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Violinio Germain

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GERMAIN:  I AM VIOLINIO GERMIAN, THE ALCHEMIST OF THE SEVENTH RAY.   I have asked Anne to write a message from me, as I have not asked anyone for quite a while.  For an introduction of who I am, I have asked to have a quote from Journal 7 that explains my position.  Then we shall begin this message in earnest, for time is running short.


I head up the program for the thrust of the seventh ray for it is the transmuting ray. I am passionate about it; unbending regarding its use--for purity and Truth AND FREEDOM. FREEDOM OF THY GOD SELF, IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHRISTOS WHICH IS GOD. PURE AND SIMPLE--GOD FREEDOM EXPRESSED IN MANIFEST FORM IN THEE AND IN ME.  ---Phoenix Journal 7 the Rainbow Masters, p.100.


I may sound commanding but that has been my role for as long as I lived.  I am unbending about the freedom and growth of each of you.  I have worked with every U.S. President since the United States was founded.  Have they listened?  Not many, for what I had to say to them about freedom and purity of office and, also, that the freedom of the people was of utmost importance.

However, as you know, the Dark Side or Satan and his minions, as I call them, have had control of who they want as president to achieve their goal of total domination and rule by their standards.  They have been at this plan since Satan was locked onto this planet.

In spite of the evil, there were a few brave men in the U.S. government, who wrote up the Articles of the Bill of Rights.  At the last minute before signing, they were hesitant and arguing among themselves that if they signed this document there would be “hell to pay”, for this would disrupt the evil plans to control everything and everyone.

I was the one, who stood in the balcony and cried out in a loud voice, “For God’s, sake men, SIGN THE DOCUMENT!”  Of course, they were in a secure room and all the doors were locked, and were surprised as they saw me standing in the balcony.  My commanding voice surprised them, and they were in awe of someone so powerful to shout those words to them.

They all signed the document and it still stands to today, if you but take it back.

Yes, these men, who signed this famous document all died in some fashion or another, but their memory of the determination to write and sign this document is the ticket to the freedom of the American people.

What has happened is that the Dark Side has subtly taken away these God-given rights given to you people…all people of the U.S., and it is up to all of you to take back your freedom and your God-given rights.

I have said my piece, so let us begin another subject.

I have one more thing to say that may surprise you.  I went from one lifestream to another without dying.  I have held an office in the White House for some time.  Patrick can affirm this as he knows of a person who communicated with me.  Papers were placed on my desk and signed and returned.  No one could see me, as I was in a higher frequency, but the gentleman with whom I communicated, knew I was there and I helped in many situations to get a most important job done.

You probably know that Hatonn and I have met and talked with every president from the beginning, to encourage them in the process of goodness.  The later presidents were schooled on the unbelievable harm of nuclear war, which is not allowed to happen on Earth as these evil ones did to Mars.

Did they heed our advice?  What happened in WWII?  The nuclear bombs that the U. S. deliberately dropped on Japan were unnecessary, as the peace agreement was already signed!  It was to experiment their grand weapon!

You do know that the element of Uranium is used under the soil to break up the rocks into soil for growth of your food.  When taken out of the soil it becomes a killer.  By that I do not mean just the human body and soul but every living thing upon Earth’s surface! It becomes a horrible wasteland to last years.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at Mars!

A most horrible outcome of Nuclear is that it splits the soul of a person into millions of pieces that fly into the entire universe. It may take 26,000 years to find all the parts and put the soul back together.  Did you know that?! 

That is what happened to all the other planets that Satan and his minions destroyed.  They are FORBIDDEN now to destroy the entire population of Earth and Earth herself.  I am adamant that you ones stand up to Truth and take back your freedoms.

Trump is the Trump Card that has started this whole process of returning the U.S. to a grand Republic.  I am glad to say that this is in process.  However, many of you have given up hope, as you do not see what is happening behind the scenes. He is quietly working and proceeding with the Military Tribunals, but there is no news about this given to you over the lying MSM.   Only a few websites dare to say anything about this process, so many people are totally unaware of what is happening.

Also, many of you souled ones are still asleep to why you came back to Earth in the first place.   You are here for your soul growth and your mission you set to help Mother Earth.  By slumbering I mean you are caught up in the “American Dream…big money to have a big house, have very material thing you wanted and care less about anyone but yourself, let alone stand up for what is right and good for all.  By that I mean your God-given freedoms that have been swiped away from you day by day.  The Bill of Rights has been stomped into the ground.

Not only that but what is the most important thing is your soul and your great God Spirit within.  What happens when your physical body dies?  You shall stand before God and judge yourself.   What will you say when you are asked if you followed your mission?  Did you do that for which you came?  Have you lived the best you could with the guide of the Laws of God and Creation which were given to you for a life of fulfillment?  Have you fed your soul as you would your body to attain great soul growth?  Think about this.

This message is, also, for those, who have found the Truth and are part of Sananda’s Flock.  Remember there is no one sitting on the fence.  Either you are going up or down in soul growth. Nothing is given to you without effort of determination, desire and dedication.

I am not trying to sound harsh, just telling you straight forward how things are.  You have been given the guide books to help you through this tough school to which you agreed to attend, even after you had graduated and are great Masters.   In addition, Mother Earth’s torment in her horrible condition is hanging in there for any one of you slumbering ones to awaken.  She blesses and loves all of you with a great love.  Even now there are only a few ones who give her credit, take care of her and love her as a child loves its mother. 

My hope and joy is to see the enlightened ones growing each day in great leaps and bounds, and it is, also, my utmost joy to see someone asleep open their eyes to the Truth.

Lessons never stop, and I, too, am here to help and guide anyone who would simply ask for my help.  My love to all!