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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer

I write this to answer some basic questions that many people are asking today. A spiritual awakening is stirring in the hearts of many souled beings on our planet at this ending time for our present civilization. Thus, the questions: 1) Who is God?, 2) How do I talk to God?, 3) How do I find answers to my questions?, and 4) What is my purpose in life?

First, we are all extraterrestrials, that is, if we are souled beings! God created us in His spiritual image, which means He gave us a soul or God-Spirit. This God-Spirit is our God connection within our mind, for it is a part of God's Spirit. Our God-Spirit is that part of us which lives forever and which records all memory of all our past lifestreams.  Our God Spirit is who we are!  We put on a suit of clothes, our physical body, when we come into this life stream, and we take it off when we leave. Yes, we have had many past lifestreams and have come to our planet, Earth Shan, one last time to continue our third dimensional(3-D) schoolroom lessons of soul perfection. We have been on Earth Shan many times before this present lifestream and have returned by our free-will contract to continue with our soul growth lessons. We are, indeed, extraterrestrials! We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth Shan.

I have already answered in general terms question four above. Our purpose in this life here and now is to learn our lessons for soul growth, to complete any mission we may have contracted with Creator God, and to help others when we can.

There are three basic types of physical human entities on Earth Shan today: 1) the souled-being who has control of his freewill, 2) the robotoid, a souled being who has given his free-will over to Satan and the Dark Brotherhood, and 3) the clone, a replica of a physical human but with no soul or God-connection. The off-spring of two clones is known as an android, also with no soul. More than two-thirds of the "human beings" on Earth Shan today are clones! Oh yes, cloning has been going on for thousands of years on our planet! Most of the remaining one-third, who are souled-beings, have given their free-will over to the darkside and are totally controlled by Satan. They are a part of the "army" Satan is massing to conquer Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus Christ) and His Lighted Followers. Remember that Satan is known as the "God of this world".

I have just painted a very dark picture of Earth Shan. To remove the darkness, we must now bring in the Light. Let us move to our question one above, Who is God?

God  the Creator is known in all languages of our planet as Aton, the God of Light. God Aton is the Creator of the three basic human races of red, brown, and white. Today we have a variation of seven skin colors on Earth Shan coming from these three basic types. God Aton was challenged at one point by the free-willed archangel known as Lucifer. Lucifer and his followers left the Lighted Realms for breaking the Laws of God and Creation. Lucifer's earthly name became Satan. They chose Earth Shan as their jail planet. Is it any wonder that we have such a dark planet today?

God Jehovah Satan is known as the "great deceiver". He has used every means possible to trick the souled beings and to pull them into his dark brotherhood camp. The biblical term, Jehovah, meaning God, was used to trick people. Jehovah is another name for God Satan and not for the God of Light. The name Yahweh has also been associated with the God of the Bible. Yahweh is rather one of Satan's biggest jokes, tricks, or lies ever perpetrated upon the human race. It is a standard joke in the Zionist Jewish quarters, for "Yahweh" is nothing more than the sound of a donkey's bray! Find a donkey and listen to its bray and you will understand.

We have been deceived by God Jehovah/God Satan to believe that "God" is out there somewhere, maybe in heaven as a gray-haired old man sitting on a throne as a king or ruler of the universe. For some people God is a wrathful, angry "God" while for others he is nothing more than an oblong blur or a big happy marshmallow.

We have forgotten who "God" really is. Each time we return in a new lifestream our memory is erased so we can continue our soul lessons without the interference of past memory. Each time we must again go within and through our God Spirit "know" God Aton and communicate with Him. We are extraterrestrials (E.T.'s)! We have only lost our memory, and the evil controllers want to keep us that way. God is not "out there" somewhere. God's Spirit is within us and within all of His creation---always! We need only through our mind, our thoughts, communicate with Him. If by free-will we so desire, God Aton's thoughts become our thoughts and our thoughts become God Aton's thoughts. God Aton lives within us!

