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An Experiment That Could Turn THe Earth Events Around

Jacques Arongaus

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Dear Friends,
Today while meditating in my backyard early in the morning, an interesting thought came to me:
As most of you know, we are in great danger of facing another war in the Middle East plus an accelerated environment degradation.
What if we all willingly give permission to our great space brothers to neutralize any attempt to militarily invade and bomb Iran, and also to terminate the existing aggression in Iraq, or any other war in the planet ? Also the neutralization of the HAARP system that is located in Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Australia ?
Think about what we would gain with this. If a bunch of insane individuals can create so much suffering, imagine what millions of peaceful individuals can do by focusing their intention into peace and neutralization of war ?
First we can demonstrate our ability to express our free will by neutralizing war, specially when others can express their free will to produce war.
If enough of us raise our Divine Intention for peace and to neutralize any attempt to generate more war, we will not only attract the attention of our positive space brothers to help us, but we will accelerate our ascension enormously and transform this Planet of ours into the so waited paradise, in which we all exchange our blessings and love while living in harmony with Mother Earth.
Also the eradication of hunger and homelessness.
To make things easier, we can meditate at any time of the day, no need to have a fixed time, because our positive intention gathers momentum with each focusing. Project an energy ring that encircles the Earth and stays there. This would be akin to a thought form that takes a life of its own when enough energy is poured into it. It will grow stronger every time someone sends more energy into it.  Mother Earth will be literally "Radiant"with this.
We have nothing to lose but a lot to gain from this exercise.
Please pass this request along to your peers, news groups, friends and relatives.
Love and Intentional healing to our Beloved Planet.
Jacques Arongaus.