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A Transmission From Saint Germain's Amethyst Fleet

St. Germain With Commander Paul LeBreton

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d as with most birth processes; some blood is apparent, and a wailing can be heard as those caught up in the birthing process are given sharp yet loving wacks on their behinds !

Rest assured that ALL is Well in the Greater Scheme of Things; and that each of you has been instrumental in the unfolding and soon to be manifested Reality ! The Dark Overlords who have caused all of the commotion are being forcefully restrained and removed from their positions of illusionary power; and new faces in leadership positions are being brought to the front lines...

'Damned the Torpedoes; Full Steam Ahead' is the word from The Bridge ...Step into your Personal Sovereignty and Manifest Your Destiny, Ashtar Commanders ...No one else will do it for you; as you are 'In Command' of YOUR Chosen Path ! You are the Wayshowers and Leaders; and IT IS UP TO EACH OF YOU AS INDIVIDUALS to Manifest the Landscape of this New Earth !

Wield your Shining Swords of Truth & Enlightenment wherever you venture; and KNOW That You Are Immortals in service to Creation and Creator ! Empower ALL Those Your Lives Touch; The days of 'Leaders & Followers' are over: EACH is to be Sovereign; EACH is to be Empowered !

Keep Always the Unconditional Love which is Compassion; Ablaze in your Hearts; Speak for those who as yet have not found their own voices; and guide them to become Masters of their own Destinies !

God Speed in your Missions !

Saint Germain with Commander Paul LeBreton