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Patrick H. Bellringer

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By Patrick H. Bellringer

I write to you this day with great hope in my heart for our world and her people. As you know I often communicate with God Aton of Light. He also refers to Himself as Creator God or Creator or the “Big Boss”. He has great compassion and Love for all of His creations, and wishes to talk to everyone. Creator is very personal and talks to me as a friend. He feels what we feel, and weeps when we weep. He laughs when we laugh, and sometimes He is really funny. He wants to be a friend to everyone, if we will let Him.

Many people have the wrong concept of Creator God. They think this He is far away in the “Heavens” somewhere or that He is so high in authority and so busy that He is not interested in the “little people”. Many fear Creator God because they believe they can never achieve the goals set by His “Rules of Perfection” and He will, therefore, judge them for their failures. This is simply not true.

Each of us has a “built-in” communication system directly from our God Spirit within to Creator God. The line is always open. All we need do is to pick up our “telephone” and without any answering service, Creator is there. Creator waits for everyone to “call” Him. He is limitless and can talk to everyone on our planet at the same time. If you have a problem with the words “prayer” and “petition” because you do not know what they mean, or you do not know how to pray, forget these words. Just talk to Creator God through your thoughts or out loud, as you would to a friend. Hear His response through your thoughts, your feelings or even audibly through your hearing. Creator God talks to us in many ways.

Creator God said to me last night, “Bellringer, tell the people to hold on tight and to continue with their prayer power. I am listening. I have not abandoned you.

We are to continue with our prayer power, for Creator is listening. You may think that your petitions and prayers are not heard. All sincere prayers and petitions are known by the Angels of Light. That positive energy is carried immediately to Heaven’s Gate and is heard and accepted by Creator. All prayers and petitions are put into Creator God’s filing system, which is kept in very good order, and recorded for all time. For those who think that their prayers are not meaningful and do not count, Creator says to stop and think of what I have written here, and to keep praying.

Any sincere prayer makes a difference. Creator God values every prayer ever uttered back to the beginning of time. All have been recorded and stored in the Great Hall of Prayers for all time. One day soon we shall be able to visit the Great Hall of Prayers, if we so choose.

There are many old stories about Creator God which have warped our thinking about who He is, what He does and how we relate to Him. For some people even His name has been a problem, so that He becomes God/Goddess to denote both male and female energies. As Creator of All that Is, Creator God inherently carries both female and male energies. It is silly to think otherwise. In the English language it is understood that at times words such as “man” (in mankind) and “he”, referring to Creator God, carry both the male and female energies.

Creator God has told me that we are to let go of the past and hear what He has to say to us now. He is here now. He is experiencing now in modern times. All has become new. Leave the old for what it is and focus on the now!  We need to build on the new revelations and not the old misunderstandings.  Creator says that He did not issue the word “channeler”, but that He helped to create the telephone! We can talk by telephone to a friend, to another human spirit to gain advice and wisdom. We have no need of a channeler, when we can talk to Creator God all by ourself. Creator God is for everyone. Like the times before dial and push-button telephones, we can turn the crank and say, “Hello, Central! Give me Heaven!”

We are in the changing of the times. All is not as it seems in our world, and especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and in Palestine.  Resignations indicate that the evil Zionist governments of Britain, Israel, and the United States are crumbling. Our world is teetering on the brink of financial collapse, propped up only by fatal credit buying and deficit spending. In the face of such doom and gloom and imminent world chaos, please know that Creator God has not abandoned us. He never abandons any thing or anyone. There are so many beautiful things that Creator God wants for everyone. We must be accepting of Creator God and communicate with Him as our best friend. By accepting Creator God we accept what He wants: peace and happiness, freedom and abundance for everyone.

Indeed, even the tiny prayer such as, “Sananda, help!” is registered with the same prayer power as is the largest prayer in the Great Hall of Prayers. That positive energy is added to the Pool of Cosmic Energy to make a difference for all Creation. Even the thoughts of good intent to offer help to someone, when we physically are unable to do so, carry great power for the Angels to act in our behalf.

So my friends, “hold on tight!” Talk to Creator and gain the strength to do so. The times are changing for good, and “things shall soon settle down into a fifth dimension Paradise on our planet!”

