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PEOPLE OF THE LIE: THE PHOTON BELT (with Comnment by Patrick H. Bellringer)


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PEOPLE OF THE LIE:  THE PHOTON BELT (with Comnment by Patrick H. Bellringer)


PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  When I was young growing up on a Wisconson dariy farm, the day was long, a full 24 hours long.  The work I did was hard, for each day much was done. We milked the cows  by hand  twice a day, did all chores, plowing, discing, cutting and  stacking hay in the barn by pitching it in the loft,  harvesting corn, etc.  We used horses to pull the machery.  We had no electricity, no tractors or chain saws, only a long cut-cross saw  working in -20 degree weather in the winter cutting wood to keep our house warm,  That was in the 1940's and 50's    Now what do you have?  You have a day that is about 12 hours long due to the Photon [high energy] Belt which as caused the second of time to be shortened.  Many tmes, I said to Anne, "I get up in the morning, shave, and it's time to go back to bed .  Where did the day go?"     Read on.,,,


by Patrick H. Bellringer

Very little information about the Photon (Light) Belt has ever been made available to the people of our Earth/Shan. Mostly lies have covered this Truth to prevent the people from understanding their future and determining their destiny. Let us now learn the Truth concerning the Photon Belt.

OuR solar system and our Earth, Shan, travel an orbit of 26,000 years around Alcione, the Great Central Sun of the Pleiades Constellation. Twice during each orbit we pass through the Photon Belt.

The Photon Belt is a disc-shaped band of light energy lying at right-angles to Shan's plane of orbit. This band of light circles the Great Central Sun, Alcione. It originates from and also encircles the Greatest Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy and extends throughout the entire galaxy. Thus, all celestial bodies within the Milky Way Galaxy at some point in their orbits pass through the Photon Belt.

Quoting from Contact newspaper, October 15, 1996, p. 13, "The Photon Belt is a huge, invisible band of highly charged, highly-concentrated, immensely powerful photon (light) energy." The following diagram shows that in a single orbit of our solar system around Alcione of 26,000 years, the orbit has four separate stages or periods of time. In one complete orbit we pass through the Photon Belt twice, a period of total light, and we pass through a period of day and night twice. The Photon Belt periods are each 2,000 years long and the day/night periods are each 11,000 years long. This makes a total of 26,000 years.

[[HIGH ENERGY]During the day/night period of approximately 11,000 years a civilization is born and develops according to the enlightenment of its people. Truth is presented by truthbringers, and by free-will choice the people choose whether or not to follow the Laws of God and of the Creation. Should the civilization fail to reach the level of complete harmony and balance with the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation, the planet is swept clean of all darkness and evil as it passes through the Photon Belt. As the planet again enters the next 11,000 year period of day/night a new civilization is born again on that planet.

By contrast the Photon Belt of 2,000 years passage is a period of total Light and cleansing. All darkness and evil are removed as a celestial body moves through it. Should a civilization have reached the level of complete harmony and balance within the Laws of God and of the Creation, such cleansing would not be necessary. This has yet to happen on Shan!

Again quoting from the above source (Contact, October 15, 1996, p. 13) "The Photon Belt is a higher dimension with a higher vibratory frequency wherein all is light and all truth stands revealed. No one will be able to hide from the light and the truth during that time. That is the realm of pure Light of our CREATOR, and it will be as heaven compared to what we are living now."

Our Earth, Shan, has gone through this cycle hundreds of times in its 206 million year Great Cycle Orbit---the time humans have been on Shan. A civilization may reach harmony and balance in only one day/night period of the civilization enlightenment cycle (in this case 11,000 years of the Alcione cycle). This has never happened on Shan. No Shan civilization has ever reached complete harmony and balance with the Laws of God and of the Creation. In fact, each has become progressively more evil, corrupt and immoral.

Third dimensional planetary existence is designed as a schoolroom for humans to learn their lessons in soul growth to fifth dimension standards. Shan humans have not accomplished this goal and have re-incarnated life-stream after life-stream to try it again. This is now the last "school year", the last civilization of 3rd dimensional level to be allowed on Shan. Our Earth, Shan, has earned the right and has requested to move into a higher dimension. This is now happening.

