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This writing is not about deconstructing the lair of the Swamp Creature.  I and others have said quite enough on that subject at certain informational levels.  To go into greater detail of it would require more dense ‘law’ citations etc. than most of us can tolerate.  It makes your eyes blur and your head ache to even read it, yet alone retain it in a manner sot that each element of import can be strung.  The more pieces that are strung, the more pieces are realized to be missing, to more digging is necessary.  The discoveries, understandings, and conclusions of which I write are not my own, but belong to every man or woman who has ever been deeply vexed within their own body-mind-spirit with A QUESTION.  They, as well as all of the rest of us, including all who are named above, AND those others not known or named, are the archeologists and the anthropologists of TRUTH.  We are TRUTH DIGGERS, like gold miners panning daily for gold, plying the alluvium of the water sheds looking for particles of the ‘bright shinny’. We have done this together, each in his/her own way, because that is part of our purpose in being here at this point in Earth Shan’s life cycle.  We are here for ourselves, and by our ‘Self’, All BEINGS are included.  Our purpose, therefore, is to enjoy and be One with ALL BEINGS, and to breathe fully the BEINGNESS or ISNESS-SUCHNESS of LIFE.

The Earth has a great and past history, and it shall be redeemed in the LIGHT LIFE OF TRUTH, and it shall have a great and wonderful future.  Each one of us has desired this down to our toes, and we have held the seed for this in the deepest recesses of our Hearts.  In TRUTH, we are not digging for gold or awaiting on ‘specie’ gold-backed ‘money’.  We are awaiting the Blessing of Heaven that arrives ‘like a thief in the night’, and transforms darkness into Light.  That is the literally meaning of the word, “Guru”.  “One who transforms darkness into light”.   TRUTH DIGGERS are not primarily concerned about money, possessions, power, control of others’ free will expression and life choices.  We are “People of the Non-Lie”, who chose now, to stand forth, to know who they are and to be a singular and collective reservoir for AFFIRMATION and BLESSING of THAT WHICH ALREADY IS, and THAT WHICH IS ALL THERE IS…..ONLY GOD.

TRUTH is the alchemical  “lost mystical stone”, the metaphoric gold, the long sought ‘treasure’, the mystical journey, and the realization which one cannot hold or possess, but which one can “know” and express.  It is not in words or deeds, although those art forms may truly convey or express IT.    And, there is no path of progressive acquisition or “initiation” to “return” to IT.  IT has never been lost.  We have only chosen to deny IT, and then acted to forget THAT which has been denied.  TRUTH  does not and cannot exist in “bad faith”, ill-will toward LIFE, and duplicitous ego-centric self-obsession.  Those souls which have hollow cores, and which have chosen to be ‘hollowed out’, are the ones which are the agents of the Dark, which seeks to find ‘full-fillment’ through others, and through the life process ‘without themselves’.  It is a literal impossibility.  Even the elaborate and dark use of directed microwaves and scalar waves for mind-mood control and creating a ‘virtual reality’ MATRIX for all of us to exist in, has not and is not working.  CHRISTOPHER STORY has very well pointed that out in his last few reports. 

The MATRIX world is coming ‘unglued’.   The ‘holo-deck’ program of unseen fascist intent, to have dominion over, to dominate, to have absolute control, is failing.  Those who have constructed it, as well as their construction, are being deconstructed.  Those who are in alignment with them, at any level of the life process, are having to rethink their choices, their commitments, their sense of purpose, and go to the hidden root of their choice or predisposition to align with a form of POWER that is Anti-Life.  They are not in touch with their QUESTION, and have chosen to create a false construct in an effort to duplicate or replicate Nature and Life, and the Power of Mystery.    They operate in a clandestine, covert, secretive, and hidden manner, always intent to create a greater ‘edge’ of advantage, so as to disempower and dis-en-franchise all who are ‘en’ Life, from Life.   They have created an ‘enfranchised’ System, but it is a fiction “fabric” which has been ‘fabricated’.  It is a ‘construct’ which has been ‘constructed’.  And, it is FALSE.

“It is the world that has been ‘pulled over your eyes”, said Morpheas.   The MATRIX world, of FEAR and CONTROL.  The QUESTION is the point of true realization, not the ANSWER.  The QUESTION is the ANSWER.  ‘WHAT IS THE MATRIX’?  CONTROL……”The world that has been pulled over your eyes”.  ‘The dreamworld’, that you think or believe is real and is not.

