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S. Eagle

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My Dear Spirit Eagle, as you know it is Ker-ton-tec here!  We have been apart for a while and we will be together again, at Ascention!   In the meantime we will Still work together as we have been these many years!  The "girls" would not let you sleep!  Totally out of character for them!  Yes, they did their job  this night!  
This day is the beginning of, not only a new season, but also the beginning of a New Direction on your Planet!    We have been working with your "White Knights" (and Yes!,  they are there and Doing Their Jobs!)  This is Not a Time for cringing!    We have been monitoring  all of you and all that is transpiring on the Earth Mother.  This is not a comfortable time for you all, emotionally, and physically it is challenging for many.  These are the Times you have all been waiting for.   Be patient with yourselves and with others, remember that you are all moving forward toward your New Destiny, if you so Choose!  It Is, after all, a Choice.  You can hold onto the Past with its' comfort zone or you can choose the New with its' uncertainties.   This is a time for Humanity and Light Workers in particular, to "Walk your Talk"!   This is Not a time for cringing in the shadows waiting for "someone else to do Your Work!   We are here, helping, and we are not doing Your Work For You!   You are more powerful than you know!  Take your Power back from those whom  you have Allowed to dominate you!   Let your Heart And Mind lead you.   You have been deceived for Millennia!   The Darkness that has descended upon the Earth has been here for many Millennia; you are Seeing it now as if waking from a Dream  (or a Nightmare). 
Your Societies have been en-trained  to live in fear, to hate that which is different.  There is a storm of electronics that is used to control your societies and your very thoughts!  Pull the plug or batteries on some of these and you will be able to begin to see how very controlled you are!   You are dealing with great evil; See it for what it  is!    Free yourselves from the Control  that  has led to Debauchery of the worst kind, the Torture and Slaughter of the Innocents!!!  YOU  are supposed to be the Protectors of the Innocents!  These are the Children of the Future, of Humankind!  When will you acknowledge This?  We, of the Galactic Federation of Light are doing our jobs and we expect you to do Yours.  Call on us!  We will walk with you!  As always: YOU HAVE TO ASK!    We will answer your request Immediately!
Have an Aware Day!   We will speak again!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   March 22, 2017   5:13 am