Shan's cleansing process has now started. Shan entered the fringe of the Photon Belt in 1962 and will have full impact with it by the year 2011. What does this mean for the inhabitants of Shan? They will experience extreme weather changes of temperature and precipitation. Seasonal changes from winter to summer or summer to winter with very little spring or fall transition periods will occur. Great storms, extreme flooding, massive earthquakes, and gigantic volcanic eruptions will all be a part of the removal of human pollution, toxins, and negative energy from Shan. Shan will be swept clean of all 3rd dimensional humans and their civilization as she moves into 5th dimension. Why is this so? This is so by supreme cosmic law. No evil or any 3rd dimensional illusionary existence is allowed into the Cosmic Realm of 5th dimension or higher dimensions..

It should be noted that Shan is a very unusual planet. It was a most beautiful planet with an unusually great variety of life forms of plants, animals, and humans. It held a position at the cross-roads of the Cosmos as a supply planet for other planets. Because of its abundance and beauty it was chosen as the "prison" planet by Lucifer, the Arch-Angel when he left the Cosmic Realms for his anarchy against God/Aton. As the most beautiful of celestial beings, Lucifer chose the most beautiful planet on which to live and carry out his evil plans. Along with Lucifer came a myriad of his evil supporters.

Therefore, Shan was given a great "handicap" in establishing an enlightened civilization. Shan became the harshest of "schoolrooms" for the most difficult of lessons. For this reason many of the celestial "Masters" have returned to Shan at this time to learn great lessons and to assist with the conquering of Lucifer/Satan and his Dark Brotherhood band. Shan has been a special schoolroom for the "gifted kids"---a tough course to learn tough lessons. Sadly enough, most have failed the course.

Satan's evil influence is the basic reason why Shan has never been able to reach harmony and balance. It is also the basic reason for each civilization becoming progressively more evil. In fact, there has never been such evil on any planet in our galaxy as there is today on Shan!

When a 3-D planet develops a civilization in harmony and balance with the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation, there is no need for the Photon Belt cleansing. That planet and its people would proceed into 5th dimension, if they so desired. This has happened to all the planets in our solar system except our Earth, Shan! Yet, as was stated earlier, Shan has both earned the right and has requested to move at this time into 5th dimension. This request has been granted!

At the end of the last Great Cycle Orbit/the beginning of the next one, on August 17, 1987, Shan began a new orbit which has carried her to a new solar system. Shan arrived at her new position on December 15, 1995. The "biblical prophecy" of our Earth having a new sun and a new moon has been fulfilled. Shan has taken the position of the 4th planet in the solar system of Coeleno, (pronounced see-lee'-no) a sun in the Pleiades Constellation. Coeleno is one of the "Seven Sisters" and has a solar system of 12 planets.

In the process of changing orbits, Shan has moved 13 million light years closer to the Greatest Central Sun/Aton of the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, the entire Pleiades "star cluster" has also moved closer to Aton at this time.

It is important to understand that Earth Shan humans are basically of Pleiadean descent. Our Luciferian/Satanic controllers have worked very hard to cover this fact and that Pleiadeans (aliens) have been here throughout our past civilizations to bring us Truth. This is also true of our present civilization. There has been a total blackout of space/alien/Pleiadean information of any kind to the masses. Today people are so programmed and controlled that they fear aliens and refuse to believe any Truth about their existence.

Yet, our Pleiadean brothers and sisters are here now and have been circling Shan in their starships for many years. You can easily see their ships with the naked eye at night as "stars" flashing the rainbow colors. They can be seen in daylight as vaporous disc-shaped clouds.

Our new sun, Coeleno, is larger and its light is more intense than our former sun. To adjust for this increased light Shan has been placed further from it at a distance of approximately 100 million miles. This makes Coeleno appear smaller than our former sun. Our new moon is much brighter due to the greater intensity of Coeleno's light. In its new position Shan has a much higher frequency, which is necessary to moving into 5th dimension. The closer the position of a celestial body is to the Greatest Central Sun, the higher is its frequency. This is causing great difficulty for any unenlightened and/or evil beings due to their very low frequencies. Much physical and mental upset results from the clashing of these various frequencies. Shan's movement through the Photon Belt is still progressing. This will continue to raise her frequencies and to add Light until all darkness is swept away by total Light!

The question then follows, "If we have moved to a new solar system, why do the stars and the moon still appear the same as before?" Few people ever study the stars. Those who do, know things are different, and the controllers know. They do not see any stars! All stars of our former solar system and all other celestial features have been masked by starships and by technology of the Lighted (higher) Realms.

