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We have come forth to fulfill the destiny of this planet which is to experience a short period of "cleansing" and then to usher in a new existence. We are here to lift off the surface, yes, and the inner world, during this period of cleansing, those souls who are walking in the Light on Earth and choose to move with us through the time of transition. The period of which I speak is imminent--even unto the midnight hour. I will speak of those changes in a moment, but first I will speak of the Dark Brotherhood.

There are beings from the lower realms whom we refer to as the Destroyers. Evil is not given to "create", but only to destroy. These ones must be avoided. I will speak at length later, regarding Evil.

I request a break, Dharma, and then I will take up the subject of Earth changes and what you have to anticipate. It will be most familiar to you, little one, as I will give the identical speech I gave to you at the writing of SIPAPU ODYSSEY some near four years ago--before you ever consciously heard of me or my brothers.  Waters do flow rapidly under thine bridges-pay sharp attention lest you be swept away.

Ashtar to stand-by frequency. Salu

pp. 34-35