The holo-deck program of the dark MATRIX fiction world, which we have dreamt we are in, is undone.  We  are not truly asleep in any longer.  “The sleeper has awakened”, just like in the movie ‘Dune’.  We can know receive the TRUTH Blessing and Grace of “Heaven”, and ‘go forth as before’.  That is what the word phrase “to forgive” means….”to go forth as before”.  But, before what?   I would say, “before I chose to turn away from the TRUTH of my Nature and Character, and my Beingness, and my Existence”.  I have always needed ‘forgiveness’, and never knew it, until I was pointed to IT, to My Self, by others of My Self, who themselves had come back to TRUTH.  IT is the only thing that heals the dark of a lost and broken heart, and it is the only thing that can ‘in-fill’ or ‘full-fill’ the broken ‘vessel’ [vesica pisces], of the Heart.  No projection of power and dominating others or ‘life’ ‘outside ourselves’ will ever suffice, nor ever ‘satisfy’.  That is the cause for the relentlessness of the Dark Hearts.  They are lost in their own Dark underworld realms, looking for something that they have already chosen to deny.

We ‘DIGGERS’ have more work to do, but also need respite to heal and regain lost brain cells.  LOL   I found Casper’s Update of Jan 29 most empowering and a bit overwhelming with reference to me.  I very much honor and appreciate Casper’s comments, but will redirect the focus off me to all of those who have come before and who yet remain who are and have been my task masters.  They, who set me to digging, to find answers to the deep questions, once I ‘knew’ there was something very wrong in Paradise.  They said, leave no stone unturned, dig deep and keep digging, pay attention, look at this, this, and this.  Here’s my research, here’s someone else’s.  They died years ago, or they’re in jail now, like so many.  They have lost their families and property, and they continued, because they must.  We TRUTH DIGGERS, are like a dog on scent.  Until we are satisfied and all is uncovered, we stay with it.  You all have stayed with it, We are in this together, and I wish to convey my love and appreciation for all who have stayed with it, despite your injury, loss of HOPE, loss of WILL, loss of DESIRE, and loss of your deepest DREAMS.  You are not alone, and the time is come for RENEWAL, AT-ONE-MENT, and REDEMPTION.

Casper has written on January 29:

We believe the rebirth of sovereign Treasury and the Constitution is at hand along with a new Global Banking System with new and airtight banking rules and regulations.

We believe the Constitutional announcements will come first preceding even the banking announcements.  

We believe in the demise of the FED RES and the unconstitutional income tax. We believe in the debt forgiveness scenario and metals backed banking and currency here, there and everywhere.

We believe in International Passports, Drivers Licenses and Diplomatic Immunity.

We believe in the exposure of the blackhats. We hope this is not our (my) naiveté speaking but recognize that possibility.”

Branden has written yesterday as well.  In the movie Braveheart, Robert the Bruce says to his father who is in the tower with leaprosy,  “I want to believe…..”.  Believing in something that is so deep and so seemingly intangible, or ‘unreal’ is most difficult to sustain.  When trashed and dashed time and again, it becomes even more unsustainable, and the tendency is to finally give up.  This is exactly what the Dark Hearts have relied on.  If they can trash and dash, block, derail, and impede long enough, they will win by our own action.  We give up, put down our digging tools, abandon our hope, wishes, and dreams, and walk off the battle field.  They win by default and ‘attrition’.  Too few in number will always result in a win for the other side.  This is what happened to me some years ago.  What began my writing and posting on Fourwinds was a reply from Patrick to my inquiry:  “Make Me Believe”.  It turned me around.  Regardless of whether NESARA happens or not, I found the real gold, and it was not the intrinsic ‘shinny’ stuff of the Earth.    I found it within the place of my Heart where hopes, wishes, and dreams abide.  Please do not ever abandon that place, ever.   When one forgoes one’s hopes, wishes, and dreams, one becomes like a phantom ghost.  The thing that has kept me going, truly, is the need to understand and see the ‘glue’ that keeps this dark program running and having such POWER OVER all of the world.

I offer each and every one of the above ‘beliefs’ up to Heaven, and say in the release of my breathe, “Make it so, this day, and for all time, that we be healed in our heart-minds and be “forgiven”, that we may go forth in the world as before, and that we may be of service to the ONE that lives and breathes all beings, above and below.”    Earth Shan requires these things in order to thrive and to have a future, with harmony and balance restored.  She has undergone far more than any of us can imagine, I included.  May the Earth be restored, healed by our restoration and atonement, and be brought into the Higher Light of the New Dimension. 

Keep digging, and discard all that is not TRUTH.  Hold close and embrace that which you know TRUTH to be.   I have a feeling, from the Earth and from the Spirit that dwells within, that we are very close to shift; something is about to happen.  Be patient, be at Peace, listen, and see what unfolds.

I thank Casper for stating those beliefs above.  They are core to every good thing that is needed for the future.