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Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer

As we observe the scenes being played out today on our great stage of life, everywhere there appears to be gloom and doom. World news and local news read the same. The masses face economic disaster. Ignorance and poverty are the accepted norm. Violence, destruction and death are everywhere. Diseases run rampant with no cure in sight. People are ever pessimistic about their future and that of their families. Many grovel in self-pity. Most live in fear of what the next scene of the "play" will be. They read the words of the script, and they shudder as they act out their meaningless role on the great stage of life, but they follow the evil script without any hesitation, right down to the last detail.

For the masses---the ants on the anthill---life is an endless struggle for survival. For some it is the struggle to get ahead. They claw their way to the top of the heap, there to maintain a precarious balance for a bit before the inevitable plunge to the bottom occurs. For most of the sheeple, life is a game of "follow-the-leader". They are mind-controlled by Satanic forces and have become people of the "Lie"!

From birth they have dutifully agreed to live in a "controlled" society. They have been taught in government controlled schools and government controlled churches, without questioning the script of the play which is handed to them. They have believed the "food lie" of the "system". In so doing people have fed themselves and their families the "garbage" food provided purposefully for them to eat. Due to altered chemistry, lack of nutrition, additives and processing, the "food" no longer has much value to the human body. As a result most people today suffer from Beriberi and have seriously compromised their immune systems. Their bodies and especially their brains can but function at a very low level. Essentially, they are brain-dead people without the ability to think and to determine their own destiny. And, of course, they believe the evil One World Order controlled media today as gospel truth. Having lost the desire to think, people simply accept the role they are given, and as robots act out their part in the great play of life. Having made no decision as to the role they play, tragically, many on stage in the middle of the play ask, "How did I ever end up here?"

Having never felt the thrill and joy of acting in the God-inspired moment, people settle into boredom. As a result, depression and stress become widespread on the stage of life. To escape, people again accept the cheap "false" thrill of the moment in which the script has already been written for them---be it gluttony, sports, sex, T.V., recreation or more importantly, drugs. Life becomes a repeating cycle of searching for a way to "feel good", and the producers and the directors of the play laugh behind the props. They joke about the "cast" who simply read the script handed to them by Playwright Satan---about the brain-controlled actors who read their lines and act out their parts right on cue!

Some act out their life on the religious stage. To escape the confrontation of Truth, they hide behind the web of myth. They create a "make-believe" world in which the prophet and the prophecy become "real". In the "wonderland" of prophecies one now knows what the future holds at any moment in time. Acting in this fantasy world of religion makes life, somehow, more tolerable. And again, by acting the part the players fulfill the "dooms-day" prophecy right on schedule. This, too, becomes another escape from making life-decisions and taking a stand to change what "is"!

Such religious fantasy may be thought of as the "turtle theology". The prophet proclaims that the future holds "bad news". People then go into their religious shell, pull in their head and feet, and wait out the "storm". This is a most comfortable "act", indeed, but also a most frightful one. One must keep hiding and hoping that the script will change or that the ending scene will end quickly. This would, of course, bring the "Big Rapture"---the long awaited escape from the "shell" and the "stage". What relief to be "zapped" out of this very evil play. That, too, is part of the "Lie".

Now, just suppose, that the prophet had lied to you or that the "rapture" instructions were wrong? What if the prophecy were a "story" deliberately concocted by Satan to trick you? What if there were no Messiah and no "rapture", as you had thought, to whisk you away into the clouds? How tragic! Then your "shell game" would be over! Then you would be forced to re-think a whole lot of things. You would be forced to search for Truth. You may even decide to rewrite the ending scene and to act out your own script.

This is precisely the problem of religion as opposed to spiritual Truth. Religious nonsense and churchness originate from Satan, from greed and the need to control the play right out to the very end. Truth comes from Creator God, from the God-Spirit which lives within every human creation of God. The religious lie has been reenacted thousands of times. The director hands the actors the script, and they eagerly read the myth and act out the part, never even questioning whether the words be Truth or lie. And so, history has repeated itself over and over and over again for thousands of years---with Truth ever hidden in the controlled script of the religious play.

So, what do we have? It would appear that we have a treadmill of human existence on Planet Earth. Life is not fun! Life is very hard! It is most fearful, and should there not even be a "rapture" to save us, it is most hopeless! With such mind-control one can easily join the lament of "vanity of vanities, all is vanity". It would seem that one's act upon the great stage of human existence has very little meaning. Shakespeare in his Macbeth has stated it most aptly:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps into this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out! Out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying--nothing!"

Wait! There is hope! In fact there is not only hope, but great and glorious joy and peace and purpose ahead! Commander Hatonn has said, "You are actors on a Cosmic stage. You don't have to follow the play-script of your very enemy (Satan) as you are doing." Let me explain.

Life is an illusion! Our physical life is an illusion which can and does change quickly. It can also pass completely away rather quickly. What is real is that which remains forever---the spiritual world, the world of the soul and the God-Spirit which lives within us.