When we turn within, we plug in our connection to the Light Source, the God of Light. In so doing we turn on the "power". Remember, that God Aton is the Creator and when we turn on the "power", we also have the ability to create! We have the ability to create our pathway out of this 3-D schoolroom and back to the stars! The evil controllers of the masses do not want us to communicate with our own God Spirit within, plug into our outlet and learn and remember our power. That is why decoys are constantly thrown into our pathway.

Please understand that Earth Shan is our schoolroom and everyone has different lessons to learn. Should we fail to learn our lessons this lifestream, we will be back again and again until we learn them. We will repeat second grade until we pass our tests to move to third grade. When we finally graduate from 3-D school, we then move to fifth dimension (5-D) of the Lighted Realms to continue our growth to soul perfection back to Creator Source, the One Light.

Now, to the questions of how to talk to God and how to find answers to life's questions. Talking to God Aton is as easy as thinking. There are times that you have a "sixth sense" or a "gut feeling" about something and it is usually different than what your brain is telling you. That response is your intuition. We live in a 3-D world of illusion of the five senses. Your intuition goes beyond the five senses to your God Connection (sixth sense). Learning to follow your heart, your mind (not your brain), your intuition is a big step in soul growth.

People communicate with their God Spirit within in different ways, but always require the shutting out of the interference of the five senses. This means quiet and solitude. With practice one may be able to "go within" even while involved in a noisy busy world---let us say "daydreaming" or being "absent minded". Inner thoughts can be written down or not. Writing your question and then writing your thoughts (God's thoughts) provides a record for later use. You will be amazed at what you wrote, because recall is often inefficient.

Some people develop their intuition to a high degree and are able through their intuition to "see" their life's pathway most clearly. Others hear voices in their mind and are able to communicate with their God Spirit that way. Some people are inspired to write inspirational and/or prophetic writings, to compose beautiful music, or to paint beautiful works of art as a means of communication with their God Spirit.

Always, the place to begin to communicate with God Aton is within self in meditation. Get quiet. Get your world quiet, that is, shut out all interference. Get serious in your search for Truth. Ask Sananda to surround you completely and permanently with his golden Light of protection, to remove all dark energies from your presence, to dissolve them forever and to fill any space with Love and Light. Ask God Aton to surround you with His Radiant White Light of Truth.  Call in the Light of Truth---God Aton to speak with you. Ask your question and listen to your thoughts (God Aton's thoughts) for your answer. Remember, talking to God Aton is as simple as thinking. It is a dialogue between you and your God Spirit. God Aton has said that "your call compels an answer". When you call in sincerity, the Lighted Realms are there. When you say, "Sananda help!", He immediately stands between you and your adversary! Through your free-will you chose, you decide to communicate with your God Spirit. When you do, you shall find the answers to your life's questions.

The use of a pendulum is another way to communicate with your God Spirit within for some kinds of "knowing". Some people find this means helpful, though it has the limitation of only yes and no questions. The following are the instructions for use of the pendulum. Be sure to clear out all negative energies by your request and with clockwise motion of the pendulum. The energy that swings the pendulum is generated from your body's aura or electro-magnetic system. The direction of the swing is controlled by your mind or thoughts. You program through your thoughts the pendulum's motion. That is, you give the pendulum instructions as to the meaning of its movement, so that when it moves you read its message accurately. Normally a clockwise swing is used to clear out negative energy and remove it from you. Then a counter-clockwise swing is used to bring in positive energy to replace the negative energy that has left. Never leave any spaces or the negative energy will return to fill it.


The use of the pendulum is one way many people "speak" to their God-Spirit within, sometimes called your higher self, your higher consciousness, or your inner soul. A "YES" answer is obtained by the pendulum swinging away from and toward you. A "NO" answer is then obtained by the pendulum swinging left to right to left. These are several steps to take before you ask your God-Spirit (higher consciousness) questions.

Remember, this is only one means of communicating.  You must learn to listen to your inner self, your conscious mind, for you soul/God-Spirit has gathered all the knowledge and stored it in your subconscious mind, and you must learn to bring this knowledge to your conscious mind. GOD IS WITHIN YOU. YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME GOD'S THOUGHTS, AND GOD'S THOUGHTS BECOME YOUR THOUGHTS.