The moon looks the same, yet it appears much brighter. All communications with the space stations on the moon established by our evil world controllers have been lost, and they cannot explain why. The same is true for Mars. The stars are not stars but starships. Starships have taken the positions of the stars of our former constellations and give the illusion of a normal universe. The controllers do not understand what has happened. They do not know that Shan has left her solar system and has been transported magnetically by millions of starships to her new solar system of Coeleno. Satan and his troops have been transported right into their enemy/alien camp of the Pleiadeans and they do not even know it. And they never will. They are soon to be swept away to the void or to another dark planet to continue their lessons.

The Phoenix Journal #57 is entitled, God, Too, Has a Plan 2000! That plan is that Earth Shan would be granted her request to move into 5th dimension. The "signs of the times" tell us that Shan's cleansing process has begun.

In the Phoenix Journal #4 entitled, A Spiral to Economic Disaster, p. 78, Hatonn has written that our Earth shall run from her sun to a new sun. She shall have a new orbit, a new solar system, a new sun and a new moon, and shall have no darkness anymore but shall shine forth in glory. This is all now happening!

We have a new sun, a new moon, and a new solar system. We can see no stars, for the stars are all starships which flash and strobe various colors and move about. Earth changes have started and weather up-set is here. Higher frequencies are causing many people much distress. Yet, to the masses of "walking dead" and "cement people" the treadmill goes on.

The controllers do not want you to know about the Photon Belt and its "automatic" clean-up of their evil deeds. They do not want you to learn Truth and go with Shan into 5th dimension. They want you to join their evil cause, the cause of Lucifer/Satan, to again challenge God/Aton. They just might make it through the Photon Belt this time! Of course, the risk is, that should they fail, they would be swept away and you along with them.

Satan does not want you to learn your lessons and gain soul perfection and leave the illusion of 3rd dimensional existence. He enjoys having you come back again and again and to fall repeatedly for his same old tricks. You see, Satan and his evil controllers exist only because you keep coming back to learn your lessons. If you do not keep coming back, you win and evil loses. The teacher is no longer needed when there are no students. How long you remain people of the Lie is your choice. You have no time left to deny the Truth of starships, and aliens and the Photon Belt. Your entire future for eons of time to come is dependent at this moment in time upon your choices concerning your "Pleiadean Connection." Ponder this most carefully.

I take the liberty at this time to add a personal note. My wife and I and our four children are Pleiadeans. We, along with others, have come from the 5th planet of the Coeleno Solar System. Coeleno, as you will recall from our previous discussion is one of the Seven Sisters, and is a Pleiadean sun with a solar system of twelve planets of its own.

By free-will contract with God/Aton we have volunteered to come to Shan as Truthbringers in this life-stream to assist earth people during this period of evacuation and transition into 5th dimension. We have spent many past life-streams here on Shan as Truthbringers. This is our last trip to Shan. Soon we will be going home!

Because Shan has recently moved to a new celestial position as the 4th planet of the Coeleno Solar System, we are nearly back home already. Our home planet's name is Hatonn, the 5th planet of Coeleno. Shan is "next door" or about 55 million miles away. Shan has chosen to move to her new celestial position to be "next door" to those who helped her in her transition into 5th dimension--her Pleiadean friends!

For obvious reasons the evil controllers of Shan have hidden information about Pleiades from Shan's people. Quoting from the Pleiades Connection: Return of the Phoenix Vol I, p. 29:

"Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) are located in the constellation Taurus, the bull. Clearly visible in the northern hemisphere on winter nights, they resemble a tiny reproduction of the Little Dipper and are often called such---actually, in Greek, they are often referred to as the "micro-dipper." These are one of the most carefully studied regions of the firmament. Man of Earth is drawn to them as if to a magnet by iron shavings." p. 29

The seven Sisters were first identified and charted by Charles Messier in 1771 as Area M-45 on his star charts. This tiny sector of the sky contains a half million stars. Presently, 250 of these stars are recognized as part of the Pleiades galactic cluster. The rest lie in the depths of space beyond the system.

The Seven Sisters range in brightness from Alcione the brightest, classified as a B-5, blue-white, 2.9 magnitude star to Asterope the least bright, a B-8, blue-white, magnitude 5.9 star. Asterope can not be seen from Shan with the naked eye. The primary element on Alcione is helium with an approximate temperature of 13,000 degrees Centigrade---a thousand times brighter than Shan's sun.

All civilizations and cultures on Shan have recognized a positive energy and influence coming from the Pleiades to their people. There are many references in Shan's recorded history of the Pleiadeans being ancestors of Shan's people. We are descendants of the Pleiadeans--"The Bird Tribes"--- ones who could "fly"!

