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Editor's note: The following is by the Ascended Master known as Paul The Venetian or Paul The Artist, of the Third Ray of Aspect of Creator's spectrum, among the seven great "Rainbow Masters" who are communicating at this time to help us get through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.


In Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Paul relates: "It is most difficult to separate we of the Higher Frequencies.  We have a thrust, a talent given, if you will, toward focused purposes.  As Morya represents most preciously the 'will' of God, Lanto the 'wisdom' of God--I, Paul, will focus on the element of 'LOVE' and spirit discernment.

"I come on the comfort vibration of what we call the 'pink' frequency.  My talents have long been in artistic perceptions and projections....

"Please do not confuse my terminology of love with what thee defines as 'love'. Myself and the brotherhood with whom I serve, of the Third Ray, are not idle dreamers of poetry and sounds of harmonious music. Ah, would it be that it could be so.  We are quite pragmatic of the way of the Holy Spirit.  It is through the beauty and purity of the Third Ray through which the wondrous qualities of diplomacy, patience, tact, arbitration, unity, brotherhood, culture, beauty, and the perfecting of the 'heart' are made manifest."




Greetings, my friend.  It is I, Paul the Venetian.  I represent the Third Aspect of Creator's spectrum.  I come now in the wholeness of His Light to impart my specific message to you ones who need and desire balance.

This feeling of desire to express is the inner drive that removes one from the limits of time and the restrictions of the third-dimensional compression and propels one to enter into a non-linear, higher-dimensional state of expression.  This is why the TRUE artists of your planet are most often viewed as eccentric or are, in general, misunderstood.

Each has their own special talent and ability to express in a creative manner.  Most think of an artist as a painter, or a sculptor, or a musician, or a poet.

Let me assure you ones that you ALL have your specialties of expression.  For example, what about the machinist who can create a functional tool from a raw piece of steel, or the grocery clerk who stacks the cans in a manner so that they appear more pleasing and neat, or the editing staff who make the headlines look just right.

Ones are constantly and naturally expressing their individuality within the Oneness of Creator's whole idea.  Please know that creative expression is as much a part of each person as is logical, analytical reasoning.

Artistic expression, or lack of same, can give you ones insights concerning the one you are dealing with.  It has been said that the mental states of a society are reflected in its artwork.

Let us take a look at a large problem facing you ones: Many of the larger cities are filled with children who are so shut-down emotionally as to be, for all intents and purposes, the walking dead.  Even these ones have an urge to express themselves and find a uniqueness if they can.

Look at the graffiti.  For the most part it is vulgar, slang words without much feeling other than, perhaps, anger.  Yet, even among these gang members, there are ones who escape the reality of this life into a subculture where they can express their potential in a manner that can be appreciated.

These are the ones who, with cans of spray paint, create fantastic murals upon the sides of buildings.  These murals actually reach through to people who need so desperately to feel the connection to Higher Inspiration.  These ones are Light Workers--whether they know it or not.

So be careful in your generalities toward lumping all gang members into the category of being mindless of bad.  God will ALWAYS reach through and find a way to touch the Heart of a seeking soul in need.  It is His promise and your right!

Each must learn to bring their gifts of expression into this world.  Whether it be a new invention, a new song, or even a new way of preparing food, all these creative expressions contribute to the overall quality of life on the planet.

You ones who are constantly trying to find happiness should stop and think for a minute of those things in the past that have made you feel the best.  Most often this happens when you are GIVING in some manner.  The act of giving opens up energy flows that allow for even more giving (and regiving).  Now couple that giving with a personal creative touch that is unique to YOU, and then you shall find the joy you seek, as others benefit from that unique joy you give.

You only need to look within, and express that which you feel in your heart.  Express it in your unique manner which speaks it to the world.

If it is pain you feel, then express the pain.  Why do you ones appreciate the talented "blues" singers so much?  Most often, these ones are highly sensitive people who have endured a lot of pain.  Their moving, and often profound, musical sharings are a method they utilize in order to release their pain without having to forget their lessons.

As another example, if you give of yourself through volunteer work, you can perhaps be the person who always has a warm smile to share.  Or, you may be the one who gives the encouraging words to others who feel down, yet still shows up to do their volunteer work.

There are infinite and subtle ways you ones can give to each other.

And let us not forget laughter.  Every souled being appreciates humor in one form or another.  The healing properties of laughter are perhaps only secondary to those of love.  Ones who can create the conditions that will allow another to find humor, and laugh, are perhaps the most needed ones on the planet, especially in the upcoming times of turbulent change.

Why this message at this time?

You ones are fast approaching a time when the need for unconventional solutions (creative solutions) to problems will be needed.  The past ways of doing everyday things will soon be gone.  Your very survival may depend upon each person's ability to hear or feel the Creative Nudge that will enable you to survive.

As the famous quote goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention."  Perhaps another way of stating this insightful observation is, "Creativity is usually inspired by necessity."

The ones with the "common sense" approach to life are going to be the ones who save the day.  Ones may be very well schooled in History, Math and English, but if they cannot function when their electricity goes off or when their supermarkets are empty, then all their education is of no real value.

The farmer, on the other hand, who may only have a high school education, may be called upon to TEACH the ones who do not know how to grow their own fruits and vegetables or raise chickens and such.

Realize, please, that each has their own uniqueness and each is as important as the next.  The only difference is in the job that you have come down here to do.

Those who seek glory as their reward shall most often go lacking of fulfillment, for they have surely missed the big picture as to why they are there.  These ego-motivated ones are most often the ones who are in constant agony and have great inner personal conflict.  These ones, however, can still exploit good ideas and spread them far and wide.  Thus recognize that they, too, serve a productive role and purpose in the overall scheme of things.

These ego-driven ones, however, go through life not realizing that their pain is due to the higher self doing battle with that ego.  In this case, the soul's creative energies are being utilized in a manner which create the conditions most beneficial to the growth of the being.  This is why these ones often seem to be challenged with great personal conflicts.

Consider the example of a marriage plagued by conflict and dispute.  When these ones finally learn the lessons they have come down to learn, they will realize that their life has transformed away from the drain of inner emotional conflict and moved toward the balance which comes from inner peace.

For some, they never handle the problem in one lifetime.  It may simply take several lives to handle a particularly difficult problem.  However, when ones finally do overcome the challenges of this life, they come out of the situation stronger and have, in the process, created a more balanced condition for themselves in which to express.  They have, in effect, cleared out a lot of the garbage, thus creating more mental space or "headroom" in which to operate.  This equates to a greater ability to express the Higher Creative Potential within.

Welcome this life's challenges and find (create) a way to overcome that which pulls on your heart.  Know that you grow as a being every time you truly overcome a problem.  Know also that the higher self (the soul you) is constantly creating conditions that will allow you to grow.  Stop repeating the same old ways of handling those inner problems and find (create) a new way of coping with the challenges.  This is the fastest way to freeing self up so that you can truly enjoy this life's expression.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message of inspired, Lighted truth.  May this message resonate with understanding within your heart and mind.

Blessings to you all and may you create a better, more Lightened (Light-filled) world in which to express.

I am Paul the Venetian, the Artist, come in the Radiance of the One Light.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 20, 1996, Volume 14, Number 2, Pages 15-16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.