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The lying and fake media, which includes all facets of social media across the entire world, uses the spreading of its false news and non-news, misinformation and disinformation, creating hate, racism, warmongering, anger, fear, anxiety, anguish, confusion and  ncomplete distraction, to the point that many people don’t care anymore about the what is going on, and stop worrying about everything, because they can’t make sense of it and don’t understand it, or it unnerves them, so they choose to ignore the news and form a sense of denial about it.

Many other People lose interest because it doesn’t affect them, anyway.  Why stress over it, as long as they can keep living their daily life in their bubble of perceived normalcy they have created?  For example, going to work, going to the grocery store, planning for a vacation, going shopping or going out with their friends, talking about the latest television show or the newest TV series that is on, or a game, or the latest relationship they are in…. etc.

Then. there are many other people that listen to the fake media and the constant lies they blather. These people become obsessed and have great fear and anger, so they constantly are trying to keep up on what is going on with what they think is the news, all along not understanding that they are being lied to in the most complete way, that it actually is mind control.

I know that many of you can relate to this. There was a time I, also, did the very same thing. I am now dedicated to Truth, and I shall shed Light on what is actually going on in Ukraine.  Remember, you have been told the very opposite by the fake media.

To understand the situation, I must first start with just a little background about Mr. Putin.  Putin, is a great statesman, in fact, he is the greatest statesman of his time, on this planet. He loves his country and his people, and they love him.  Russia is the only completely Christian country that serves one God.  He is very educated, wise, and has attained great knowledge.  He is a very strong and good leader to his people and country. 


Russia and Putin have the most advanced technology on this planet.  They are many, many times more advanced than the U.S. and China; however, Putin, does not want war, he wants peace.  He loves this planet and all upon her surface.  He understands that we are all precious creations, and are all One.

Putin, for many years, has been watching and keeping an eye on Ukraine, the U.S., China, and other countries.  He has watched and seen the complete collapse of all freedoms and take-over of Ukraine by foreign occupation of the Nazis. Yes, they are still here, and are here now. They never left, and are now being trained by secret camps in the U.S., and by secret agents under the orders of Biden and the Biden Regime.

This information is not meant to scare you.  However, if that is what it takes for all of us to awaken then, so be it!  We, as a country, (I am referring to most of the world but especially, the U.S.) have become politically complacent.  I am here to bring you Truth, so we all can have the Light, shed upon us.

The Khazarian Zionists are one in the same, as the Nazis.  There is NO difference. They ALL have the same agenda--to take TOTAL control of all countries and people on this planet.  The Khazars are, also, called Satanist’s and The Deep State.

To learn more about the Khazarian Zionists, you can look up the Phoenix Journals on this website. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, are in Phoenix Journal #224, and Phoenix Journal #68, From Ecstasy to Agony-Through the plan 2000.

The Truth is very shocking, but is also liberating!!  Putin knows all about these Satanists, and want and would-be-controllers.  In our complacency, they have infiltrated everything, and are controlling every Country, Nation, Capital, City and Village on the entire planet. Every time you turn the on the TV, listen to rock, hip hop, and almost every other type of music we listen to today, to have a few beers or drinks so it wipes away our stresses of the day, ( just to list a few) we are doing EXACTLY what they want.

They are mind controlling us into NOT caring or thinking or keeping us preoccupied with stuff, nothing important, but just stuff, or what we think is “life”. This is not a new concept, as lying to, and mind controlling the masses, has been going on for COUNTLESS years.

Putin, knows all these things, and understands what, and who the Khazarian Zionists are.  He has watched China and the U.S. Nazi Regime (Biden Regime), work with the Ukraine Nazi Regime. (Deep State), to take over the country of Ukraine. This has been going on for quite some time

Putin made a deal with Poland, so the People of Ukraine could leave, and have a place to live until their Country is liberated.  Yes, I said liberated!  Putin is liberating Ukraine!!  He is taking out the Deep State, Biden Regime, Nazi Oppression, the Khazarian Zionists!  All one-in-the-same.  Russia is spending their own money, and using their own resources and people to give back Ukraine to the Ukrainian people!!  He wants to clean up the mess.

He is not killing innocent people.  He is taking out the genocide factories (that were going to be used on the people), and all the Deep State's weapons, records, files and lairs.  Some of the Ukrainian people have stayed and are helping him to take their country back. They do this by going into a city ahead of time and allowing all of the people to evacuate to the safety of Poland.  Then, the Deep State is taken out. This is done in each city!  Putin is truly wanting Ukraine a free country!

Meanwhile, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is controlled by the Khazarian Zionists, are complete warmongers. They want a WWIII. They are very angry with Putin, because he is disrupting their plans of a global take-over. They have no control over Russia. They are attempting to surround parts of Russia, and trying to start a war.  Putin has warned them to “back off” because they will not win.

Remember, Russia, has superior technology, many, many times more advanced than the U.S. and China.  Putin will not allow another war to be started.  Also, remember, the fake media tells us the exact opposite. They have told the masses that Russia is aggressive and Putin is a war- monger. The Truth is, NATO, The Biden Regime, the Nazi’s and the Khazarian Zionists or Satanists, which are all the Deep State (all one in the same), are doing everything they can to make Putin look aggressive.

Russian-looking Mercenaries, are being hired by Deep State, and paid EXTREMELY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, (U.S. Tax Dollars - FYI).  These Mercenaries are covertly going around and blowing up anything they can in Ukraine. They are especially, targeting any residential areas and bombing of homes and small businesses etc.  They are then blaming it all on Putin to make him look aggressive to all the uninformed masses, which is most of us on this planet.  

These lies are then funneled to the fake media, (which, is by the way, controlled by the Khazars). The fake media also is grasping at straws and making up whatever lies and untruths they can.  For example, they have been telling the public that Putin has been quarantined for 2 years because he had Covid.  Because of his quarantine, he has gone mad and is crazy and has dementia. 😂😂😂😂😂.

The real Truth is Biden has dementia and has lost all his rational thinking. The real Biden Regime are those using him, and are working under his name.  He has been the perfect pawn to use.  I’m not saying Biden is a good man.  He has given himself over to the lie and darkness many years ago, and is completely of and for evil.  However, he can no longer think straight or rationalize much of anything.

The Deep State has made countless attempts to cover up his irrational behavior, however, most of their attempts have failed.  They still need Biden to keep the masses thinking he is our president, so we stay fairly calm and complacent, except for the puns and occasional making fun of Biden, (especially on social media), which is allowed, because it keeps us completely distracted. Please think on this. More to come……

I hope all who read this will awaken.  What I have shared with you is complete Truth.