1. Stand or sit straight, but relaxed, with pendulum held by thumb and forefinger (either hand). Your upper arm should rest against your side for support. Concentrate on what you are asking or saying.

2. Ask your God-Spirit within to clear yourself of all negativity, negative thoughts, any DBB's (Dark Brotherhood Brothers) conscious control or power manipulation. You ask for these dark energies to cease to exist--in Esu Jesus Sananda's name.

You say: "Dear God: Please clear me of all negativity, negative thoughts, and Dark Brotherhood Brothers, conscious control and/or power manipulation I may have. I ask for all of these dark energies to cease to exist---in Esu Jesus Sananda's name." (The pendulum should swing clockwise. When you have been cleared, the pendulum will start swinging away from and toward you.)

3. Ask if your "spaces" are cleared of negativitly. If you are "cleared", the pendulum will swing away from and toward you for a "yes" answer. If the pendulum continues to circle clockwise, you must wait until you are cleared. You must get a "yes" answer before continuing.

You say: Dear God: Are my spaces cleared of what I have asked?" (You must wait for the "yes" answer.) If you get a "no" answer, ask again "are my spaces cleared of all negativity?"

4. After you are "cleared", ask for the Lighted Realms to come into your mind and heart to speak to you through and with your God-Spirit. Ask if they are there, and you should get a "yes" answer.

You say: Dear God: Thank you for clearing my spaces. I ask the Lighted Realms to come into my mind and speak to me through my God-Spirit.:

5. You then ask: "Dear God: are the Lighted Realms here within me?" (Wait for the "yes" answer).

6. Ask for a 100% accuracy rate. You should get a "yes" answer.

You ask: "Dear God: Is there a rate of 100% accuracy with my questions I will ask?" (Wait for the "yes" answer.)

7. Ask any question you have concerning yourself. If you have a question about someone else, you must ask permission to ask about them.

(Prayer example for someone else) "Dear God: I have a question about _______, May I ask a question about him/her?" (Wait for the "yes" answer.)

8. Check frequently if the information you are receiving is from the Lighted Realms. This is important, because the Dark Brotherhood(Satanic forces) are ready to step in and take control.

You ask: "Dear God: Is this coming from the Lighted Realms?" (You must get a "yes" answer.)

9. If you stop for a few minutes or a while and then resume your questions, you must clear yourself again.

You ask: "Am I cleared?" (You must have a "yes" answer to continue any questions.)

10. The pendulum is not used to ask about the "future". As Hatonn has said, "We of the Lighted Realms are not GURUS. We can tell you things based upon the freewill as of NOW, but to predict the future is not to be known, because freewill changes things."

You may ask: "Dear God: Is there a probability that (such and such) MAY happen?" (You must wait for the "yes" or "no" answer.)

* * * * * * * * * *



The pendulum must be of non-magnetic material and be perfectly balanced.  Glass, plastic, copper, brass or lead can be used. The recommended material is a plastic ball or a glass crystal such as a jewelry or chandelier pendant. Because the pendulum is moved by energy coming through your own body frequencies, a lighter weight pendulum will be easier to use initially.

The pendulum should be suspended on a non-magnetic string or chain of 6 to 8 inches in length. The longer the string, the longer the swing and the more energy needed to make the pendulum move, and of course, the longer the response time. Do not use heavy weight string or plastic fishline as they restrict pendulum movement too much. Strong thread, fiber fishline, or silver jewelry chain work well.

A small button can be attached to the opposite end of the pendulum string, making it easier to hold between the thumb and forefinger when in use. Hold the pendulum in front of you while either sitting or standing, using only thumb and forefinger, elbow bent and held firmly against your side for best transfer of energy.

Your pendulum's response will increase over time with practice and as you raise your body frequencies. You can raise your frequencies by increasing your knowledge of Truth, (reading the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper) by meditation, and by petitioning the Lighted Realms for such.

As a souled being learning your Earth Shan schoolroom soul growth lessons one last time on this dark orb, you are a "spiritual being having a physical experience". You are an E.T.! It is high time you phoned home and talked to your Manufacturer, your Creator, your Commander, your Mission Control and got the map to find your way out of this jungle and onto the pathway back to the stars! Indeed, it is time!

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