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Spirit Eagle

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Oct. 10,2016

The People of all tribes around the world are gathered  in a united purpose for these few days;  they are gathered around a Sacred Fire to awaken All people of the Earth Mother in order to stop the ravishment of her Precious body.   The People in the Dakotas in the United States are calling all children of the Earth Mother to stop the greed that impels those who would continue to destroy the waters, the Earth, the Air, all of Life itself!   Spirit resides in these places.   Be still and you will Feel it!   You are the Drummers of the world!  You are asked to Drum for Peace, for Prosperity for All people.  You are asked to disconnect from electronic distractions as much as possible and Live in the Real world.  See what is right before your eyes!   The trees, the animals, the sky, the grasses, the waters, the mountains and the streams.   Listen to the waters, the birds, the animals scurrying in the woods.  Know that All of These are worthy of Life!  The Great Mystery is in All!
All of the people of the Earth Mother must come together as One People united in a common cause: to defeat the lords of darkness who are ravishing the Earth Mother.   Be Strong In The Light for you are Needed NOW!
I ask you to stand tall in the Light for Humanity, for all life, for the Earth Mother.    I Am White Buffalo Calf Woman.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle    10/9/16  10:57pm