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Relay Relay Relay 1/2/17/ Gla-Saad

Spirit Eagle

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I am Gla-Saad.  I am from the 21st Galaxy in relation to your Star System.  We have been here for many years now: observing, communicating, and generally intervening in a quiet way when situations on your planet were heading in a direction that could have prevented the Awakening of the People of the Earth or the complete annihilation of all Life on the Earth.  We are at Service to The Oneness!  To ALL of Life!  Some of you may "bump" into us walking your planet!  There has been much manipulation of the populations of countries of the Earth especially by what you term "electronics".    There are those without Conscience  who  will do Anything to further their Agendas.   There are brave souls who are protected by Us, who are releasing information regarding "Space Colonies" who are virtual slaves to the Dark Ones who have had free rein over the Earth Mother. 
This is being revealed now and as the population of the world wakes itself up to the fact that you have been manipulated as well  as "kept in the dark"  by Mega Corporate/Political Power Players, the ground will tremble.   It must do so in order to heal the Earth and Yourselves and your children.  A new and better way is available to you, but you must put down your old "pack mentality".  Yes, you are a part of the whole, but you are Each Individual Souls who are Sovereign children of the Earth and of LIFE!   Do not follow the crowd; it can lead you over a cliff!  Use your Intellect as well as your heart!   The Time is Now!  You are responsible for your thoughts, your decisions, your Life!   Unplug from constant monitoring of those devices that keep you tied to other's   ideas  as these can be used for the control of your mind through the projection of Thought!   We ask you to Think for yourselves!   Make decisions based on Heart-centeredness as well as on Logic!  Do not run off the cliff with the herd!  You are each Sovereign Souls who contribute to the well being of the Earth.  (or its' pain!
We remind you to be Calm, Be Happy that the Light is finally gaining Ascendancy on the Earth!   Use your Logical Mind and Your Feelings in order to make balanced decisions.  This is an imperative at this time!
Be Clean, be Pure in Heart, Mind, and Body!  Self-indulgence is not needed now!   Bring Love into your Hearts for ALL; even those who are doing INHUMAN things to children all over this world.  Do Not Turn Away from the Truth!  YOU MUST FACE ALL IN ORDER FOR THE EARTH TO ASCEND, FOR YOU TO HEAL ALONG WITH HER!  We expect Great hings from Awakening Humanity!   Good Evening!   Gla-Saad
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  1/3/17   6:39 pm
  PS Please let me know if you received this.  Had trouble with Interference last time.  Thanks. Spirit Eagle