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My lesson to you at this time is important, as I speak clearly of reality.   What is reality, and what is a lesson learned on a “holodeck”.  Yes, a holodeck!  Oh yes!  I tell you the Truth straight even thought it may sound harsh, however, I need to be so at this time.

Why?  It is because you are at a very crucial time on Earth.  She has been in 3rd dimension life for 4.5 billion years.  Many of you, if not all of you souled ones, have had thousands of lifestreams on this beautiful planet.  Yes, I said beautiful!  She was created to be the most gorgeous planet in the Cosmos in order to make it a most wonderful place for soul lessons.  That is why Satan and his dark Angels chose her for his last planet or jail planet, as he was ordered that he could no longer roam the Cosmos to destroy planet after planet. 

Do you know you have had lifestream after lifestream on this planet and have graduated to the Higher Realms?  Creator God Aton of Light saw the distress of Earth and wanted her to graduate to a higher dimension.  How? She had failed two times before!  It was with the great knowledge of Creator God that he asked his best graduated ones in the Lighted Realms to answer a great question.

That question was whether or not they would volunteer to reincarnate on Earth to help her graduate and to complete another mission for great, great soul growth.  You all sat there and raised your hand eagerly!  God did not just choose anyone to volunteer!  You all agreed to come reincarnate knowing the great handicap if you did not wake up to why you came back to Earth.

I am extremely glad that many have awakened at this time, and some even  more than others to help Mother Earth cleanse of the Darkness Satanian Empire that has ruled this planet for eons of time.

What breaks my heart is that there are others, who have chosen another path way not of the Light. Now, I tell you, what is reality? What is real and what is like being on a holodeck, just like in Star Trek.

That holodeck portrayed in the Star Trek series were experiences and lessons for those, who chose to experience.  That is what you are doing at this time! You are experiencing lessons, but many, many chose to not listen to those lessons, and were “asleep” to the reality of Truth.

I care deeply for each of you souled ones.  What is reality?  Reality is NOT have another lifestream on Planet Earth with a fleshy envelope. or on any of the 3D planets of the 179,000,000,000 plants that have life upon them in just the Milky Way Galaxy, which his called Orvanton.  Reality is the  LIGHTED REALMS.!

ALL of you have families here in the Lighted Realms.  You have a spouse a husband or wife, who is your twin flame!  You have children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and you have a home here!  Some of you are single, or some but have plans to be married. 

When any soul in the Lighted Realms has chosen to not obey the Laws of God and Creation, he/she was sent back to Earth for lessons to learn, hoping that this great opportunity would set that soul straight again. 

Each of us, as Cohans, have families and have some of our children reincarnate on Earth.  Some have not awakened!


What can we do? Some have been gone for a long time with lifestream after lifestream and it is with great hope that they would awaken.  Many have but some have NOT!  We mournand weep when one of our children, who had great soul growth reincarnated but did NOT wake up.  The grief we feel is heart breaking!

What can we do about it?  We pray, we petition with all our heart, but we obey the great Cosmos Law of non-intervention.  Everyone has their own freewill and we cannot force anyone to awaken.  That is always the individual choice, for each one in on their own pathway to the stars.

I cannot mention the grief we feel when one of the dearly loved souls choose the dark path and may end up losing their soul.  That soul would go back to the great pool  of reincarnation and become a soul for another one taking on a physical body for lessons. The fleshy envelope would be uncreated.  That is why it is so important to take the most care of one’s soul for that is reality.  The fleshy body dies, but your soul is eternal.  Yes, ETERNAL!   Think about it. 

I encourage you to take time to read and mediate with the Lighted Realms.  Read the GUIDES Creator God Aton of Light has freely given you.  That is all I can do to encourage you, to help you, but in the end ALL IS YOUR CHOICE.  Creator God and we of the Lighted Realms cannot and will NOT force anyone to grow spiritually.  That is up to you.  Time is flying by in your 3D format, as this civilization is at end.   