Planet Hatonn is a "twin" planet to Shan but is in balance and harmony with the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation. Those who have read Phoenix Journal 27 know that there are 18 Laws of Balance. Due to its frequencies of 5th dimension, and the soul growth of its people, Planet Hatonn needs only 8 of the Laws of Balance. The other 10 are no longer necessary.

Life on our "home" Planet, Hatonn, is typical of 5th dimensional living. Sanat Kumara is the energy of our Great Central Sun, Alcione. Our central sun, Coeleno, gets her energy from Alcione, who in turn gets her energy from the Greatest Central Sun, Aton. God/Aton created all of the spiraling Milky Way Galaxy, the Pleiades, Earth-Shan, and Earth-Hatonn---by thought!

Unlike Shan, the land masses on Hatonn are together, and there is only one ocean. Our home planet is a beautiful planet of mountains, lakes, and streams but of less variety in plant and animal life than on Shan. In fact, Hatonn's animals larger than the wolf were brought from Shan.

Our mountains on Hatonn are much higher than those of Shan and our weather is more extreme. At times we have very harsh weather. We have no night! All is Light! We live both above and below ground depending on the prevailing conditions. We have trees, flowers and crops both on the surface of the land as well as underground.

Our homes are typically very large dwellings in the shape of a spoked wheel and mostly underground. They are constructed from bricks made of compressed earth. Domes and various screened openings appear on the surface. "The `main' living quarters of food preparation center, family gathering quarters, entertainment room (living rooms), pools and atriums are in the central `hub'. Sleeping rooms and baths are located off the hub in the tunneled `spokes'. The areas between the spokes are partially excavated and `finished' into underground gardens. Enough natural formation is always left untouched for a support system of the caving roof.

Near the windows of the houses are located aesthetic gardens and beds of plants and shrubs. Growing dens for foodstuff are then in mid-segments between spokes. The garden for the most used kitchen `vegetables' is grown adjacent to the kitchen area. The energy of our suns is harnessed and underground lighting is plentiful any where we wish it. The lighting is on automatic cyclic `timers' for balanced optimal growth and rest.

"Since clutter is not conducive to mental order, there is abundant storage facility in all dwellings whereby the living areas are kept totally uncluttered." (Journal 30, p. 37)

From every living area we have exit/entrances to the surface. These openings are protectively and aesthetically constructed. We have no doors, only sliding covers and no theft. Anyone who steals is immediately removed to a "prison" planet. A "garden" room formerly arranged with plant life and pools is located above the "hub" of our homes. The pools have many uses such as bathing, exercise, water storage or aesthetics. The sun room is covered with transparent metal-glass but also has a sliding shield for radiation protection from sun flares. "Off of each `spoke' room is much storage, a hearth center and a large `bathroom'." (Journal 30, p. 38)

Above ground we have a home park and animal grazing areas. We also have underground facilities to protect livestock in inclement weather. We use "free" solar energy, recycle all water and all waste materials. Any unused excavation materials are compressed into bricks for walls, foundations, retaining walls, fences, planters, and the like.

Our cities are built mostly underground and utilize much metal-glass which is unbreakable and looks like crystal. This gives the perception of "crystal cities". Our architecture is either domed or pyramid in shape to withstand high winds and natural disasters. Living space in underground levels provides comfortable housing for all city dwellers. We have no homeless. It may surprise you to know that Shan has had many underground dwellings and cities in her past as well.

On Hatonn roads and ground vehicles are unnecessary. We travel, if we desire, by walking, by thought and by starship. My family and I, along with other Red Rays of El Morya's energy, live in close proximity to each other on Planet Hatonn. And we are soon to go home! As Aton/Hatonn has said, "They (the Pleiades) call to you as a whisper from home and homeland!" (Journal 30, p. 29).

Again I urge you to consider your "Pleiadean Connection" most carefully. There is no time left for indecision. You must understand the lies and the Truth concerning the Photon Belt and the Constellation, Pleiades. You must act now to receive the Truth given to you by God/Aton through the Phoenix Journals, and the Spectrum and Contact newspapers. Earth-Shan is about to dump her 3rd dimensional Earth dwellers. You must get your "boarding pass" now so you can board the starships when your Pleiadean friends come to pick you up. Hopefully, you will be among those whom we welcome aboard!

References: The Phoenix Journals, especially the first of the eight volumes of the Pleiades Connection series, first published as Journal #30 but republished more recently as Journal number 22, entitled: Pleiades Connection--Return of the Phoenix, Vol I.

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