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Relay Relay Relay 1/9/17 Ker-ton-tec

Spirit Eagle

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Yes, it is I, your Blue Boy, Ker ton tec!   I want you to know that I am with you always!   We are Still connected and working together.   You will learn much from your new companions, you will see.   It is as you suspected that they are here as a part in the Plan and will be of great assistance to you!   These Beings, will help you in the next steps in your journey during these times of Great Change on the Earth Mother.   They will show you the Way.   You will See!
Many people in your country are in the process of awakening to the Truth of what has transpired within your government and in the governments of the World Family.    This is the time of the Great Awakening!   The People are becoming aware of the corruption and decaying edifice that stands as ruins in what was once a beautiful dream of a new Nation of independent people, who were united to free themselves from the slavery of feudal systems.   As you know, the slide downhill has been a long time coming and what lays before all of the citizens is a Choice to either be Free Children of Creator or Willing Slaves of those who have brain-washed and beguiled you with "ease"  with the golden chains of slavery and with Electronic devices that take the place of face to face communication.   It is slavery to the body and the fulfillment of crass desires at the expense of the Earth Mother and of other Sovereign Beings on the Planet.   You Must see that you are ALL connected!  What is done to one is
done to ALL!   You are ALL Children of Creator!   You are All loved! 
No longer Give Your Power Away to those who would lead you down a Dark Path of regression!   Come Forth out of the Cave of Death that you have Willingly placed yourselves in!
What is happening in your country and others is an awakening to the manipulation that you have chosen to follow for many, many years.  You are Sovereign Souls!  Answerable to the God Within, not to Any political system!   You are All Warriors of the Light!  Take up your Light and spread it around the whole of the Earth Mother!   Bring yourselves, the Earth Mother, all Beings upon her out of the Putrid Pool of decaying thought forms of hatred, greed, self-gratification at the expense of others, animals and children alike!   Put aside your Childhood and step into your True Womanhood/Manhood and BE THE LIGHT IN THIS WORLD NOW!   IT IS IMPERATIVE!    Go Within!  That is the place that MUST Change!  This has nothing to do with Political Parties, Factions, Armies, Enemies!  This has Everything to do with the Enemy Within!  That is who you must Face!   Do it for the sake of the Earth, your Mother, for your Soul, and for the Freedom of ALL Humanity!
I Love you Spirit Eagle and I love All of you Warriors of the Light!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  1/9/17  11:59 pm
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