Do not think life on Earth is eternal!  It is an ILLUSION!  Please heed my words of wisdom.  THANK YOU!

My great, great love to all.  The Lion has spoken!







SERAPIS BEY:  Greetings to all souled beings upon Planet Earth. I am Serapis Bey the 4th of the 7 Cohans called the architect. I am of the Amethystine Order, as are all other six Cohans.  I am the Lion of Lions. 

Yes, dear ones, I am the Lion of Lions.  That means I follow the Christos to the nth letter, and I gladly obey and love the great Laws of God and Creation.

My message today concerns your great God Spirit within each of you souled ones.  That God Spir is the connecting link to the Higher Realms, and if tended with care it becomes a great fire within that nothing can put out.   Your God Spirit is your soul within which is eternal.  Yes, I said eternal.

I am going to give you an analogy about your God Spirit within.   Each of you are an eternal soul.  In order to help that soul to progress and be one with Creation you must tend to that flame within with endless care and concern.

Creation gave you this soul, within as a tiny flame.  He, also, gave you a spark of darkness in order for you to choose which pathway to follow.  In order to do this he gave you the chance to grow by housing that soul in a physical fleshy body to live on one of his billions of planets.  In order for you to choose which path to follow you have to come to a 3D planet without memory of who you are.   Your life is one of choices—follow the good or the bad.

I compare your God Spirit like the tiny flame that is burning in the fire at a campsite.  In making the fire, material is gathered that is dry and will burn easily.  You are very careful about that spark, for it could go out in a second.  You blow on it carefully, gather more dried grass and little sticks to make the fire flash into a warming fire.

All around you are the elements and animals that are ready for that fire to be extinguished.  The wind will blow, rain comes, and above all darkness has come and the temperature is getting colder.  You keep adding fuel to the fire and watch it carefully, for if you neglect that process your fire will go out and you have no other means to keep you warm during the long cold night.

Your great God Spirit within starts as a tiny spark.  It is up to you to fan that flame, feed it and help it grow into almighty fire that nothing can extinguish.

How long would your physical body live if you did not feed it?  Do you feed it with improper food, drugs, or skimpy clothing in the cold?  Or do you prepare the best nutritious meal possible?  Remember, your physical fleshy body houses that great God Spirit within.

Have you fed that Spirit within?  Have you read the proper books that were given to you by Creator God for that give you a guide to live your physical life? Or, are you caught in man’s way of feeding your soul with an empty bowl of the surrounding cults ready to sway you from the real spiritual food?

It takes effort to feed that soul with prayer, petitions and reading the proper source.  I must be clear about one thing.  I am an adamant LION of LIONS when say read.  I specifically  mean the Phoenix Journals.  I harp and harp about this and tell you how important these are to help guide you on that Red Road Pathway to great soul growth.  However, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can make you do anything for you have your own freewill to choose or not to choose to feed your soul the proper food.

Of course, as in the wilderness, you must fight the weather, the ferocious animals and all the insects that would like a taste of you;.  The same is true in your physical world.  You have gurus and cults that surround you saying they are the Truth.  They cast the Journals aside as trash and heresy, as you have been taught the errors about the Christos hanging on a cross and taking your sins away.  Remember YOU are the only one responsible for you, not someone on a cross!

Oh, little ones!  I weep in agony for ones, who choose unwisely their pathway to the stars.  However, there is hope in the millennia of 3D lifestreams ahead given to live to find the pathway again.

I again must tell you this fact that Sananda emphasized in his recent message.  There are many ones you call the Satanists, who have followed that way making their soul flame become only a tiny embryo or a very tiny spark   At this point, Creator God may take that tiny spark and place it in the great pool of re-creation. The soul spark is eternal to be given to another physical body at some point.  The original physical body is left without a soul and will be uncreated forever.

Oh, that ALL of you souled ones, especially those of you, who still slumber would awaken to the Truth within.  Many have, and there is still a very short time to awaken before Mother Earth graduates to become a shining star to house only ones of a higher dimension than 3D.  

