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MOTHER EARTH:  Greetings to all life upon my surface.  I am Mother Earth, a being of Light and energy such as you souled ones. 

 Many of you have noticed that the position of the sun is far from normal, as I am rocking back and forth in preparation for my birthing into a higher frequency.  My surface is erupting with earthquakes that are getting more devastating, and the volcanoes are in a roar.  I have rocked back and forth on  my axis to the very last point before I would tip over on my axis.

Just know that every living thing upon your planet has a soul, and you can communicate with any of them.  I speak of the grass, the flowers, the trees, and the beauteous waters upon my surface.  Have you cared for the life upon my surface?   It is the higher evolved human, whose duty has been given to them by Creator to love and care for all life upon my surface, in the waters and the air you breathe.  You have almost destroyed my very life, and with that you have  nearly destroyed all that you and every living thing else that needs to live in 3D.  Because of this carelessness I am very near my death.

 For that reason, Creator God Aton aboard The Phoenix Command Ship has ordered all Pleiadian craft to be in proper coordinates for evacuation of the souled ones upon my surface. They are waiting and prepared, just like the doctor waits for the Mother to give signs that birthing is near.  I shall birth to a higher frequency and, when that happens, all 3D life shall be wiped from my surface. 

As I said, the frequencies shall rise much higher making a 3D environment uninhabitable, for all that is made is of light frequency. A 3D planet exists at a lower frequency and cannot cope with a 4 or 5D environment in the frequency of 4 or 5th Dimension.

I have given a message to J.F. at this time that I would like to have the world read.


She said she's doing okay, and although there is much darkness around her, she is holding out as long as she can for more souled ones to awaken, for she loves each of us most dearly. She said she loves all of the soul ones that live upon her surface, meaning all of us plants, animals, everything.  She said the beauty is all around us, the plants that grow on my surface, the animals that live upon it, and the soul beings.   She said even in the darkest places there is love when one more soul being awakens. She said the darkness is very bad, but she is hanging on as long as she can to the last drop of light can be lit. ---J.K.


How long, you say?  I am weak and tired, but I care for any one souled being to awaken.  I am holding as long as I can, but as I told J.K. when this message was received I said, “we shall be together soon!”

I give you this day to live the best you can the Laws of God and Creation.  Each precious day you have been given by me is a gift of proper living and soul lessons to learn.

Take care of me as you have been assigned by Creator to do so.   This means every tree every blade of grass, every flower, my air soil and water. These are the precious gifts I have given you to love and cherish as you would your own child.   That is your responsibility.

I have given you my life in 3D, and that is nearing it’s end, for I do look forward to birthing to a higher frequency and shine like a sun—which is very soon.