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Message From Germain - "You Are Not Sheep"

Valerie White

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sn't matter. What occurred was, you became complacent and that is a very dangerous place to linger. While "they" were scheming, planning, conniving, and buildling, you did nothing. It wasn't protection you needed but passion-driven direction. Personal involvement. Where are your watchdog committees? Who is out there minding the store? "Your store?!!

Now, at any point you cantake back your life, your dreams, your personal control, but it won't happen while you are pacified with the television on and your bodies/minds are clogged up with fast-food chemicals and poisoned water. You have become dulled and numb. Well, liven up.

Muster the courage, drive, and passion that it will take to make the necessary changes and take back control, and it will take strong bodies and strong, alert, thinking minds. Do you have the will and what it takes, sitting around whining and complaining about bad guys this or injustices that. Take aim. Get organized. Start to see the bigger picture becuase that bigger picture is about to rear its ugly head and you will not be given the right to whine or complain or organize or protest or take up arms. Man or marshmallow? Your future depends solely on you.