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Ashtar: 9-11 Present "State of the Earth" Report

Susan Leland

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"..We can assure you that you are fulfilling your peacemaking missions with great Honor, and with great Love, because that is your intent. Oh, we know, sometimes things get a little bit frustrating, or you may feel some anger, or maybe some impatience with what you think might not be happening, or should have happened by now.

"But the inside info on that is that its all in Divine Order. Now you've stepped up the timelines quite a bit with the work that you've been doing, so we're going to give you a little bit of the State of the Earth report to just give you a little bit more of a kind of an in-the-moment look at where things are.

"Well the first thing that you might want to know is where things aren't. So we'll start with that, because that's jolly good news. You all are aware that there are those who have not honored their contracts that they signed to vacate the stage, give up the power, pass the baton, or whatever you want to call it, when Earth time said it was time.

"They've held on, and they've clung like so many barnacles, and they're not, at least on the outward look at it, they're not showing a whole lot of inclination to give it up. Well, here's some interesting insight. In the first place, you're aware of resignations that have happened. There are more to come. By the way, if you do that petition project you'll be helping that greatly!

"The reason that these ones are resigning is because they are wanting to get out of the fire, as it is spoken. They'd rather hop back in the frying pan, at least there they've got a little bit of a buffer. Getting out of the hot seat is another way of putting it, and believe me their seats are pretty hot; their britches are on fire, because they are under so much pressure.

"Now added to that the fact that some of them actually have come to a much more loving perspective, and there is so much turmoil going on in the government, in the financial institutions, and yes, even the corporations, and all of the areas, the major, major groups that you can think of that constitute, what you might call, the ruling class of the united States of America, and indeed of the world, they think.

"Even the Bushman wants out. We're talking junior. He's sick, and he's exhausted, and he wants out, and there are others like him. And because the program is literally disintegrating, eroding, or you can think of the dominos, or the turtles falling, those who have been running the programs are in a total state of disarray.

"Now we know that you have some generals who are ready to attack the country of Iran, or any place else. They are in the minority. 9-9-9 was a grand wakeup day, and we can assure you that there were many, many millions of people, who suddenly said, 'Oh a video of Bin Laden, that's a fake.' 'Oh, they say we must prepare ourselves for more terrorism within our country. No, we think we know who the terrorists are, and it's not who they're telling us they are,' and so on, and so on, and so on.

"Now, there is a great deal of rumbling within the ranks of your military; so much so, that if Mr. Dick (Cheney), or Mr. Bush, or any of them give the command to attack, it's not all going to come off like, you know, 'shock and awe.' There will be interference, and there will be such an outcry from the world, and from the people of the country of the united States of America, it's not going to work.

"Now they have typically had several programs of disinformation, and the whole purpose of them is to throw you into such fear that you will accept martial law, and enslavement, and whatever else. It's not going to happen. We're only talking about this now, because we want to assure you of that in the days to come, (and yes it will come; they're already putting out some feelers, and they're finding that the feelers are simply bouncing off, and boomeranging back.) They're going to try a few more things before they finally get off the stage. But we want you to know that nothing really big is going to happen as a result of these efforts.

"Beam them Love, and keep on with that. Just send them Love, and send it from your hearts, and look down into your hearts, and work on Forgiveness, if you are not feeling totally comfortable with that. Try to come to that level where you can release whatever angers and upsets you might have about the current situation. Because the truth of it is, all aspects of life in this country and beyond are now being governed, if you will, by the Light. Who are the Governors? They're are All Of Us. We have co-created all that is in the highest ideals; all that is, and has been promised, and brought forth in this country.

"The Constitution is alive and well, because you have called it forth. You and those in your country, whether they are speaking aloud of it or not, whether they are standing up in the front of the crowds, and speaking out to the world, or not. And, yes, even the news media, here and there, well there have always been some who have consistently reported the truth, but even the news media is starting to understand that it is their responsibility to present truth, and not just whatever the boss says they can print. And that is making a huge difference, because it is helping more and more. It's like a chain reaction. It's like dominoes falling. People are waking up.

"So look at 9/11 past, at the event. You all know the truth of it anyway. There is no need to dwell on it. We shall indeed be doing a very powerful exercise that brings us from there to 9/11 present, and we shall have a most beloved and honored guest to facilitate that exercise. But Beloved Ones, the consciousness that was raised, the Love that was sent forth on that 9/11 day is what remains.

"That is what has entered the hearts of all, whether consciously or unconsciously. Yes, there are still some repairs, reparations, and clean ups to do from that event. And all is in order, and all is prepared, and addressed. For now, just remember that Love, that Togetherness, that Solidarity, nobody caring whether your hair was blond, or black, or whether you had hair at all. Do you see what we're saying? It was a coming together; a meeting of the hearts on a high, high spiritual level. And it has gone up from there, this consciousness reading.

"So, while we still can grieve at the events, take a look, and thank all of those involved, because it was indeed a great gift for humanity, and it was indeed another turning point, because it opened the door to raise the consciousness even higher. And that, Beloved Ones, was the blessing, or is the legacy, that was given to the world on that day of 9/11, which happened six years ago in your time.

