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GERMAIN:  Greetings to all soul ed ones upon Mother Earth, and especially to all Lightworkers.  I am privileged to speak to you at this time, am very humbled that I can give a message to all souls upon Earth Shan.

I am very pleased with all the Petitions the Lightworkers and souled ones are saying daily.  You have no idea how much these Petitions have helped, not only your own soul growth, as the reverberation has [P1] gone through the entire Cosmos with remarkable Light and Love. 

Yes, Mother Earth is but a small grain of sand on the oceans of sand upon Earth, but she is one with all the Cosmos.  Remember, the connection to all there is like a great cloak of Creation, for even one tiny speck of a planet can affect the entire Cosmos.  That is because everything in the Cosmos is a Thought of Creation, who is above all there is.  ALL, and I mean ALL are frequencies that make up each one of you.

When you speak, those words reverberate out through the entire Cosmos, and are never-ending!  Think about it!  Remember, that all those wars upon wars on Mother Earth have a great effect on the entire Cosmos.  When the Satanian Empire was uncreated by the Lightworkers with Sananda’s help, the effect of that event went through the entire Cosmos, and has greatly affected all those untold number of planets injured by that Empire.  Yes, ALL ARE ONE.

Creation has created all by thought, and has given that Power within each souled being. That Power is your Mighty God Spirit within!  It is by great soul growth of many lifestreams of learning that your soul grows to thought-create as Creation.  Have you ever thought about that?   That is why all you souled ones upon Earth reincarnated!

I hear my name spoken many times when I hear those petitions, and it give me a great thrill to be able to answer each and every petition.  That is my job to do so!

At this point in my message, I wish to tell you about myself the message I gave to one of the Lightworkers last evening.

I have had many lifestreams, such as you.  I remember that I was thought of as a magician.  I learned how to combine the plants growing in the woods,  combine them for a healing potion for many ills.  When someone got sick they would come to me.   I would give them the potions I had made for their particular need, and they became well.  They thought of me as the magic one.

I communed often with the Lighted Realms, and was thought of one praying to a god of sorts.  No one around me was enlightened, and did not understand.

Also, at that time the plants were pure and not tainted by the chemicals of today.  They were very effective.  The water was crystal clear and one could drink from any spring for thirst.

Sadly to say, nothing has changed over these past centuries, only progressed downward to evil.  Not one enlightened one had the soul growth needed to clean up the evil black goo of the Dark Ones, until now!  I am delighted to know there are Lightworkers, who have grown to realize this great God Spirt within.  It was required that souled humans that reincarnated HAD to be the ones to make the great changes, realize their Power within, and ask Sananda to help. 

I work with you, who say these Petitions, and the repetition of such make the wave of goodness to multiply as it roars across the entire Cosmos.  You have no idea the number of souled ones, who have found the Light and have graduated due to these Petitions.  They have even helped tremendously many planets, solar system and their Astral Planes!

I encourage all souled ones to keep saying these Petitions, for they are needed yet to reach souls that are billions of Light Years away from Earth.  She patiently awaits more to come to the Light, but only a few more days!

I hope you see how important this tiny little planet of Earth is with her great cleansing done, as the Petitions said have affected the entire Cosmos for goodness.

Keep up the good work!