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HURRICNES, FORST FIRES, Flooding and Earthquakes - Equinox Medicine Wheel Ceremonies Needed [with Comjent by PHB]

Earth Wisdom

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September 22, 2017 (or your local time) Fall Equinox


Bavado's great teaching for us is that with our negative thoughts, words, actions and emotions we put negative energy into the environment. Mother Earth has ways of cleaning that negativity, of healing herself. She uses hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires, and flooding to cleanse herself. With the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, he showed us that if we cleaned that negativity with our ceremonies, Mother Earth didn't need to bring the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires and flooding. He traveled the world doing medicine wheel ceremonies for this reason. And he taught us how to do it.


At this time we are seeing unprecedented, extreme hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, forest fires and earthquakes. What does this tell us? The level of negativity on Mother Earth is too high. We've all seen it. The rhetoric in the United States is unbelievably negative. That negativity is saturating the soils, waterways, air and plants.


Watching a hurricane spin in a counter-clockwise direction reminds us of Bavado's teachings. To clean the Earth, we use a vortex spinning to the left to clean and clear the negativity, to vacuum it out. In 2012 I watched Hurricane Sandy spinning in a counter-clockwise direction over New York, sitting there and spinning and spinning, I knew what was happening. New York had too much negativity and Mother Earth was cleaning it.

[In the northern hemisphere storms spin in cyclonic ation in counter-clockwise motion naturally ---PHB]


Now I am watching Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in the same way. Harvey moved over Houston and sat there, spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. Houston is full of negativity - it is the fossil fuel capitol of the country, causing much harm to the Earth and All That Is. Negative thoughts there are deep and pervasive. Harvey spun and spun, a medicine wheel ceremony of Mother Earth. Bavado's teachings rang in my ears - the Earth was using the hurricane vortex spinning to the left to clean herself of negativity put there by humans with our negative thoughts, words, actions and emotions. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Spinning, spinning, spinning. And the flooding cleansed the Earth. Now we are watching Hurricanes Irma and Maria do the same. Irma sat over cities, cleaning them. I watch it and think of Bavado and wish he were here to explain to the people why they are getting these big cleansings.


On the other side of the Earth intense flooding is cleansing India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In the Pacific Northwest and Canada smoke from the many forest fires hangs in the area weeks on end. Forest fires are cleansings too.


We are at the Fall Equiinox time of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. I invite all of us to do our ceremonies with this awareness. I will be doing my usual ceremony at the sacred site called Steh-chass, in Olympia,Washington. It's an ancient sacred site where the Steh-chass Indians and their neighbors held ceremonies for ten thousand years to maintain balance. In 1845 the settlers arrived and got rid of the Indians with genocide and diseases. Our regular ceremonies there since 2011 have cleansed that area of the negativity and we see Olympia blossoming because of it. Bavado called our Steh-chass Medicine Wheel the "control panel." We held the medicine wheel ceremonies there and activated the medicine wheels all over the Earth - ones that he had set up and all other sacred sites too. This continues every solstice and equinox. After activating the medicine wheel I read into it the names of people who I know are doing ceremonies - the many of you who continue. And I speak into it the names of the Medicine Wheels he established with many of you.


We are all connected through the leylines and the sacred sites.


Let's remember each other on the equinox. Let's do our work together to clean and clear negativity with the vortexes to the left and charge Mother Earth with peace, love, joy and harmony using the vortexes to the right.


If you would like to be an Ambassador for a sacred site on any of the Medicine Wheel points, on your own sacred site, or work with us to create new medicine wheels for your local region, e-mail Pat Rasmussen


Thank You, Oohweehoo, thanking you into infinity, Aho...                                                             

Pat Rasmussen - Earth Wisdom Foundation’s President 


Phone: 509-669-1549