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Lanto, the Sage

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Sept. 3, 2016


10/19/96 LANTO, THE SAGE  -- Lessons shall be a continuous part of your life experience


Editor’s note: The following writing is by the Ascended Master known as Lanto, the Sage, of the

Second Ray or Aspect of Creator’s spectrum, among the seven great “Rainbow Masters” communicatingat this time to help us get through Earth-Shan’s planetary transition and rebalancing.


In Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, Lanto says: “I have chosen the softness of the yellow refraction as my most comfortable vibration and am most easily identified from my ‘past’(as you perceive it to be) experiences. My existence in mortal form brought me to your places tha tyou now geographically identify as the Orient. I was given the great gifts of Insight and Wisdom from our Creator Source to experience upon this planet in the form of many most humble wise ones. My most revered service was to the one who came first as the Christos, The Buddha (brother and one with the Master Esu Jesus).”


For more background on this important group of teachers, plus earlier writings by them, refer to

the Back Page for Journal ordering information.


Greetings, my friend, it is I, Lanto, the Sage. I come in the Radiant Oneness of Creator’s Magnificent Light.


Lessons shall be a continuous part of your life experience. The only TRUE purpose for expressing in the third-dimensional experience is that of SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

You one who write these messages have a tremendous responsibility, thus the impact of the day-today experience is great. The question is: Will you sit and write so that your brother might wake up, or will you get distracted by the daily impact of living? This is perhaps the hardest thing to face for you ones who write these messages.


Let me tell on my scribe. My scribe is relatively young to the physical experience and wishes  to have a family someday. The thought of the work ahead allows for nearly no opportunity to pursue this sort of thing. The question as to what is more important will, from time to time, come around to distract ones, like this receiver, from their Higher Purpose.  This is always a problem for Ground Crew in general—especially on a third-dimensional planet, like the one upon which you are now experiencing, where the general moral and ethicalnstandards have degenerated to a pitiful level.  


There is, in effect, a substantial “illumination” difference between the energy fields of you of Ground Crew and those who are of this planetary mindset. This difference causes ones to be attracted to you because of your greater Light, much like a moth to a flame. But, just as a moth will get burnt if it gets too close to an open flame, so, too, will YOU burn another (or getburnt by another) if you are not properly suited to one another.


Relationships can be time consuming, energy draining, and distracting—to say the least. My scribe questions me as to why we are addressing such a SEEMINGLY personal topic. But KNOW that this is a matter of great general concern.


There are more and more Ground Crew members waking-up at this time. There are more

and more physically young ones who are going through their own personal experiences with relationships and families. There are ones who are feeling lonely and rejected because they cannot seem to find the “right person”, or they are trying desperately to make an existing relationship work—when the other doesn’t even want to see or hear the Higher messages of spiritual Truth such as are brought forth in the CONTACT newspaper.


You CANNOT force another to see Truth if they are not ready for Truth—especially, of all

things, not spiritual Truth! You can offer another a helping hand, but you cannot force

another to take it. YOU must be responsible for all YOUR actions and choices. If YOU

choose to ignore your “call to service”, then YOU must live with that choice.


If you have a spouse who is antagonistic towards your beliefs, then I must ask you: Why did you choose to commit yourself to such a challenge?


Some will become desperate in their attempts to hold a relationship together. They may even bring children into the picture in order to try to “solidify” the family unit. This is yet another responsibility, and if there is not balance PRIOR to the child’s conception, then you can rest assured there will NOT be balance afterwards!


You must seek to understand EXACTLY who you are and why you are here, if you are to find stability. You must find your own inner peace and be happy and content with who you are—for if you are not happy with self, or you do not know what it is that makes you feel so restless, then how can you expect another to “magically” fulfill this for you?


Please know that it is quite natural to want to express within the family unit and have a

balanced emotional exchange with another. But please keep in mind that you, if you are

Ground Crew, have volunteered to go down there and fulfill a certain mission or role—not

get wrapped up in the “typical” experience of the expression.


Many of the ones awakening now are having difficulties with family and friends not accepting them for who they are because these awakening Ground Crew are perceived to have, somehow, “wandered off into some spiritual kick”. If another cannot accept you for who you are, then that is THEIR problem, not yours. If YOU choose to react to another’s problem, then that is YOUR choice and YOUR problem.


