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SANANDA CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 39.

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CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 39.

[ A week later, on Tuesday, March 8, 1989, Dharma received the following writing. ]

[ Quoting: ]

I am come in the Light. Good morning. I AM Sananda, who comes to commune with thee for a moment of this early morn (6:00 A.M.). It is the early morning, when the world of creatures begin their new day, that the circuits are least cluttered. Do not distress that you find it difficult to separate away from the consciousness, it is not always possible to disallow impact from thy world and keep separation from the validity of manifested matter. Ye are of hu-man and therefore ye must act as hu-man. If you were of the perfection of the Christos thee would be with me and not serving in the density of Earth plane. Ye ones gave up the perfection that ye can fulfill thy missions upon the Emeraulde alongside thy brethren who have lost of the way.

I know that each day cometh and thy expectations are great in expectations of certain things ye anticipate. Ye then must trust that things are being tended and guided in the way of perfection when thee do not see of the blossom form in thy Earth vision. Ye are doing very well, chelas; do not distress. The embryo is taking form for the birthing. Each sequential manifestation must be of properness lest the birthing produce a mutation unable to bring balance of perfection to the plan. Ye must keep on keeping on; rise above the urge to relinquish thy position drawn from fear of non-perfection of self. As we become further balanced and within the harmonic perfections of thy circuits, ye do not experience much change in thyself from the attending presence of our higher energies. Thus, it is most important that ye remain in beauty and light and be in constant attendance that dark fragments be separated from thee. Thy dingy brothers can also match of thy patterns in perfection; BE EVER ATTENTIVE TO THAT TRUTH. THEY ENTER MORE QUIETLY THAN WE, THAT YE MAY BE UTILIZED IN THY IGNORANCE! SO BE IT AND SELAH; I STAND ALWAYS WITH THEE ONES.

Thy Brothers are in the tending of the abundance for which ye labor and wait. I urge that each of you spend more time in the asking of them into your space to assist in thy labors and thought patterns of potential fruition of projects. Oberli has great responsibility in projecting numbers. Ye must allow thy gifted energies from these realms to interject assistance garnered from farther vision. Ranos, thank you, son, for the abundance of labor poured forth into the reproduction of the project package. I pain that thy lessons must be learned by additional labor which is so unnecessary except for the greed and ignorance of man. So be it for it will be rewarded in its perfect cycle. What ye send back in Light to Otto's sector, will be turned to thee ones in abundance. Give out in glory and it shall be returned in glory. (Yes, you read that correctly. Brotherly love toward Otto was not where we were at in truth.) I thank ye ones for thy willingness to serve in any way that ye are asked. I thank Rick that ye are able to continue with the apparently unnecessary amount of effort at the job which appears to be of little monetary value at present (He's referring to my job as a propane gas truck driver for $6.00/hour.) It is worth far more than ye can see in thy short projected vision---far more. Ye are maturing, beloved one; ye are maturing. As ye fulfill each task, ye have grown in great bounds---for it is of the easy way to choose another route and cast the difficult road aside. Sometimes that is the choice of wisdom; in this instance 'tis the choice of preference. [ Right again.] The contacts will bring great joy to thee. It is for thee not to allow unbalanced response to whatever comes of thy efforts. It is for thee to open thy mind and eyes to "really see" what is going on about thee. It will be great work to change, in positive ways, the way the world functions in blindness. Ye cannot improve that which ye cannot perceive needs improvement; ye will continue the errors in blindness, perpetuate errors in ignorance. One thing I caution thee greatly about: pay attention, as ye move about, to witness the abundant use of drugs upon thy place which has truly put all your masses to living death and depression. In the urge to "escape", great horrors have moved upon the minds within thy world. If the minds of youth and children can be destroyed and controlled, the world can come under control. It has already happened. The world masses are rushing madly helter-skelter in unknowing directions of non-purpose like sleep-walkers with eyes darkened--- moving in endless circles to nowhere, from nowhere. Thy children rush madly faster and faster away from Truth, terrified and frightened of the Light for they have experienced it not.

