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Conversation With St. Germain, October 14, 2002

By The Messenger

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July. Many miracles occurred for the Light side as well to move NESARA forward, and it is now seen to be imminent.

He confirmed that the last Sheldan Nidle update was quite correct regarding the seed crystal in the core of the Earth. Here is an excerpt from the update of October 8th:

“By expanding the innumerable councils of the Ascended Masters to their fullest levels, Heaven is preparing physicality for its promised great reunion with Heaven. You, dear Hearts, are unique. Not only do you now hold ties to this magnificent world, but you are also connected to an infinite number of other realities. Heaven allowed this particular dispensation owing to the special position occupied by your planet and by this solar system. At the core of your planet exists a massive singularity, a 'seed' from which the entire galaxy was grown. The central core is merely an interface between realities and dimensions. As we have mentioned in previous messages, this forms the source for the life codes that drive your galaxy. Occasionally, great waves of this inter-dimensional 'source code' pass through your entire galaxy and change its basic sympathetic resonance. The key to that movement lies in the living core of Mother Earth, within which exists this incredible massive singularity that is attuned to the Divine resonance of the Creator.

Its divine resonance is concealed in the various frequencies found within Mother Earth's geomagnetic, electrical and gravitational fields. This massive singularity is linked to many realities and countless dimensions. To maintain the energy of Mother Earth and her nearby sister-worlds requires an unusually large amount of inter-dimensional Light. This Light originates in the central core of your galaxy, from which it travels to your Sun and, finally, to Mother Earth. The regulator of this Light is located in the Sirius star system, galactic headquarters of the Great Blue Lodge of Creation. The Council of the Nine, by means of its position on Sirius and its relationship with the galactic Elohim, regulates the amount of energy transmitted to Mother Earth and to this solar system. That energy allows the massive singularity in the Earth's core to vibrate at its proper frequency and, in turn, enables the galaxy to function properly.

Your galaxy is composed of many distinct realities that have joined together to act as one. All galaxies are multi-realties that form around a central core controlled by the massive singularity that created it. In your case, this 'galactic seed' is located in your core. The multi-dimensional geometry of Space determines where these 'seeds' were placed by the divine plan.”

- Sheldan Nidle, Update for October 8, 2002


The planet is also still very critical. She desires to clear all that no longer serves her, and at the same time, she loves the humans very much. She has delayed the cleansing as long as she can, but it is getting very critical. The Agarthan underground cities are being put on full alert, in the event that surface evacuation is necessary.

Mr. Bush is hell-bent on making war in Iraq, and this shall lead to his downfall, if he does not change his course of action. He shall be visited by the Forces very soon in order to persuade him to change directions. There shall be no war on this planet, and this was stated quite emphatically.

We asked about the Freedom Drive 2002 that is scheduled in November, and what was seen coming from that event. St. Germain stated that it would be beneficial to focus positive attention and light on the key issues and it may even be a trigger for the announcement of NESARA. He told us to focus pink light over the entire event.

He talked a lot about our Divine Oversouls. He described it as a triangle (or pyramid) over our heads. The triangle has 12 circles of light, arranged in a pattern of sacred geometry which is unique for each being. Within each of the 12 circles are 12 smaller circles, thus making a total of 144 circles of light. The numerology of this is quite interesting. If we total 1+4+4 we get the number 9, which is the sacred number for completion. The 12 circles also represent our personal Council of Twelve.

We found a helpful graphic to help the reader to visualize this, and would refer the reader to the Keys of Enoch. On page 168, there is an illustration entitled “The Hierarchy of Our Father Universe”. There is the triangle and the flames, and the Councils of Light represented. There are also many illustrations in the book that show a golden pyramid over the head. We have both personally seen this with our third eyes.

The next part of this information may be quite a stretch for many. We had been hearing from a couple of sources that our sun had gone nova many years ago, so we asked St. Germain to confirm this. He said that indeed the sun had gone nova. We asked how the sun still appeared to be normal in appearance, and he told us that we are now in a holographic projection that makes everything appear normal. We also asked about how the visible spectrum was changing when you make a rainbow through a prism, the colors are different. He said that there are many shifts of frequency taking place almost daily, just as the planet and ourselves are changing frequency. The shifts are becoming more rapid in succession and we are making great strides toward our ascension. He stated that we are in quite capable hands. This information is quite mind expanding, is it not?

He closed by telling us that many MAJOR changes are seen between the Equinox (Sept. 21) and the end of the year. We are in it, people! Major fireworks are planned, so hold on to your socks! Continue to focus on the positive changes that you desire, and express it verbally out loud, as sound is a powerful tool in manifestation. Try to get to bed around 10 PM, as we are extremely busy during our sleep time. We are performing much service to the planet, and he commended us each on our contributions.

In Divine Service,

I AM The Messenger