I, Lanto, would suggest that, if another will only accept you IF..., then that person is, in fact, judging (placing conditions upon) you based upon their own prejudices and beliefs. You would do well to consider the LONG TERM implications of remaining in a relationship with such a person, whether it be friend, spouse, or other family members. By making this cautionary observation, I am NOT giving anyone permission or telling anyone to divorce or anything else! YOU must make your own choices and deal with the resulting situations that YOU have created.


Many Ground Crew members get caught up in the day-to-day struggle to “just fit in” or “just be ‘normal’ “. Did you ever stop to think that you might not be “normal” and that you may NEVER really fit-in to the prevailing “normal” society?


Most of you who are disposed to read these messages are NOT of this world! You have come here to assist your younger (less awake) brothers. You did NOT come here to be LIKE your younger brothers! However, it IS quite normal to sense that you don’t “fit in” or that you don’t belong.


Realize that, while you are down there, in the physical, you will have ALL the impacting

factors of the ego to deal with. Fear is the largest single factor: Fear of embarrassment. Fear of being different. Fear of being wrong. Fear for personal safety or the safety of others. Fear of being alone. We could go on and on.


The point is to show you that these are EGO-generated fears. If you have certainty in Creator God, then you truly have nothing to fear. NOTHING! Stop letting these ego-generated fears control you!


If another is trying to control you with fear, such as by giving ultimatums like, “Do this or

that or else...”, then I would suggest you look at the actions of such ones and call it to their

attention. If they cannot see what it is that they are doing, then YOU need to recognize with

whom, exactly, you are dealing, for the adversary’s influence is often subtle. Even the best of Ground Crew are not immune to the pressures of the adversary.


I will also caution you who are reading this that you monitor yourselves closely and make

sure that you are not trying to use subtle fear tactics to control another. God is not of force;

He does NOT use fear to control anyone.


Religions may very well use fear to control their flocks. Governments most certainly do use

fear to control the masses. Parents may use fear to control their children. Creator God does



It is your responsibility to pull yourself out of your own fears. This does not mean that you

must do it ALONE. When the time is right, and you are ready, the teacher, guide or wayshower  will appear. But you must be ready and accepting of the help when and where it is presented to you.


Remember the prior lessons about how “like attracts like”. If you are easily controlled by

your fears, then you will attract to you someone who is also insecure with their own self.

Thus, you will have two insecure people attempting to find security (from their fears) in one another, instead of finding it within self. And this only creates a larger problem, not balance.


Seek first to know and balance self. Rid yourself of your own fears PRIOR to entering into

your next relationship. Then, if such is to be, you will find that you will attract “the person of your dreams” for, in a balanced state, you will naturally see through and repel those who are still trying to play their little control games. To do otherwise, you run the risk of being completely miserable and unfulfilled because you will have distracted yourself from your more important, Higher Purpose.


The adversary will exploit ALL of your weaknesses in an attempt to keep you from realizing your TRUE potential. Using the ego to distract you, such as with fear, is the oldest trick in the book. Why? Because it WORKS!


So, my message to this scribe, and to those of you out there (who are feeling lonely or rejected or have gone through relationship after relationship only to find yourself wanting or needing “more”) is to FIRST seek to balance self, heal from your past battle wounds, find your happiness within, and have faith that your Guides and God DO understand and KNOW what it is that you need. However, keep in mind that what you actually need, and what you may think you need, are almost always different.


Go within and ask for that which is for the highest good—and expect an answer. But now a

caution: You may not always like the answer that you hear!


Please keep in mind that there are infinite journeys of the soul and that you have existed prior to this experience and that you have done all of this MANY, MANY times before. You HAVE had your families. You will again, if you so desire, have families. Some of you never stop to realize that you are a part of a much larger family out here among the stars. It is just that you are currently assigned to the “starship” Earth-Shan. You are, in effect, “out to sea” and away from “home”, on a mission.


So, next time you are feeling lonely or depressed, perhaps a nice trip out away from the city

lights to look at the stars would be helpful. Even if you tend to perceive yourself as being

alone, you are, in fact, NEVER alone. We of the Higher Realms are ALWAYS there, ready to assist, if you but ask.


These sorts of adversarial attacks are the challenges you must face and overcome. Be persistent in your endeavors to find balance for the adversary will not like that he is losing his grip on you. Keep in mind, also, that even when he cannot control you directly, he can attempt to influence and control those around you. Learn to recognize his subtle trickery and gamesmanship. He is a master of manipulation.


I am Lanto, the Sage. I am your Elder Brother, come at this time as one of the many Hosts of God, so that you might find your way.