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Good afternoon, my scribe.  Violinio St. Germain here in the Light of Creator's magnificent One Light.  I represent the Violet Ray of transmutation and I work closely with my brother, El Morya, the First Ray of new beginnings.

Out of that darkness and chaos which is your present world, there shall spring forth in newness a time of Radiance and Peace. There is need to see the contrast between where you (and your planet) are now, and where you are wanting to be.  Out of the chaos and confusion of a world gone mad, there is being borne a DESIRE within the hearts of many for balance and peace.  It is this desire which is the key ingredient that drives change and transmutation.

You ones ask how this works.  I shall explain for the sake of those awakening to their God-power, that you may choose to add yours to the overall chorus of Light workers coordinating the manifestation of Creator's will-be-done on Earth.

Thus, I say again: desire drives change.  As more and more awaken to an awareness of the chaos and confusion, the impetus for change grows, and the transformation begins.  More and more are coming into a similar alignment of desire-energies that summons forth the change.

There are now far more wanting this change than resisting the change, and it is only a matter of sequence of events (basically, intensity of energy flow) that determines the rate of manifestation of the New Dawn of mankind.  Thus you can see the wisdom in our focus upon sequence of events, and not upon "time" as you perceive same.

When you each make effort to pull yourself out of the confusion of the day-to-day world built around the lust for material gain, and focus more fully upon inner balance and growth of self, then you are connecting more fully with (and conducting into the physical) the energy that will bring forth the desired change upon your world.

Take personal inventory of that upon which you place importance, and what actions you allow to take priority in your life:  Is money a primary concern?  How about the so-called (false) "security" and "freedom" and "importance" it seems to provide?  Are "social pressures" a preoccupation?  Do you worry more about what other people think of you than about what you can feel (know) within to be correct and act upon same with courage?

When measures of material or social "status" become more important than finding a point of inner balance and peace, then you have lost sight of what has lasting value.  The distractions of the material arenas may, perhaps, allow you to feel better in the moment, but such will do little to help you find LASTING inner peace and knowing!

Seek first to find that Higher connection which guides you toward finding inner peace and balance, and then take action according to that which takes priority in the moment.  That which crosses your path each moment, happens for a reason.  ALWAYS! Recognize that this is so--that "life is what happens while you make other plans"--and be attentive to the clues and nudges which will help you make the active choices that both indicate and determine your most deeply seated priorities.

We of the Hosts are always looking for ones who can stay centered, focused, and connected.  We are particular about who we choose.  ("MANY are called, FEW are chosen!")  If you are drawn to this information source, and messages like this, then consider yourself CALLED.

You answer the call by disciplining yourself to stay centered and balanced and connected.  We shall NEVER force you to do anything!  However, we DO have a myriad of resources at our disposal to help you, who ask with the heart, and we WILL respond to a sincere plea for help.  Count on it!

Many in the U.S. and Canadian cultures spend far more time watching television than focusing upon that which will facilitate spiritual growth.  The choice is always left up to the individual, and so too is the responsibility of each choice.

Dis-ease, dis-comfort, health problems, and addictions will be cleansed from the planet.  If you cannot overcome these things, then you will be below the frequency range which your environment will support.  You will simply leave the "new Earth realm" and go elsewhere to experience.

Cleanse thyself of the inner emotional pain.  Let go of what was.  Focus your energy upon the Perfection of what is taking place all around you on a grand scale--a planet returning to Balance and Radiance.

Consider this an invitation to become a more active participant in The Solution.  Commit to yourself, in the form of a heartfelt desire, time to spend consciously connecting to Higher self (your inner God-self) every day.  Disallow the negative energies from entering into your experience.

Consider your connecting to Higher self like the operation of a light switch in a darkened room.  When you turn on the switch, you make connection, and the light comes on, and the darkness is gone.

Now, let us imagine the switch as a dimmer type switch (one that allows the intensity of the light to vary).  As YOUR emotional state changes, so too does the illumination level in the room.

For example, let us say that you find that you are currently in a state of stress-filled doubt and unrest and chaos.  Your room is thus pretty dark and it does not feel very pleasant.

Now you focus upon clearing your space and finding balance.  As you begin to focus on this and hold the thought, the room becomes brighter and brighter.  As a result of this, metaphorically, you begin to see more clearly the details of the environment in which you find yourself.  The things around you take on a more understandable (less vague) form; you find yourself less "in a fog".  You can deal much better with that which confronts you due, again metaphorically, to all the now-visible clues for proceeding with the given challenge.

Now you feel more focused and clear about what perhaps is standing in your way.  You may even appreciate that the only REAL reason you were afraid to move forward was simply because you were not connecting with your Inner Source.

If you are feeling satisfaction and certainty with who you are and where you are heading, then you can be assured that you ARE connected and, more likely than not, that the light switch is cranked up to full!  You know such ones; dispense of thy envy toward these Light workers and become similar hands and feet for Creator!

We cannot stress ENOUGH the importance of staying connected and centered at this time.  The natural flow of the planetary system is into a high-frequency state.  The very body of your globe will transform and change, and as she does, those who are in harmony with her shall thrive while those who are not will find the experience quite harsh and even unbearable.

You all live within the magnificent, nurturing energy field(s) of your planet.  You all know prior to coming into this experience that this planetary transformation (energy shift) would take place.  Moreover, you understood that it would provide you with a tremendous opportunity to meet and grow through challenges that have faced some of you for thousands of years, lifetime after lifetime.

Think of it this way:  Your planet is turning up HER "dimmer switch" and is fast approaching a position of being fully connected, with her light at full intensity.  This is what is meant by the "State of Radiance" into which your planet is fast evolving.

This is a time for paying close attention to ALL the clues around you, and then discerning for YOURSELF what is the correct path for YOU!  Your connection to Inner Guidance is thus an imperative part of your "tool-kit" at this time!  Your Inner Guidance will direct you toward what is perfect for YOU.

It is not anyone else's prerogative, business, or responsibility to tell you what to do, where to do it, when to do it, or even how or why to do a thing.  You must learn to not rely upon another for YOUR personal choices and decisions.

This is not to say that consultation with those around you, whose wisdom you consider valid, should not be a part of your decision-making.  The key here is in the asking and the heart intent, for "the call compels the answer" and you can never be sure of what possible avenues may be employed by We of God's Hosts to get your answers to you in a form you can recognize and appreciate. Yet, the burden of responsibility still rests squarely upon YOUR shoulders to take-in all solicited information, and then make YOUR OWN decisions about YOUR course(s) of action.

Many, all around your world, in every culture and language, are receiving this type of message and Guidance.  This message is intended to serve as a reminder of that which you already know, within your heart, to be true.

Get centered and learn to trust your own Inner Guidance.  Keep the Light on and stay connected.  When your Light is on, then the adversary will go elsewhere to find an easier target.

If you slip and the doubts and fears come back, then simply turn the Light back on and proceed forward.  Do not worry about making mistakes, for EVERYONE in the physical makes mistakes.  Be thankful for what you have learned from ANY mistake and move forward.  In doing so, you will be transforming yourself into a role-model for others to follow, and therein you will also be fulfilling your Higher Purpose.  You will then know the satisfaction that your heart is longing to feel and maintain.

I am Violinio St. Germain, come as Teacher and Guide in response to the heart-directed petitions of those at this time who are desiring clarity within the Light of Truth.  Salu!