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your ishktas!! You must search and if you search most sincerely you will find the Great White Spirit within! He is within all! All are within Him.

You must find balance within yourselves so balance can then be brought without. Without into your lives of this illusion. Without onto Mother Earth and all her creatures and all of creation. You must find your origins and come once again into the light and be strong as a people! All the great spirits are here! They have returned to help our people find their way again! Remember the eagle and the buffalo! Remember the elders and our ancestors! Their spirits are among you all! Mother Earth is crying out for us! Listen to the wee animals, the wind, the silence! Know that the Great White Spirit is among all things and that all is given unto us.

Truth is given to us so we might have wisdom, knowledge, love and joy! So that we may start to live instead of die! The sacred white buffalo calf is now born! We must rise up and be one again and be strong--be proud of your heritage! Not ashamed! You are a very blessed people! You must choose the way you are to go--may it be within--then to balance the without! To all my Brothers! I Am. This is all I have to say.”

Received by Star


(April 2, 2010)