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I see no point in changing perfection or rewriting that which is still accurate. However, since this equipment is not compatible with that upon which we first wrote this message of evacuation, I shall share it with you again. I will distract myself, Dharma, and allow you to pick it up from my monitors.

We have millions of ships stationed in the skies above your planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your planet's beginning to tilt on its axis. When this occurs, we have only a very short time segment in which we can lift you from. The surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines. ; These waves can be as deep as five miles or more. They will subsequently cover much of your land masses. Your melting polar ice caps are contributing greatly to the unequal balance of the orb itself.

Along with these changes there will be great earthquakes which will feed from one suture line (fault line) to the next to cause se­vere shifting of entire tectonic plates. As these splits and grindings occur you will have massive volcanic eruptions over widespread areas of previously dormant cones. In portions near your nuclear testing grounds you will experience probably spillage of radioactive material into your atmosphere. You will also experience radiation leakage from your nuclear power plants as they are disrupted by land changes. Portions of your continents will split and sink and in other areas this will cause thrusting upward of other masses.

You have had plenty of news about winds, etc. that will accom­pany these upheavals. There will be upheavals and earthquakes for instance, that will not trigger evacuation, so I will speak of cataclysmic proportions.

We are very experience a in the evacuation of populations of planets! It would be grand if this were not necessary to be true, but alas, it is not even all that uncommon for many various rea­sons. We will stick to yours and what you might expect.

We expect, and are practiced and prepared to complete the evacuation of Earth of the souls of Light in some fifteen min­utes, regardless of numbers. Further, we will rescue the souls of Light first. (Not a bad idea to get on that Light List.) Our computers are massive and self updating. Each entity is entered into the system and all changes, to the minute details, are con­stantly updated. The computers are locked onto the coordinates as designated by your grid ley lines and vortex intersections. At the first indication that there may be need to evacuate, the com­puters lock onto the location of every energy entity instantly, no matter where might be the location of the human form. Don't concern yourself with that portion; just make sure you keep the signals attuned on an ongoing basis.

PP. 36-37