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Spirit Eagle

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Dec. 21, 2016

Please counteract the Dark Energies that are being used around the world today and tonight by the Dark Ones who are trying to save themselves and their Empire by their use of torture and murder of the Innocents.  I suspect that this evil has been stepped up because of the worldwide revelations of the Pizzagate evil.
Let us collectively ask for Divine Intervention Now, as well as Intervention by the Galactic Federation of Light and by the Ascended Masters!   We have an obligation as Light Workers/Warriors to step into our Mastership Now.   Please focus your attention/intention on the White Knights and other Earth Human Warriors as well, in physically and psychically Stopping this Torture and Human Sacrifice of the Innocents!   We Humans who were born into the world at this time are responsible for our creations and mis-creations.   We are Spirit Warriors expressing in the physical realm.  
See the Violet Flame of Transmutation permeating the earth, exposing and flushing out these evil ones.   The Lightworkers Can Do This!  We HAVE to do this!  Let us do the work we came here to do!