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Lady Nada

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Editor's note:  The following writing is by the Ascended Master known as Lady Nada of the Sixth (Rose) Ray, among the seven great "Rainbow Masters" communicating at this time to help us through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.

See Journal #7 called THE RAINBOW MASTERS for more background on this important group of teachers, plus earlier writings by them.  In that Journal Lady Nada refers to herself thusly: "I come in the chosen Sixth Ray of refraction.  My aspect is most pleasured within the Third Ray, tHe pink loving warmth of the Third Ray of Divine Love."




Greetings, old friend, I am Lady Nada of the Ascended Spectrum of Guides and Teachers.  I come in the Radiance of the One Light.  Be at peace, my scribe, we shall do just fine.

Mankind on your planet is in great need of spiritual balance.  These messages are for any who will hear and listen.

(Much is happening to cause you to lose the signal.  The dark side does not want this message to go forth.  They wish to cast doubt within so that you might give up.  DO NOT ALLOW THEM THIS!)

There is a feminine aspect of Creator that the male forms often have trouble with.  Creator is neither male nor female.  The mother-father principle of creation allows for a self-propagating play that can continue to evolve and grow.

This ever-changing and evolving physical play is where you ones are now.  You have volunteered to go down there and participate for various reasons.  For some it is to balance out past indiscretions (karmic debts, if you must); for some it is to learn and grow from the opportunities and experiences available; while for others, it is to heal themselves.  You cannot know the reasons for each person's choice.

I, Lady Nada, represent the feminine aspect of Creator's expression.  I am most often associated with your body's Solar Plexus energy center.  This is the energy pathway for the emotional energy that you ones feel.

The females of your third-dimensional expression have a more sensitive and slightly more complex Solar Plexus region.  This is because they accommodate the gestation of new life.  When the baby is in the womb, it resides behind (actually right in the center of) the Solar Plexus energy center (in the abdominal area).

This nurturing emotional energy is necessary for the healthy growth of the child.  Without this energy the child could not and would not grow.  Note, please, that even the umbilical cord attaches in this area to the baby.  There are reasons for ALL the things you ones can witness in Nature.

In your society it is looked upon as a weakness for men to show emotion or emotional release.  This causes a great unbalance within, especially for the more advanced souls who return as the Guides and Wayshowers.

It is not natural to hold back the emotional pressures of pain, grief or sadness.  Do you ones suppress joy when you feel it?  How about anger?

NO!  Not usually.

Then why would you suppress the natural feelings and expressions of pain, grief or sadness?


This is yet another adversarial ploy to create an internal unbalanced condition.  Usually the suppression of ANY emotional expression whatsoever will cause a great internal pressure (stress) that continues to build up until it reaches a point of volatility, wherein one explodes with an emotional outburst.

Most often this "explosion" is of a violent physical nature.  This, in turn, compounds the problem and creates more guilt-induced emotional pain and frustration.

This problem is not limited to the male expressions on that planet, however they are the ones most often hardest hit.  You ones must begin to see that you have allowed this perception and belief that a man must be "strong" and never cry, for such is a sign of weakness.

NO!  This thinking is what causes the unbalance within.

Fathers, often, when they see their sons of, let's say 10 years or older, crying, will usually punish them for crying.  The father scolds: "I will give you something to cry about" or "What am I raising, a bunch of girls (sissies)?" thus expressing the mental attitude that instills this kind of emotional suppression.

Most often it is the very same father who feels guilty for having hurt his son's feelings and who doesn't know how to say, "I am sorry", and give the hug to the child who needs, in a nurturing manner, the emotional balancing energies.

This causes great emotional confusion, and eventually the child will learn to avoid the source of the confusion--and will shut down, inside, the emotional expression of his being.

Children are so very giving in their nature.  They are constantly trying to please their parents in a manner which allows them to re-give that which the parents have given to them.  Usually, because the father has himself shut down to a great extent, the children will gravitate to mother for she usually gives more freely the emotional nurturings that father doesn't usually emanate.

Thus father begins to feel rejected by his children, not understanding why--and thus not seeing--that he himself is to blame for causing the pulling away.

Mom then has to provide more and more of the "emotional food" and, in turn, becomes more and more drained.

Meanwhile, father receives less and less attention (energy) from the rest of the family, and begins to DEMAND attention--usually with complaining at first and, if that doesn't work, then usually with some sort of violence, such as yelling, screaming, and perhaps even physical violence.

Men claim to not understand women, and women can't seem to understand men.  With these sorts of psychological programs in place, reinforced with real emotional pain, is there any wonder why you ones cannot understand one another?

The women want the man to be more romantic or more affectionate, yet not realizing that he may not have a clue as to how to be that way, or he may have so much pain and confusion associated with this sort of emotional expression that it is too difficult to confront.

You ones confront these self-perpetuating hells and pass them from generation to generation.

When do they stop?

The Image-Makers (advertisers) have kept your heads full of images that will ensure that you will know and pursue what will make you "cool".

Rather, it is more like "cold & heartless".

You ones need to begin to realize that you are responsible for your emotions.  Just because you had a less-than-normal childhood does not mean that you cannot overcome the programming and be more balanced.

It is ok for a man to hug another man.  It is ok for anyone to cry when they are sad.  It is quite ok for ones to give heartfelt praise to another and say that they are proud of them.

Most often, especially in children, but in adults also, ones simply need the acknowledgement to let them know that somebody cares enough to even notice them.  Else ones will go around creating a way of making people notice them.

This is the reason you ones have the problems with the street gangs.  These are usually children who find the attention that they are starved for by going out and shooting someone or robbing someone.

The parents don't know why their children do these things.  The parents do not realize that the children need nourishing love and acknowledgement.  Most of these parents are wounded children themselves and cannot rise above their own deep-seated problems to break the vicious cycle that creates this internal emotional unbalance.

Ones who come from a more balanced, half-way "normal" family most often do not realize that they have it so good.  These ones have a hard time understanding why or how children can go out and shoot someone and not even care who they hurt.

These who can go out and murder are the walking dead.  They are so shut down that they are nearly incapable of understanding why it might be wrong to do some of the things they do.  The only joy they know is the praise they receive from the like-minded (mindless) ones to which they gravitate.

Being a parent is such a great responsibility that few ever truly realize the ACTUAL magnitude of the responsibility.  In the higher-evolved societies, only the more balanced ones take on this responsibility.  Thus you have an upward-spiraling culture of a more and more balanced nature--instead of the dwindling spiral of darkness that has overpopulated your planet with those of a soul-less nature, devoid of life.

You ones must be able to understand why and how it is that your society has come to the point at which you now find yourselves.  When you interact with another, please realize that you are, if the person is at all alive (has a soul), dealing with an EMOTIONAL being who has needs and problems, and is seeking to find purpose and meaning in their interactions.

They may not always be easy to get along with, but if you can show them a nurturing acknowledgement of being, then you very well may be surprised at that which comes back to you in return.

The natural giving of Creator is that of a nurturing (mother-like) nature.  You will do wonders for your fellow man if you can learn to reflect this nurturing aspect of Creator's giving.

I come now to impart this message to you who will listen and understand, so that we might begin to change the erroneous thinking and mental programs.

May you FEEL and UNDERSTAND the message given here.

I am Lady Nada, present in the Radiance of the One Light.  May God bless the children who come during these times, for their challenges are great!  And may God bless you ones who care deeply and try your best to give of much needed emotional nourishment in these most "starving" times for, while the demands can be sometimes overwhelming, the rewards are indeed great.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 30, 1996, Volume 13, Number 12, Pages 21-22.