"Events continued from there; events continued to progress, because that 9/11 gave those who wanted to subvert the Constitution and bring the darkness over the world; it gave them excuses. They're finally starting to wake up, and realize that their lies are not being believed any more. This is huge.

"Six years in your time later, and the Truth is shining forth for all to see. And it was a time during those six years for you all to grow as individuals, as well as together in Love. And your minds have changed remarkably in these past six years, and will continue to do so, but move ahead into the future being assured that all is well.."

© Susan Leland 2007. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

2)This second message is an assignment given to all lightworkers from Ashtar on Aug. 21 and again on Sept. 17,2007. Please take the time to read this and to write the letters as he has requested that we do:

Mon, 17 Sept 2007 18:59:22 EDT Ashtar on Giving Permission To:,

The following are his remarks on August 21st.

"Good Evening! Probably, I'm coming in a little bit earlier than you might have thought, very anxious to have a word, or a few. So we are here gathered to further the goal of this mission that we have asked you all to do, and when I say we, we are speaking of course of me, Ashtar. I take perhaps the center of the stage in initiating this project, but there are many, many others.

"Those of you who regularly attend our Ashtar on the Road conference calls know for instance, that on my ship I am honored to have with me other representatives from the Ascended Masters group, most specifically, Beloved Sananda and Beloved St. Germain.

"Archangel Michael and I work closely together, and indeed all of these Beloved Ones often appear in the gatherings that we have, our family gatherings as we call them. But as a representative, and indeed the Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet, I have asked all Commanders, who are what you might call the ground crew, really they are the representatives of the Ashtar Command in human body, which in itself is a grand accomplishment, and an achievement worth noting.

"And why, it's because you all volunteered for this mission, and you are all being the Lightworkers, the Lightbeamers, and the Bringers of Love to the planet that was the very heart, if you will, of the mission. Now, as you are aware, this is the first time since we have, been, shall we say, broadcasting through this particular voice, that we have asked you to do, what amounts to a bringing of Love, a bringing of togetherness, a kind of a 'pay it forward', lighting of lights, to planet Earth, and most specifically to this country of the United States of America.

"Knowing full well, and you can be assured that this is a part of the plan that Master Saint Germain has for bringing the Constitution, and the principles of the Declaration of Independence back to life, because it does need to be revived. Make no mistake about that.

"And this mission is serving a great role in that. And why is it? Well, because it is a mission that is based in Love, it is a mission that is based in Truth, it is a mission of the heart, and it is a mission that is, what you might call, positive in nature. We are not saying: 'Stop the war.' We are saying: 'Let's have Peace.' Big difference there.

"Any time that you want to stop something, you are offering resistance to it, are you not? And often times fear can be an accompaniment to this. We are saying we see the visions. We've been there. We know what this higher frequency world is about.

"We know where the Earth is going. It is in the Ascension Process, and it will not be stopped. And we are simply asking those of you who are in the 3D bodies to carry this mission throughout the 3D world to help the process.

"It is a very simple mission. It calls for a very little expenditure of dollars. What is it, four stamps to get the letters where they need to go? And it is something that need not be time consuming, if you can take the petitions to a group of friends, or a group, any kind of a group.

"It can be your yoga class. It can be outside of your grocery store, as long as they permit such an activity. It can be any time when you have an hour or two, or more, if you wish, to just simply get some signatures on a piece of paper, and send them. They carry energy, they are alive.

"And that is a big difference. When a Congressperson, or a Senator receives an envelope in the mail that has one to four filled out petitions, that is ten names on each one, it makes them stop and pause, because they have something they can hold in their hands, and in that moment you are connecting with them heart-to-heart, and it is most, most, joyful that you do so.

"Now, the recipient may, or may not be feeling joyful at the suggestion, and at the wording in the petition. And you may be imagining that they are entirely un-joyful, if there is such a word, upon the occasion of opening the envelope.

"Well, we wish to share something with you tonight, that has not been brought up yet, in a formal kind of a discussion, such as we're having. If you want to call it formal you can. It just simply means that we're here with you. That is this whole process of 'resignation'. Resignation has different meanings does it not?

"It can mean that a person is resigned to their fate. Wipe your brows on that one. That sounds pretty heavy doesn't it? But really this petition, where it asks for the individual to resign, is giving permission to them to leave a situation, which believe me, is extremely heavy and burdensome.

"There are one or two, who are of such Light, that they are exhilarated, because they not only have the vision, they are here, and they know it, to create the vision. That is the mission in its fullest is to bring Earth into Ascension Status, and in order to do that, there must be Peace; Peace that starts within the being, and then radiates out, until it becomes Peace worldwide.

"The vision is simply to have that Peace, and you have already heard evidences that this is occurring. Now, picture if you will a Congressperson or a Senator, who has not contributed to Peace. They have perhaps been intimidated, threatened, coerced, or bribed.

"Perhaps a friend, or a family member, has been singled out for some kind of harmful activity in order to, shall we say, keep that person in line with the agenda that those who currently appear to be running the show, sitting on the top of the turtle heap, or whatever you want to call it, 'King George' and company.

