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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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NOTE FROM PHB:  I Wrote this some time ago, and now I give you an extended message.  Marriage, accordig to Creator God Aton; of Light is between one woman and one man, not two women or two men.  God's Law on marriage is expllcit! [LAW # 15- YOU MUST OBEY THE WISDOM OF GOD FORTHE RESPONSIBLE AND BALANCED PROCREATION OF YOUR SPECIES.]  Man can change anything he wants to fit his need; however, God's Laws are NOT changed a wit.  Marraige and sexual union was given to man for the procreation of his species and is not changable.  When i wrote this piece, the marriage I wrote about was between  a man and woman, noting especially Twin Flames.   I, also, asked Anne to repost Hatonn's article on Homosexuality.



True marriage is a marriage of the souls.

Each soul is a "flame" of Light. The two become

soul-partners, yet each with their own identity,

their own Light. These "twin flames" walk together

the single path of the Christ Red Ray, the "Red Road"

of the Lighted Realms.

One is the bearer of the Alpha flame, the

other of the Omega flame, forming a circle of the

White Light of God Aton, the God of Light,

that cannot be penetrated. This circle of protection

like an impregnable fortress.

Ever maintain your flame to ever keep that

circle unbroken. With such Light-power of both

your own aura and that of your "twin flame" circle,

all darkness of the Dark Realms shall be swept aside.

(Some thoughts from the Phoenix Journal #7, The Rainbow Masters)