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A Great Awakening Taking Place in Florida & Texa

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by State of the Nation

A prescient comment submitted to The Millennium Report

Written by a Florida native impacted by Hurricane Irma

by sunshinenative

I have been monitoring this blog daily, for years, Have been geopolitically awake for 20 years, watching every move on the chessboard I could…this site has filled in uncountable pieces of the puzzle..thank you everyone for that!

As a Floridian who lived blocks from the Gulf, we had two choices…drive with millions in nightmare traffic or head south to a friends safe house. We drove south towards the storm, myself with the intent of doing ceremony as I was taught, being part of the Native American community, moved to do something because this could be a genocidal event…created and intended to terrorize us…again. Ceremony was done, sending requests to IRMA and her elements to release the harness put upon her. In the Native way, storms have consciousness, so reaching out to her to allow herself to recalibrate to the Earth’s rhythms was requested. As the storm rolled over us I felt her presence and mighty power..will never forget that feeling. The humbleness of being helpless with nothing but prayer and love in our hearts…even respectfully for the storm and her elements, has changed me. I know in my heart every one of us that prayed and meditated unhinged the harness..imho.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. After seeing what Texas went through, we consider ourselves here in florida…blessed, even with 10 million people without power…it could have been so much worse. It’s in the mid 90’s, humid as hell, so the suffering here is massive, especially for the elders and ill people. Generators are being used to keep the traffic lights working and hospitals running as power is restored with a literal army of trucks mobilized. Many are 8 days without power in this heat.

Today our community gathered the debris and removed countless old beautiful trees. I will miss these gentle giant’s shelter. Today we begin to rebuild. We have met more neighbors in the past week…this storm has opened up the heart and spirits of so many people…bonding us…bringing us together. That was the gift we will take from this experience. It brought us together as a force to be reckoned with. For that I am grateful.

This is my first post after years of silent participation, working quietly behind the scenes with conscious spiritually guided contributions. It feels like the silent warrior in us has been awakened and will not be silenced anymore. It is a new beginning for many of us in Florida, as a community on many levels. The global awakening wave is massive and moving quickly! We will continue to draw strength from every assault…the more they hit us, the more they awaken us…don’t think they have figured that out yet! We can now stand in the place of those gentle giants with gratitude and strength beyond our awareness.

John…your awesome! Please give us Americans a little more credit, there are many more like me and growing steadily by the day.

We have three more storms coming our way…,16.91,1106/loc=-70.845,20.668

Lets do it again world and keep these storms at bay….or better yet, out to sea!

Remember, we are the one’s that we have been waiting for…

Sunshine Native

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