"It has been a rather dark business, this running of the government of this country, because the beings have been subscribing to, and carrying out, a dark agenda, whose authors, that is the authors that were never the earthbound ones, have come to the Light. So this program keeps on running.

"So we have been doing 'exercises for the heart'. We will continue to do so. We have a 'biggee' coming up at our next family gathering. But this, what you're doing, is putting a piece of paper in the hands of these beleaguered ones, these ones who are feeling so pressured and stressed, these ones who carry, believe me, guilt.

"And a heavy, heavy burden that guilt is, because they know that they have not upheld the Constitution of this grand country, they have not upheld, and promoted, and voted for the wishes, and the best interests of the people.

"They know that they have been allowing these kinds of things, like the signings that 'King George' does as an example, to continue on. They want out. They don't all want to do this anymore. Some of them are awake. They know the difference between being in the dark, and coming into the Light.

"There are already those, the Rover Man is a good example, of individuals who are resigning. They're getting out of the 'hot seat,' as it were. Now whether they will come fully into the Light once they are gone is a matter between them, and they themselves. Some of them will. Some of them may simply just want to go into some kind of hiding.

"They really, really, need your Love, your appreciation for the drama that they have played the dark and heavy roles in, and most of all your permission to move out of the positions that they are in, in order that they can come to some kind of Peace within themselves, free from being under the thumb of those who are, shall we say, desperately, and we do mean that word, trying to carry out the programming that they have to further this, what you call, the dark agenda.

"So consider that you are giving permission every time that you get a signature on these blessed sacred papers. You are giving permission for those, who are so under the thumb of the dark agenda, that they cannot find a way to truly represent the interests of the people. This is an out for them.

"It is kind of like, you know that grand game, you've all played it. It's kind of like a 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card.' It's a relief! Yes, they might feel some anger, when they first open that envelope, but If they'll really, really, get in touch with themselves, go deep down into their hearts. Feel free to draw some hearts on these things you know people, be creative.

"Then they will feel a sudden rush of fresh air. Well we say rush. It might be a little trickle, or it might be as though they're suddenly standing in front of a glorious fan that is cleansing them inside and out, freeing them that is, from the chains, the bonds, the baggage, that they have been carrying. How about that?

"So what you're really doing one hundred percent or more, is the mission, and you are bringing it full cycle. You are not only being 'We the People', and expressing yourselves in the interests of all of the people, the One we all are really, it goes beyond humans, you are actually exercising a form of forgiveness that they can hold in their hands. It's palpable, it's real, and it carries with it the energy signature of you, and your loving selves.

"Now think about that. Doesn't that make it a little bit easier to print out the correct petitions, and find out where they need to go, and then go out and ask for some signatures to go along with yours. Because this is a monumental 'exercise of the heart', that is nation-wide.

"And whatever, I should say, however soon the United States of America reclaims its Freedom, reclaims its Godhood, and reclaims its sacred Constitution guaranteeing the rights, and the freedoms to all, the sooner the world shall be made free.

"The world shall truly become one in Peace, in Love, and in Joy, the enjoyment of life upon this planet, which quite frankly, save for a few exceptions, is not real obvious at this time. We shall put it that way. We know. We read your consciousness.

"We are in touch with all of you, including that part of you, you call your Higher Self, which draws in the high frequencies of Love and Bliss. And we know that Joy is who you are, and Love is who you are, but you must have Peace.

"Now you can create Peace within yourself and around you, but then when you go out into the market place, you must become aware of the absence of Peace around you, because so many are in turmoil. And so we are talking about the restoration of Peace in all of its aspects to this planet.

"That gives the permission, if you will, for the acceptance, the realization of the Truth, that Love is all that really exists anyway. And once everyone is at Peace, they can start to feel, really feel this Love for themselves, and for their neighbors, and their friends, and their family.

"Peace will give way to Love, to Forgiveness, to sharing, and caring. Peace will make it possible for Mother Gaia to truly, truly, be restored to her original, pristine condition. Peace will make it possible for people to sit down together in joyful communion.

"Peace will make it possible for the businesses of this world to become stewards of the Earth, and servers of all of the kingdoms upon planet Earth. Your monetary system will undergo some upheavals at first, or seeming so, but Peace will settle upon the world, and with it, the need for money will disappear, because there will be loving harmony.

"And there will be, shall we say, higher ways. People will be free to open themselves to themselves, and to the Masters, and to the Divine Spark within all. They will be able to manifest, and create their heart's desires. And when you create from the heart, you create only Love, and loving manifestations.

"And so it is that this project, seemingly so small, and so humble, just needs really one, and there are many of you now. And we thank you for your efforts that you have made, and for that which you have yet to do. Be the first one to light the candle for those around you.

"Bring them into this, and ask them to pay it forward, and you will truly be shining, shining lights among the peacemakers of the world, and that, Beloved Ones, is the mission, the earthly mission, the 3D mission, if you will, of the Ashtar Command. And so it is. Salut! "

© Susan Leland 2007. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.