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/The Ove of the Universe is by our Side

Dieter Braun (Indian in the Machine)

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The Love of the Universe is by our side - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

We can stop the new world order, because we have the Love of the Universe by our side. 

Let's all look beside ourselves and see the assistance all around us.

Do you get the feeling that many changes are almost upon us....let's shine Love and see if we can push things on this planet over the edge.

If you climb the mountain in front of you, I can assure you that the view at the top will be beyond your wildest and most cherished dreams.

Laugh, giggle, rest, mediate, eat.......Creator is surrounding each of us at all times as we become aware of His abundant blessings.

Soon we'll all have cars and households that run on water, does joy fill your heart knowing this?

Soon we'll be on spaceships that run on water, travelling to Mars and beyond, can you envison travelling further in the most comfortable path to God?

Soon your greatest task on this planet is to achieve bliss, and to know you never need to give up your bliss for anything outside you and Creator's special relationship.

One of the greatest acts of love at this time, is to refrain from playing "victim" and "perpetrator" or any supporting roles, with friends, family and society, instead let's simply exist today in the now in full harmony.

We can all see that our dear mother earth is cleansing herself, let's assist her by being loving at all times as we say bye-bye to fossil fuels forever!

Be wise, your adversaries in hollywood, many governments and corporations......are highly skilled in the art of deceit.

Note this observation:  Many people are losing their memories (those who remain toxic and are carrying fear), and many people are gaining their memories (those who are cleansing and shedding illusions).....what side are you chosing right now?

Light wins everytime, I know this because when you open a door into a dark room, the Light comes flooding in everytime.



Indian in the machine

Dieter will be playing on the main stage as an opening act at the Ness Creek Music Festival July 17-20 with Pakarinka Sisari (two healers and musicians from Ecuador) who came to Canada this winter to discuss the 500-year old prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.  Dieter will be co-hosting the North American Pilgrimage to Little Manitou Lake Aug 15-17.  Dieter distributes ionic foot baths internationally and has had customers from all over the world.  Dieter's images and writings of the sky spirits and the cloudships can be found at