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HATONN, on loss of "Albird CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 38.

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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

HATONN, on loss of "Albird

CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 38.

[ March 20, 1989. Quoting. ]

Please see to it that this note goes with Albird's obituary. This is Hatonn in the light of the Radiant One, who also grieves for the sadness within thy heart places. Yes, little sparrow knew it was his time of change; he had done his work and it now home. The lessons from that tiny creature shall endure to the end of your time in greater measure than all the spoken lectures of a lifetime upon thy place. Just understand, the weeping is for self, not for the bird. For all of those who have met Albird or heard of him, he was special.

Albird is an UN-COMMON little sparrow of the fields and city streets. He was pushed from his nest for his innocent cause of being unsound. In Miden, Nevada, born June 9, 1986. His little heart wore out on March 18, 1989. The hole remaining in this place could not be filled by an elephant. His presence will ever be missed for he brought such simple joy and total trust. He brought forth on your place the simple wondrous truth of the Master in its purest form. A king's ransom could not purchase the simple choosing of that tiny bit of feathers to sit upon thy shoulder or muss thy hair in his "dusting bath". Few will ever know the pleasure of having thy nails trimmed by a tiny sparrow dressed in his Sunday best of bronze and gold. To take over your food plate and choose what please him whether you cared for his presence or not. Ah yes, brothers---take thy lessons from the sparrow and not of the peacock, lest ye fall along the way. So be it. We will write a story of Albird when the eyes stop running and the throat unchokes. It will have to be done in animation for there will never be, again, an Albird in such perfection to play the part on the silver screen.

The little crystal "Albird" from Jerry and Dennis Weaver is cherished beyond words for Albird had a love affair with this little figurine and it remains on his favorits window sill splashing rainbow rays about the rooms to ever keep the little soul nearby. I will ask Dharma to begin a collection now of little sparrows, finches, etc., (the little insignificant ones) to replace the predator owls (which also only do what they are meant to do). Ye must, however, come in gentle, loving balance with Nature.

Oberli go often to the Water Canyon sacred place where the bluebirds gather at the stream. Thee may find a lost chick and a bluebird of peace may be of thy next adoption. Do not effort at replacing Albird as such. There will never be another Albird---his was a singular purpose. However, ye can love another anything as much, for their individual purpose; not measured against that which is gone. Measure only against ones as the Master who passed thy way. Salu.


[ End quoting. ]