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SANANDA CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 38.

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CONTACT, March 7, 1995, p. 38.

[ On Tuesday, March 7, 1989, Dharma received the following: ]

[ Quoting: ]

Yes, though you walk even through the shadows of physical death, I walk beside thee---I walk before thee to show thee the way. I Am Esu (Immanuel/Sananda) of thy Father. I only come to show of the way for thee are of thy Father and He that dwells within and IS each of us is never from thee even for the blinking of thine eyelid---even though ye deny him, for without the Creator Energy ye are naught. Amen and Selah. Know that as ye turn aside and cast away that which ye perceive as God, ye cast away thyself.

Oh, would it be that man could see again in beauty and peace. Oh, would it be that again names that signify greatness be held in reverence instead of tauntings. It will be again; it will be!

Precious brethren, ye cling to the words of thousands of years ago, spoken in ancient languages still unknown unto thee. Through the years the meanings are lost. Can you not relate? In ancient Galilee, what think ye this might conjure in the mind of man of that day? "Bombs bursting in air" and "rocket's red glare"---"flag" still there? Flag was a support for thy house covering and meant a thing greatly different from that in Atlantis.

Further question: why do you bother thyselves with non-sense? Ye ones worry so greatly when and where and how the food will be served that ye forget to prepare of the food.

I come again? When? Where? I am here, how can it be I only "come again"? I am already come. However, ye will recognize of mine presence when all remaining persons know of the Christos goodness as the only way---else in the ignorance and degradation of thy God-self the world will perish. Look about thee. Ye must find a better way or ye shall destroy all ye are and have. I can only show of thee how---ye must bring the change. These things of goodness must soon become the way for the dark-way has set the path and the masses are marching to destruction of the frail hu-man physical being and the loss of habitat itself.

We of thy finer frequency "soul essence" relations are only way showers and teachers. We come into thy midst not to force of anything but to show you better ways from which to choose. The work is great--- mammoth, but there are many who will hold truth and "the better way". It will not come forth through organized institutions for a lasting thousand years of peace. It must come through a loving, caring, sharing brotherhood of all man. The "sorting" is only man making of his choices. He who chooses of negative power and control through the dark way will simply not choose to come the way---the way of peace and brotherhood. Mine followers of the Way of Truth shall simply move into the newness and the old shall fall by the way to live out his lessons in appropriate transplacement. Either way, Earth, as the planet ye know as third dimensional reality, will be emptied that she can be reclaimed to her wholeness.

That which comes known as Tribulation is the allowance of sorting" and the Earth Mother is cleansing. Formation of newness---birthing of new mountains and valleys---renewal of fertility of this wondrous living being. Then once again man can live in harmony and move in radiance and balance, one with Source.

Just as a cancer or AIDS virus finally murders of its host---(the infected human)---man as a negative organism is murdering of thy host---Earth. Further, when thee has killed of thy source then neither can the parasite (man in this example), survive! And, oh precious ones, the balance is so very fragile---so fragile. Therefore, portions of the changing cycle will be trying and most difficult but most will be in joy and wondrous building and abundance---that which has not been since eons and eons past and ye have chosen to come forth and bring it into birth out of these latter days of labor pains. So be it, for it is now in the measure of becoming so!

Ye speak of the mark of the beast? Better ye realize ye are marked and tended by God and "we" have thee constantly circuited to the "computers" of akashia. Ye are in our beam system which is so incredible that ye children of matter can have no relative basis for comprehending of it.

Do not spend of thy time in contemplation of how to utilize that which is beyond thee. See and recognize thy purpose with that which is at hand and grasp that which is properly fed into thy knowledge in proper sequence. Love thine enemies, for inadvertently they give you the very answers you need for success---for they are but a reflection of your weakness. Shore up thy weakness and reflect strength, love and Truth and ye are destined to prevail, as it can be no other way. If ye fall into "fear" of thy opponent, ye shall scatter into hate and revenge and destruct of self and NEVER accept the "interim" as the "final".

Do not dwell upon "timing" for what difference does it make? Ye must move with intelligence and proper order "as if"---what else of greater importance do ye have to do? Make of thy tax reports perhaps? Better to spend next year's time learing how to handle thy business to have no taxes---or pay them and put it aside from attention. Ye ones of this local group have the best of all---the vision and teaching of thy cosmic brethren come to play with you. Listen and they will tell you the earthly ways to get you through in this game of transition and have a bit of joy and fun along the way. You ones listen to good ideas set forth upon thy radio waves. This communication method is no different---an unseen transmitter to your receiver. If the idea is good would ye cast it aside because ye do not see of the speaker? Be open and flexible, keep thy selves shielded by lighted Truth and never mind where the idea of perfection originates. Respond to that which ye innately know to be right, balanced and Truth within. Ye will be given the ability to discern.

Man is given knowledge of the right and wrong of physicalness---it is called the Universal Commandments and The Golden Rule. They stand as true this day as in the beginning of that which ye choose to call "time". Man interprets them to suit his whims and desires but truth is truth is truth and no interpretation of hu-man can change a fragment of it! Truth of belief and action is very, very simple. If ye must build "reason" and "excuses" for thy actions, ye will know it is (the action) basically deviant from truth. Ye will always know the way ye "should" choose for the Father of Truth is within. "To thine own self be true" will bring thee the balance ye need. To create a lie and believe thy lie will reap destruction, for "all" is truth somewhere, somehow to someone. But ye are the one to face thy consequence---not "they"---just you! So be it and Selah. I stand as the guard at the door. Ask and ye shall be shown the way.

I Am Sananda.

[ End quoting. ]