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St. Germain: The Truth About NESARA

Telecommunicated by Kara Kincannon

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. Secrets are very heavy. Secrets are the beginning of lies. Lies breed lies and one lie breeds another lie. The Old World that has collapsed held power by their lies. Power has not been shared as an energy that is universal to and for all. The Old World structures of authority are crumbling these Old World governments halls shall be emptied and the announcement of NESARA has brought chaos. Out of this chaos brings the conception of that which is different. This is NESARA. Everything that has been shared with you by me through many channels. NESARA IS MY DIVINE SERVICE to America and the whole world. The Old World structures held frozen for thousands of years the seeming need for outside authorities. The LIE. Inner authority is what has shifted the old forms by you (light workers). The chaos ultimately brings you the opportunity to bring your inner connection to the Source God/dess within you, to manifest and co-create in sacred manner as one global and galactic family of light. This is the new order now. We are seeing the need for your psyches to catch up to the shifts that have occurred and is and will be on going as energy waves and frequencies fire off in your very own DNA.

The issue is power. There is more power rushing into planet earth right now, that we wish for you to just receive this energy and allow the cleansing and chaos. Out of this seeming challenge from your desire and focused intent you shall collectively usurp the lies and establish the truth as the new paradigm of this Now Age. The power you are is incoming rapidly. Power is the key to sovereignty. Can you lead yourself? If you trust yourself to lead yourself first then you have arrived. When this is done collectively and expands as the set frequency of consciousness you have the co-creation of heaven on earth as a reality now. This is what we are assisting each of you with. Your vibration is raising . You can no longer turn your back on power. Shake off the old dust from eons of time. Step up with your heads held high and serve the truth of you. Then together you transform the world. Your will and intent will create your reality. You must remain in centered peace with this powerful energy incoming. Ground, Breathe, Release all fears. They are the lies told and handed down through many a millennium. Be compassionate with yourself and others, and just love, love, love. The rest will follow in divine timing. Let go of your battles with outside authorities and claim now the truth and nothing but the truth shall prevail. You may take that as a promise from me. I bid you to be in peace.

I Am St. Germaine

Tele-communicated by: Kara