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Master means “teacher”or "one who holds authority regarding specific mat­ters". I AM GERMAIN. I stand in the Great Silence within the heart of the Central Sun. I am absorbed in the Light of My Presence; at last with its LOVE all ONE.

I pray for Earth's blessed children and Freedom I ask for all--end I pour forth the Love of My Presence in order to answer every call. I bend my knees unto you whom I serve and stand tall with God--that LIGHT OF ONENESS FROM WHOM I AM BORNED.

Thank you, Dharma, for you have served before and our closeness is wondrous so that communion can be of perfection. I wish to honor my brother who serves in Shasta, my beloved John, who recognized the Truth of our presence in this focus and tested to find Truth. It is through the KNOWING of one frag­ment that another fragment can find unity and confirmation of that KNOWING. Unto that beloved student (chela), I offer my humble appreciation.

Ye cannot live by bread alone--nor can you live by that which is not Truth for it is the TIME OF GOD and remembering that which you are and from that which you were and are born.  It is the time of understanding of that which nurtures you and birthed you into and through this wondrous infinite perception and opportunity to experience.

There is no lapse of time for certain physical requirements, which is the condi­tion of physical embodiment this day. We give praise and thinks that once again the earth is to know the PERFECT of embodiment and come back into it permanently.  Long ages past, mankind knew the Divine Way of birth!  It was so long ago, that but for records which will be coming forth, and that which is now being brought forth--shall man remember. Man has forgotten and cannot believe that there was ever "perfection". Precious ones, there are records which have existed upon your earth--of all Great Civilizations which have experienced upon your place from the beginning. They were held in security so that Man could come into focus of beingness at this wondrous time of transmutation and remembering.

One day ALL mankind shall know the Truth which is waiting unfoldment;for all the foolishness, the doubts and fears of mankind will be forever erased from their consciousness.

The consciousness which envelops the earth which has been charged with discord shall become cleansed and purified!  No longer shall it weigh upon mankind and cause a pressure greater than that of the atmosphere of earth. It is rapidly being rapidly being purified and the pressure is being reduced from mankind--you simply cannot yet perceive it for you have long slept in ignorance.

This day I call for the complete release of all "motherhood" of earth, into the full perfection of understanding that what is birthed can come forth in Lighted focus and cease the heinous thrust of negative production of energy. I ask for intense input upon and unto the American people forwithin their hands they hold the key to keeping the prison door open unto freedom.  The slave-master stands at your door and is ready to turn the key which will incarcerate you for a long and miserable sequence of events. You do not have to experience the negative impact if you choose to not do so.  You have been given into the lies and acceptance of the doctrines which were raised forth and presented by physical Man for his own greed and power desires. You have had the wondrous ending of the play removed from your understanding so that you would march to the drum of the lie.

Our mission is great at this time for it appears that God has been all but ban­ished from the presence of the masses of human forms. But you cannot expatri­ate God for HE IS!  He is the Light and the Light in ALL.  We of the Hosts and Cohans have accepted this mission and this full glorified activity that all may feel of its Mighty Presence within selves; and in the glory of this Great Cosmic Light all shall be made Perfect!  May all enter in and be the fulfilling of the Law.  Would it not be wondrous if all brothers would return unto Truth that there might again be true Freedom?

In the full understanding of your Presence, remember; only through your attention is everything made possible for you.  Without your attention upon a given thing--your focus of light wave intent--you cannot know its activity.  Thus, your attention becomes the fist focal point for the Power of your Presence to come through and fulfill every requirement.  Through it, must come all that your heart craves, all that you wish to have made manifest.  Remember! Where your mention rest, there flows your experience.