asked, so the power is in you!

I know you thought that the uncreation of the Satanic Empire was the only thing that needed to be done.   However, you great souled ones found out differently and there have been quite a few other evil actions that had to be stopped.

I will say one thing that may amaze you.  The negative and warring frequencies of Mother Earth have affected the ENTIRE Cosmos.  When The Satanian Empire was uncreated, it affected the ENTIRE Cosmos.  Did you know that just NOW, after so many months, that other extremely distant planets are just now hearing about the fantastic feat and feeling the positive affects?

Now, the last thing that Sananda’s Flock did with HIS help of was to deal with all the wonderful Masters who were snared by Satan and have been in the darkness of the void.  I shall say no more, but Heaven rejoices at what has happened!   Their prayers and petitions along with the help of the Lighted Realms did  the impossible.  I say no more.

I want to reiterate that there is NO RANK in Heaven, as there is on Earth.  No one is any better than another, for each one  has a job to do and we work together.   

Here is another thought to ponder.  Sananda’s Flock are not necessarily the rich and famous, but many are struggling to make it, are poor and operate on a flimsy budge in some little room in a non-de script home and live quietly and undisturbed.  Why?,  If we made them famous and rich beyond belief and told everyone, who they were what do you think would happen?  They would probably have been put in a cage and called insane.  Sananda’s work would not have been accomplished.

Even the Lightworkers, themselves, do not remember all that they are in the Lighted Realms, for they, too, are without memory.  Some of the have been told but they think it is hard to believe. 

Let me give an example.  You know that JFK is aboard ship.  He went on a excursion with Sananda’s Flock.  He said on Earth he was great, but in the Lighted Realms he would be very honored to shake the hand of Sananda’s Lightworkers, for they are the great ones.

I am still continuing to give messages for Sananda through this scribe, as well as helping other enlightened ones.  My work has never stopped, and for that I am honored to serve Sananda in any way I can.

It has been a great pleasure for me to be able to speak again at this time.  I love all you Lightworkers and know I shall see you all very soon.