Again, I speak and roar, as a great lion to tell you how much I love ALL of you.   Take the higher road.  Follow the great Laws of God and Creation.  It may be a struggle but it is worth it!







SERAPIS BEY:  Greetings to all souled beings upon Planet Earth. I am Serapis Bey the 4th of the 7 Cohans called the architect. I am of the Amethystine Order, as are all other six Cohans.  I am the Lion of Lions.  That means I tell you like it is, straight forward without any frills.  I roar with Truth and follow the Great Master Sananda, as my teacher.

This message is for all of you returned Masters, but especially I speak, also, to those, who have found the Truth.  We of the Lighted Realms use the term of “Sananda’s Flock”. 

Indeed, you think that term is out of order?  Nay, for it means only those of you great Masters, who have returned to help Mother Earth have awakened to find their mission and to gain great soul growth.  This group of Truthbringers are few compared to the populous of Earth at this moment.

I want to make something straight.  We of the Lighted Realms have all been reincarnated upon your orb many times.  We have graduated lng ago, but that does not mean that we are not any better than you  souled ones, who volunteered to come back to help Mother Earth and gain great soul growth. 

We of the Lighted Realms have families such as you.  My own daughter volunteered to  come back to help Mother Earth.   How thankful I am that she has awakened to the Truth!    There are, also, ones aboard ship that have their child or sister volunteer to help Mother Earth.  Soltec’s son is one of them. One of Arch Angel Michael’s family volunteered.  There have been others ones coming from a galaxy far away to help, as well.  These ones have awakened and are among thoseof Sananda's Flock!

Now. do you understand that we look just like you?  The only difference is 3D Dimension is very dense and your height on 3D Earth is much shorter than you were in the Lighted Realms.  I tower at 9 ft tall, as does Hatonn.  Others are in the 7 and 8 ft range, and at times some are even taller.  We are not hampered by 3D, as the frequencies are much, much higher than those of a 3D planet.  In essence you are “squeezed down” to a shorter height because of the density of 3D.

Another handicap of which all of you agreed was to accept being without memory of where and who you were in the Lighted Realms.  You had to live with two DNA rather than twelve.  You agreed to wake up to you mission.  You agreed to the great handicap if you did not awaken but if you DID awaken to Truth you would gain great soul growth.

Oh, yes, we of the Lighted Realms are STILL learning our lessons for they never stop, but it does take much more time to gain soul growth.  That is why being on such a dense, evil planet to awaken is much different, for the temptation of losing that soul growth to start over again is great.  Earth is a very tough school room, but if one awakens and finds Truth, the results are fantastic for that soul.

That is why I roar like a lion.  I am adamant about soul growth for all of you souled ones.  I offer my help, too, if but you ask, for I am willing and ready to help in any way I can. 

Why do I say such?  We operate on the Cosmic Law of Nonintervention.  We follow the Laws of God and Creation and will not and do not force our will upon any of you, for you have your own freewill to follow that path you should choose.

If you do not awaken the Truth and have followed many of the gurus or cults prevalent, that is YOUR choice.  We do not intervene in your pathway.  There are ones among us, who took a long time to awaken.  They, too, started over in the cave several times.

The most precious of all is that your soul is housed in a fantastic electric physical body.  You must take care of that body in every way possible.  I am distressed at how some of you Masters treat your body.  Right now there are some of you ones at a young age housing a body of a 90 year old. 

Take care of YOU.  Do I need to emphasize the proper way?  Your body needs proper food and rest.  Do not forget your spirit, either!  Your God Spirit, you soul within, also, needs care, love and help with reading and meditating and coming in touch with we of the Lighted Realms for help and guidance.  You soul needs “food” as well as your physical body.

With that preaching at you, I tell you that I have great love for all of you.  I am delighted when even one of you sleeping Masters open your eyes.

I hold Sananda’s Flock in my hands and heart and am willing to help any if I am asked.

Time is short now, for this civilization is ending.  Take this beautiful day to live the best you can the Laws of God and Creation.