There is no purpose to what is perpetrated in thy darkened streets; thy children kill of thy children. There is not meaning to death, for life has no meaning of positive definition. Thy images upon thy screens and the teachings of the elders, have become violent, greedy and destructive beyond comprehension. The children live and die in darkness, are taught in darkness---'tis the way of the "end". Ye will not dwell upon these things, but ye must be aware of that which is happening about thee.

Ye will honor beloved Gary Smith for his gift of "Windsinger". Ye ones must listen with hearing ears and seeing vision. For it is the story of what thy world of humanity has become. Ye must be wise and not fall prey to the darkened ghettos, the entangled snares set for thee. We walk ever beside and afore thee, but when thee discourages, ye pull away to lick thy wounds in silence---ye must pull away unto us when ye are "down", not turn toward the mire of the poison itself. Ye must come into communion and pull away from that which is about you when thy heart wearies. Come into communion and retreat with thy teachers and guides. Ye ones who receive and project forth the "words" must spend more and more time with thy speakers for ye too move faster and faster in less and less organized direction. For instance, Dharma, ye will have to leave much of "life" happenings to others, decisions of hu-man to others lest ye become mired in the endless circles of business and decisions and fail to hear the "call". Ye are already deafened in many ways, for when thy being reaches "overload of circuits" ye are turning off the incorrect "receivers". Do not shut out thy "speakers", dear one. Cast aside that which causes the unbalance from without---not from within. All must come to know that "Doris" does not have to sit in conference. All have access to thy guides and teachers. Any and all can lay messages upon the altar of thy guides.

The burdens are heavy upon ye ones in these beginning times of magnificent change, but when unbalance occurs ye must regain of the balance lest we be slowed by system shutdown of crucial ones. Oberli must also have relief from the bombardment of life load. To push forward when almost all is against him, is too much. He must have unburdened "time" segments in order to receive the guidance available. Do not effort at doing it "alone" for I am always nigh unto thee to support thee. We of this "Command" are ALWAYS as close as thy whisper. If the Father knows of the "sparrow's fall", do ye think ye are less?

Just as the lilies grow again in the Springtime, the cycles will continue as in the aeons of time "passed". Move ever with the cycles, do not struggle against that which will ever be. Thy struggle is against that which has impacted the perfection of the cycles. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! All is blessed by the perfection of Creator in its creation; lack of balance comes from the free will experience of man tinkering in his gift of choice. So be it---it only IS! NO MORE, NO LESS---IT IS! If ye struggle (fight) "against", ye only reinforce the plight; ye must "grow" "through"---"from" darkness "into" lighted Truth. Lead, not "drag". Do not create of another bigot-laden "religion", lead via a better way. TRUTH needs no armed warriors to "enforce" adherence---TRUTH "IS"---ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Control requires warriors, enslavement requires warriors. Ponder it carefully; we need no warriors. We need workers who "allow" and "lead" in lighted knowledge to a "better way". SO BE IT AND SELAH. FOR IT SHALL COME TO PASS ON THIS WONDROUS GIFT OF EMERAULDE. DARKNESS IS IGNORANCE; LIGHT IS KNOWLEDGE. LET US DO OUR WORK IN KNOWLEGE OF GREATNESS, NOT THROUGH FURTHER PERPETUATION OF IGNORANCE. LET MAN COME TO EMBRACE MAN BROTHER, NOT FURTHER SEPARATE MAN FROM MAN THROUGH "NEW REQUIRED RESTRICTIONS". FEAR AND FORCE MUST BE LAID ASIDE IF TRUTH IS TO PREVAIL. LIGHT CAN ONLY COME THROUGH GIVING AND LOVE. NONE ELSE. ASK AND YE SHALL BE SHOWN THE WAY FOR I AM THE WAY! SO BE IT; AS I HAVE SPOKEN, I TAKE LEAVE FOR THIS "TIME". BE YE IN PEACE FOR I PLACE OF MY HANDS UPON THEE IN BLESSINGS.



[ End quoting. ]