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Patrick  was a counselor.  There was a gentlemand that visited quite often. who had family and financial problems.  Patrick counseled him and gave him money on several occassions.  This person was also interested in current events happening, and had many questions.  Patrick was a master at explaining current events to him.  This gentleman was very grateful to Patrick for his kindness , generosity and knowledge.   

1,   About a year ago, later in the evening, we heard a knock at the door.  Patrick went the door.  There was a teenager standing in the winter cold with no coat on, and scared to death.  She needed to use our phone.  We invited her in, heard sobs as she talked on the phone.  She was kicked out of  her home by her father.  She needed to get to her grandmother's place. Patrick calmed her down, gave her some food to eat talked with her about what was the matter, and then Patrick drove her to her grandmother's house.  She was so grateful to sesuch kind people, for she had never seen anyone like Patrick.

2 .  Sept. 25, 2020

Patrick cared about the land on which we lived.  We rented a house near the Ellsworth Air Force Base, Rapid City.  The 40 acres we lived on was filled with all kinds of litter--plastic sacks tin cans boards, etc.  Patrick drove the old van along the fence line and filled the van with the trash.  He said we had to carry empty plastic bags with us when we walked the land in order to pick up all the trash as we walked.  He was disturbed that the person, who cut the grass and hay for the cattle on that forty acres, loved pop.  He would throw the empty pop cans out on the field.  When he cut the hay, he baled up the tin cans, as well. The owner said his cattle had hardware poisoning, and wondered how they got that way.  Well, Patrick told him the problem about the pop cans.  I think the hired man continued his trash making as long as we lived there.  You can tell what a person's home looks like if that person throws used pop cans all over the land or their car is filled with trash.  Patrick was a worker, never stopped fixing up old machinery or tools or cleaning up the places that we lived, building sheds, other buildings, digging trenches for water drainage, or cleaning up root cellers for vegetable storing.  The list goes on and on...... 


3,  There were several times I remember Patrick standing in line to pay for groceries and the person  (usually an eldery woman or man) ahead couldn't pay for all the groceries.  Patrick helped out.  I know one time at the ulitlity office this old man could not pay his bill or his lights were to be turned off.  Patrick paid the bill.

4.  Patrick was honored as Farmer of the Year for Scott County, MN., He was  honored as Mr. Christian Endeavor for Wisconsin while he was in high school.  He graducated as one of the top students in a class of 72, Ellsworth, Wis.

5.  He gave of his time and effort as the main speaker at patriot meetings held in Minnesota and across the nation concerning our corrupt government.   At his cost he prepared an extensvie pamphlet of information and gave them to people for their eductation about our government.

6.  He was honored by being nominated in Who's Who's in U.S. and given an award for being nominated.  Patrick earned 5 Degrees: B.S Forest Management,  B.S.. B.S. Science Education,  Master's Degree Religious Education, and Master's Degree in Divinity. 

7.  He worked in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska, and as Forest Ranger in Custer County, Black Hills.  He was the one who saved the lives of 30 men while fighting fire in the Rocky Mountains.  The fire crew thought he and his crew were dead, as the fire crew lost contact with them, as the fire had boxed them in a canyon.  I will tell you of this experience in my recent blog.

8.    He taught Science Education in Edina. Minn, one of the top schools in Minnesto for 18 years, He often said he was never really educated until he found and read the Phoenix Journals.

9.  Since 1996 to 2020 he was President of the StarLight Foundation and President and Editor of

10.  His Mission in Life was to be an educator to present the TRUTH to people.  He wrote hundreds of articles that are posted on 

As we pass this lifestream, we judge ourselves against the Laws of God and Creation.  He said that he has passed his test.    BRAVO! 



11.  I wanted to add to Patrick's Random Acts of Kindess.  He was a Master Gardner and turning lathe artist.  Much of the garden produce raised was given to people in need i.e. Men's Mission and Women's Mission, neighbors ad friends.  His turning lathe creations were one of a kind.  None done the same.  He never sold any of these beautiful creations but gave many, many away to friends and acquaintances.  They were made from his wood pile of pine, oak, locust, mahogany, cedar, green ash, pitch pine ad others. I am posting a couple of photos for your view: