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U.S. Chaos and Crisis - DEBRIEFING

Christopher Rudy

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This week's compendium with current articles and three videos is at:

A major internal SHAKE-UP has occurred in the giant U.S. federal bureaucracy that is infested by the corporatocracy. Trump is hitting the wall of deeply entrenched corruption,

If you follow current media, you know that chaos has been unleashed by corporate media attacks on Trump. Few are aware that the media billionaires behind this are on the same cabal team as the trillionaires who own the 'Fed' banking system. It goes that deep!

At the root of this divisive chaos is a systemic paradigm shift that goes with imminent global economic reset. But the old order oligarchy/corporatocracy cabal is challenged by this paradigm shift.

A new global order is emerging but the old order is 'acting out', ramping up chaos with saber-rattling for war.

The new paradigm wants to end the madness with enlightened initiatives. Details at

The danger is enemies within the gate. Trump has surrounded himself with leaders of Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, and the Big War proponents who want more of the same growth for their special interests.

President Trump's first 100 days will either set the matrix for 'currency reset' with a meritocracy-based paradigm shift, or the info-war we now see could erupt with global war.

This a critical time for prayer warriors to KNOW the nature of this crisis so they can better target their prayers.

So fire up your 'ruby ray guns', site them well, and have a blast:)

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