You say, "I do not understand." Let us look more closely at the concept that "life is an illusion". Try for a moment to reverse your thinking. Everything that you can see with your eyes as being tangible, things that you can touch and feel with your fingers, are the illusion. In "God's spiritual world" these objects are not reality at all. All tangible objects come and go, as does even the human physical body. The physical world is the illusion. What is real is that which lasts forever, which endures into infinity

And just what might that be? As hard as it may be to understand, what is reality is that which is intangible. In God's world of electric energy/Light the physical world can be created and uncreated at will. The physical world is created again and again as man reincarnates in another life-stream in another place. The physical world we experience is the illusion. Only what is eternal is real. Thus, what is reality is the spiritual, the soul or God-Spirit within us, God and Creator and the Power of Creation! All else is an illusion.

Our thoughts and feelings are real, for they come from our mind and our soul---our God-Spirit within. Even if we are reading Satan's script and our thoughts and feelings come from Satan within, they are still real, for Satan, too, is spirit. Oh, yes! Satan, indeed, is very real, and he commands an army of Dark Brotherhood angels who are very real. Their game is to play upon the Cosmic stage within the human actor and steal his soul. As an actor freely accepts a Satanic script, the Dark Brotherhood move in to control his "act" and his ending scene. They, too, enjoy the illusion. The real world is the spiritual world which goes on forever. The illusion, our physical world, will simply change and "pass away", and in so doing, proves the illusion.

We are only making passage through our illusive physical world for our own soul perfection. We are but players on a physical stage, acting out the parts we have chosen. Through our thoughts (which are real) we have created the illusion of our physical experiences, and we always "reap what we sow". If we have chosen to act on the "Dark Stage", the script is handed to us by Playwright Satan. He has carefully written all the scenes, and we are expected to follow it. The adversary of God and of the Lighted stage knows what he is doing and he does it very well. His play is always a repeat of past performances on the Cosmic stage of life---nothing new, because Satan has no ability to create anything new. He has no ability to create anything at all. He can only use what the Lighted Realms have already created, break it or destroy it.

People observe the "play of life" and complain about the chaos and confusion that has been written into the script. Some even try to change the illusion by physical force. This never works because force does not create new, it only destroys. Remember! The Dark Brotherhood have no power to create! Those who have chosen to act on the "Dark" stage, have chosen to follow the evil chaotic and confused script right down to the very end. Satan gives no other options but to act out the part or get off the stage! He always insists that his ending scene must be played.

After the last scene is played and the play of life closes, what happens next? Where do the players go? Where do the directors and the producers go? Where does Satan go? Where does God go? Does the illusion end? Of course not! The illusion of physical life repeats itself again on another stage in another place on the great revolving "wheel of reincarnations", without memory. In the final scene of God's Cosmic Play, Satan and the Dark Brotherhood ultimately lose---for God always wins!

This leaves us with a sobering thought. On what stage and in whose play have we chosen to act out our illusion to gain our soul perfection? Have we truly determined what is really "real"?

When we fully understand that our physical world is an illusion, that the spiritual world of the soul, of our God-Spirit within us is reality, then we know Truth. Then we know that we are more than robots on a stage acting out an evil script. Then we know that we have the power of our God-Spirit to create! We know that we have the power within to change the illusion! We have the creative power of God and Creation to create a different illusion.

Suddenly, we have become the producer, the director and the playwright of our play. We can rewrite the script! With the power of the Lighted Realms, we can change the ending scene from one of chaos and confusion to one of order and serenity---to victory over the "darkside". We can change all the evil plays and scenes of Satan and all his troops. We can never do this until first we have discovered Truth, which then revels to us the "Lie". We can never rewrite the play until we truly know what is wrong with the script.

When we choose to rewrite the script and change the ending scene of our play, we change our destiny. We do not follow the other actors and directors and producers into their next illusion. We do not return to the third dimensional great "wheel of reincarnations:". We leave the physical world of illusions and advance to the next levels of soul perfection in the real world of fourth and higher dimensions of the Lighted Realms of Heaven. Our next life-stream is acted out upon the Cosmic stage of reality.

It is quite obvious that, thus far, in the great play of life, Satan, the controller, has received the "Academy Awards" for "Best Producer", "Best Director", and even "Best Screenplay". We must understand that Satan and the Dark Brotherhood do over and over again only what they know best how to do. Yes, indeed, history does repeat itself, but know that Satan's greatest weakness is that he lacks the power to create a new script---but we can! That is how we trick him! That is how we defeat him! Through the creative power of our God-Spirit within, we mind-create a whole new closing scene to our play of life. We not only rewrite the script but we also produce and direct the play, and we act out the ending scene ourselves.

We have the "ability" to act out any part we choose, and in so doing, we change the illusion. No longer need we be people of the "Lie"! We become people of the Truth, and we receive the "Academy Awards" of the Lighted Realms for being the "Best Producer", the "Best Director", and "Best Actor"! And in our last scene Satan loses because we have created it so. We win because God wins---because we are in the winning play. We, thus, prove that the physical world is only an illusion. We know that it can be changed quite nicely by the thought-creations of those who walk the Lighted Pathway of the Lighted Realms of Heaven.

Please understand that Life is a Stage Play---that "all the world's a stage and we are but actors upon it". We do with our script and even the ending scene as we so choose, and we win with our creative thoughts by changing the illusion. We win because we have God's power to create anew.


Patrck H. Bellringer

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